Monday, March 01, 2004


I got a 72 on my test for Astronomy. I read, and read, and even reread some parts, and even spent a good deal of time feverishly writing notes and I got a motherfucking 72... this is not good.

In other news, I saw Mona Lisa Smile on Friday night and I really liked it. However, it reaffirmed my hatred of Kirsten Dunst. I really can't stand her. At.all. It didn't help that her character was a miserable bitch anyway. Also, I think Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like she's a shepherd/sheepdog mix. Don't you?

I love the Academy Awards, I love sitting there wallowing in my judgementalness. For example, when Renee Zelleweger came out to present, (and I hate me some Renee Zelleweger... can't stand that squinty fake breathy voice shit.) Aaron said "I like her, she's kind of pretty." I snorted and replied "well, if you like pig eyes I guess." Lucky for me he seems to find my comments directed at the tv somewhat funny. When they were talking about Sofia Coppola I shouted "she should get the award for most inept speaker ever! or best blank stare ever!" because seriously, did you notice? It's like there's a light on and no one home, oh and nice acceptance speech dumbass. "I um, would um, like to um, " ACK! She is officially on my list of people I hate for really no reason. It amazes me that she turned out an academy award winning film.

To say that I was dismayed at all of the Lord of the Rings awards would be a bit of an understatement. Of course, I cannot say if I think they are deserving or not, because I don't watch shit like that, I never have cared for 'fantasy' themed shit and to me, those movies are about as enticing as a case of raging diarrhea. I was overjoyed when Charlize won for best actress and when Sean Penn won for best actor. I heart Sean Penn. I was all happy that he even showed up (yes, I realize I think entirely too much about shit like this, but it makes me happy so there.) Anyway, it took me a while to figure out what he meant when he said that actors know many things such as there is no 'best' (obviously this is not verbatim) and that there were no wmd's. I was like "huh?" and then a while later a lightbulb went off "ahhhh... weapons of mass destruction... w.m.d.'s... I get it." yeah, I rode the short bus I guess.

So, not too much went on. Aaron has caught some sort of a cold and is actually admitting he's sick and feels like crap which means it's pretty bad. I feel so sorry for him when he's sick, he's just not himself. So we did a lot of hanging around the house. I did a lot of studying for no fucking reason. Arg.

Anyhoo, not too much else to say I guess, so I'll leave you with some cute pics:

I actually had Ben on me in this picture too. Apparently, I am popular with the felines these days.

I am so tired, I must rest my head on the desk. Don't mind me.

If I had fingers and opposable thumbs I would grab the ever lovin camera right out of your hands and piss on it! GET IT OUT OF MY FACE!

Ben in his 'womb'


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