Wednesday, March 10, 2004


You know, I think there is little in this world that pisses me off more than when I can't peel the motherfucking shell off of a damn hard boiled egg. Seriously. Couldn't get film and egg off of one and got pissed because there were tiny little bits of eggshell on my hands that wouldn't come off easily. We don't have a garbage disposal at work and so I'm flinging my hands about but the fuckers wouldn't budge. I finally got so mad I threw the one I was working on away and picked up the other one and smashed it into the counter. Productive me? Not so much. After I cleaned up my mess I went and got two more eggs and miraculously enough, they were no trouble at all. hmmmph.

Lori got up at the buttcrack of dawn with me and met me at the gym. It's a good thing too, because I locked my keys in my car, and though she didn't have my spare set, I jimmied the lock using the ignition key to her car. Nice huh? That is precisely why I never leave anything of value in there. A 4 year old could figure out how to bust in and steal my shit.

The workout was a good one; I forget how nice it is to have someone there with you, and though she's not vocally pushing me, her presence alone is. Perhaps this will be the jumpstart I need to get back in the swing of losing pounds again. I am working out and eating healthily, but it's just so hard! Of course that second helping of biscuits and gravy last night probably wasn't the smartest choice. OH hell, the first helping probably wasn't the smartest, but damn, they were good. I had Lori and Ash come over for dinner because Ash leaves for Phoenix on Saturday and I wanted to make a point to see her before she goes.

Speaking of Arizona (not really, but play along) we rented 'Under the Tuscan Sun' from Netflix, and it cracks my shit up when Aaron keeps asking me if I want to watch 'Under the Tucson Sun"... heh, the first time I actually thought he was serious and attempted to correct him. I like that title much better.

Turns out we were exposed to Whooping cough on Sunday. If that isn't just wonderful. We picked Aaron's niece up on Sunday morning and took her with us to North Bend. Apparently if we caught it, we may not notice any symptoms for 7-10 days. I've called our doctor already and am waiting for a call back to see if there's any precautionary measures we should be taking. I hope his niece doesn't have it too bad, I googled it and it sounds pretty nasty!

Holly and I at Aaron's party

My future sister-in-law Julie with Lori and I

Since she has deemed every other picture I put up of her as 'disgusting' I thought I'd put this one up, Good pic, no?

Aaron's birthday cake that I made, mmmm, cake

Wili and Aaron

That about wraps up the surprise party pics, but more pics from the weekend to come tommorrow.


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