Thursday, March 11, 2004


This morning in our pre-dawn work out, I was instructed by Lori that 'Pantlegs of Pain' would be my title today. We were discussing how sore we are from yesterday's work out and I commented that my butt muscles feel like two little tennis balls of pain, (TMI?sorrry!) and she said that she could one up me, she didn't have the tennis balls of pain, but the pantlegs of pain. All pain all the time. Heh, so there you go.

I only did the treadmill for about 45 minutes this morning because of a tummy ache. Not to go overboard on personal information or anything but damn, I'm one gassy mofo lately. It would be a lot easier if the gas would you know, just come out; but it won't. It plagues me with killer tummy aches and necessitates that I lay on the heating pad every now and then. It sucks. I thought the work out would help, but it became quite clear after about 15 minutes that the tummy ache wasn't going anywhere. So I stuck it out on the treadmill for a good 45 minutes and did some stretching and called it good. It's better than just laying bed, which is what I wanted to do.

I was supposed to go to the doctor yesterday afternoon, to get poked and prodded and have 30 new people come stare at my nether regions and look confused. *sigh* I had to cancel because I was stuck in traffic. There was a hideous accident and I sat in pretty much the same spot on I-5 for about 40 minutes. By the time I got past the accident I was already 15 minutes late for my doctor's appointment and still a good 10 minutes away. I called when I thought I might only be a few minutes late and the gal was like "well, you have a 15 minute grace period, then I can't guarantee the doctor will have enough time to see you." I paused for a moment, scrolling through my brain for a bitchy yet professional response. I cleared my throat and said "well, considering that at my last appointment I arrived 15 minutes early and was left in the room waiting for Dr. E for 45 minutes. When he did come in my appointment lasted approximately 1 hour... call me crazy, but I think we'll have plenty of time." She said "well, you can play it by ear, but I can't guarantee anything." we got off the phone and the pissiness set in. I called her back at 4:25 and told her there was no way I was going to make it to the U-district even by 4:35 which was well over a half hour past my appointment time. So we'll have to reschedule. She said that they were booked well into the next month. That is precisely when I lost my shit and became the ghetto bitch. "LOOK," I said "I cannot wait another month. I am not even coming in to see dr. L, because it's really Dr. E that wants to see me, he just had me book an appointment with whoever was open. (Dr. E is the head of the whole clinic and is only there on wednesdays and takes no appointments of his own for some reason, I guess so he can consult on everyone who needs him.) The medicine Dr. E prescribed for me is NOT working and is equivalent to using water. So you either need to get me in NEXT wednesday or have him prescribe me something new to use in the interim." What do you know, Dr. E called me himself last night. Talk about service!

One last fucked up thing, ok; two fucked up things. I found two wedding gowns that I am in love with. Email me for the pics. One is 4000 bucks (and I already inquired to some of the discount bridal sites and they don't carry it) and the other one is not sold here or near Washington state. FUCKING MARVELOUS! The nearest place is in Santa Barbara, CA. The other fucked up thing is that I got sent to collections for a parking ticket on a car I don't own anymore. *sigh* I called the state headquarters for vehicle shit (that's their official name) and they are working on locating a copy of the seller's report for me.

Aaron in our old blazer negotiating a hill up in North Bend.

Aaron and the good ol' blazer negotiating an even steeper hill.

Aaron with his brother Dan

so pretty

A sign that we left for heather last August when we were set to camp out. (We ended up coming home because we couldn't have a fire and there were coyotes too close for comfort.) I just thought it was kinda funny that it was still up.


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