Monday, March 15, 2004

REASON 8,094,467,321,233,453,455,675,876,002 WHY I HATE SATCHEL

Dude, satchel is such a pig faced asshole sometimes. Remember last week when I mentioned that the garbage man and I had words? Apparently when the garbage man got here this morning satchel had a word with him (for whatever reason) and then came into the office and said to another coworker of mine "well the garbage man said he was not belligerent to Allison at all." The coworker said "well, I believe her, why would she lie about it?" When I got wind of this it put my happy mood in a spin of irritation and four letter words came flying out of my mouth. As I told my coworker, first of all what fucking business is it of his? Second of all, what would I have to gain in lying about it? Third of all why would the garbage man admit to being a big asshole? I'm sure he was reprimanded, and I'm even sure he probably felt that he was in the right... why would he admit to being wrong? AND LASTLY, WHAT FUCKING BUSINESS IS IT OF SATCHEL'S? I want to punch him right in the fucking face. I know it's my own fault for letting him piss me off like this but hot damn he's an asshole. He also came up to me in the middle of this funk and says "Staples has xerox paper at--" I interrupted him with "I've told you before, we only have an account with Viking, and I am not going to use petty cash as we don't have too much extra to spare for that." He looked at me with that same bewildered "I'm a dumb pig face asshole stare" and said "so I should talk to M. in everett?" I sighed and looked at him "well I guess that would be the conclusion I would come to."

Speaking of republicans that I hate, I don't know if I mentioned my distaste for the 9-11 'vote for me I saved the world' ads that GWB is running. Um, before I hated him because he's a dumb son-of-a-bitch who's happened to come this far because of family influence. Now I loathe the fucker because in addition to being a stupid ass he's upgraded himself to being a slimy two faced alterior motive mother fucker who's exploiting something he swore he wouldn't. If I had somehow suffered a lapse in common fucking sense and decided to vote for the smarmy asshole, that move alone would have lost my vote. Seriously, and people defend this prick? AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!

Ok, onto bigger and better things. Friday night we went over to my parent's to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was a nice time, after we got home Aaron and I did some deep cleaning before passing out in front of the Tv BEFORE MIDNIGHT. We are so sad. Anyway, Saturday morning we cleaned the rest of the house (man there is nothing better than a clean house with nothing left to do on a weekend!), and he went down to his friend's house to wash and wax the blazer. I went grocery shopping, then had Holly and Tatum over for dinner. It was a lot of fun, just sitting back and having girl talk. We haven't done that in ages. Sunday morning we laid around, I watches some 90210 reruns and then we decided to take Lori car shopping. We hit a couple of lots in Tacoma before she found it. She got a hell of a deal on a 1992 convertible Chrysler Lebaron, and as a bonus it's only got 74,000 miles on it.

It's a really nice looking car, a couple of dings in the paint but not really noticeable .

Lori is beside herself with joy over this purchase. It's a scary one, because she had to be financed for a bit of it (less than half of the total cost but still).

so, in case you were wondering this is what a happy girl in her new convertible looks like.

This is what the happy girl's sister looks like in said convertible, whilst listening to the kick ass stereo that happened to come with the car and zooming down the freeway in the nice seattle sun.

Also, in case you were wondering, this is what the happy girl looks like while singing to the kick ass stereo in her new convertible while zooming down the freeway in the nice seattle sun.

Oddly enough, if you were wondering what the happy girl's sister looks like while sipping a mocha frappuccino, zooming down the freeway in her sissy's new convertible in the nice seattle sun, well, wonder no more.

**Is this getting obnoxious yet?**

Bottom line, Lori is thrilled, so is just about everyone else. The giddiness is infectious, and we are SO borrowing that car this summer. :-)

I also might mention that at times like this when you are really excited and you want to call your friends and spread the news and have them be excited for you... um, how shitty is it to have people act indifferent or say rude things? I will not name names, and quite honestly will be asked by my mother to take this paragraph down, but I will not... I am so tired of certain people being assholes about good things that happen to us. It's not like we lead a charmed fucking life, and would it fucking kill you to pretend to be happy? GAWD. The same person who acted as though they didn't give a shit yesteray about lori's new ride, said some shabby shit about my ring when Aaron and I got engaged. I believe it was "well her ring is big, but mine is of better quality." All I have to say is she is damn lucky that she didn't say that shit to my face or I would have had to break it down. Point number one is 'who the fuck cares.' I am not a materialistic person and the fact that Aaron put so much thought into my ring means way more to me than anything. If he were to have given me a plain band with no stones in it I would have been just as happy. And even if this person felt that way, why the hell would they verbalize it TO MY SISTER OF ALL PEOPLE. Seriously. I get so tired of people with no manners. GAH!

Anyhoo, I'm on a roll today, no?

I'll leave you with a picture of Aaron's new ride, the new blazer. It's not quite as cool as the convertible, but a step up for sure from our old one. He loves it and so do I, I drove it for the first time yesterday and was impressed. I hated driving the other one, so he may have to fight me on driving duties in the future. :-)


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