Monday, February 23, 2004


As you have already noticed, there is a memorial in place of the usual homepage. That will stay up at least a week. The past couple of days have been so full of ups and downs, I am not even going to attempt to rehash any of it because it's all so raw still. We had a 'celebration of life' type of gathering in Vinces honor at his favorite restaurant and bar, and it was quite a turnout. He was truly loved by many.

I was at the girly doctor when Aaron called me to tell me about his dad, but I didn't take the call, I got the message when I was crying to myself about my diagnosis. The news of Vince's passing obviously threw things into perspective, and I haven't thought much about my doctor's appt since. I wasn't going to blog about it but then figured I've learned alot about different things by simply mentioning them here, so it might pay to talk about it. Perhaps I'll stumble across someone else who has the same problem, who knows.

Anyway, back in October, when the Nurse Practitioner suggested I might have Lichen Sclerosis I immediately went home and googled it... probably not the best thing to do. That resulted in me freaking THE FUCK OUT, and getting off my ass to seek out a real gyno. That doc didn't think I had LS, so she referred me to the University of Washington's Woman's Health Center where they specialize in wierd girlie problems. I had one appointment with Dr. B, and she had me come back the following Wednesday to see Dr. E, one of the world's best specialists in female stuff. So that's the appointment I was at when Aaron called. I was in the middle of being poked and prodded by Dr. B, Dr. E AND a med student, because really, I have no pride. We sat and talked about my medical history and the symptoms and every motherfucking thing we've tried and exausted for an hour and a damn half. He finally said he thinks that it's LS and a mild case so I shouldn't freak out (um, too late) and that we are going to get to know each other much better than I would probably like. Marvelous. So yeah, I had a pity party for about 2 minutes until I found out about Vince, and haven't really thought about it much since then. I did google it again this morning and though I keep reminding myself that it's the most extreme cases I seem to be reading about, it's hard not to freak. Sometimes, I just really hate being a girl.

On a completely different note, have you seen that Chingy video with Rudy Huxtible in it? She's grown up. She's wearing lingerie in a damn rap video. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. What would Cliff and Claire think?

Anyway, I'm outta here.

I would totally be your best friend forever if you showed up today with one of these for me :-D

Aaron at like 8 maybe? Seriously, we are going to have the cutest freakin' kids ever. :-)


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