Thursday, February 26, 2004


I can't wait for Survivor tonight, and um, my official prediction is that they are bringing back those who have been voted off. I know they've done it before, and I am solely going on the fact that susan mentioned she couldn't stand Tina Wesson, and they weren't even on the same team. So maybe they're bringing them back and putting them on different teams... I invest way too much in that show, oh well. It's the one show I absolutely will not miss.

I decided to give something up for Lent. I am not Catholic, but Holly is, and every year since I have known her, she has either completely given something up or at least made an honest attempt at it, and this year I am joining her. I am giving up sweets. I don't eat a ton of them now, but I do indulge in a cookie here, candy bar there, "oh it's your birthday? Sure I'll have a piece of cake!" there, and a nightly low fat ice cream cone. Well, and we have a fishbowl of hard candies at home that I occasionally sample. I am also a big fan of the muffins and sweet breads, and while I don't eat them a lot, they are not helping the quest for visible collarbones, so I am nixing any and all sweets. I would cut out sugar completely but dammit, I'm already a label nazi when it comes to food and sugar is in EVERYTHING. So no, I will just cut out cookies, cakes, muffins, sweet breads, candy etc. But not gum. I chew two packs a day of trident, and that is a habit I am not ready to break.

I have been hemming and hawwing for the past few days over which math class to register for next quarter. I could take it in the morning at the ungodly hour of 7:30am (the time I am currently in), at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm to 8:00 pm or daily, online. I am leaning heavily towards the online course which surprises me, because I thought I would want the evening class. I sat down this morning and listed the pros and cons for each choice. While the online class held the most pros and cons out of all three, the fact that it had the most pros is what is winning me over. It just takes a lot of damn discipline to go to school fulltime online.

I saw this over at Jenn's site and thought I would share it here.

There was a body found this morning right near my school, I turned into the driveway and there were cops and news vehicles galore all over the place. That gas station is as close to school property as you can get without actually being on it. Scary.

Oh yeah, and I think it's really fucking ridiculous that clear channel nixed the Howard Stern show on 6 of it's markets (which I believe are the only markets he is aired there...) I keep hearing things thrown around saying that Clear Channel has a zero tolerance policy on inappropriateness or whatever and I have to wonder "why the fuck did they ever pick up his show in the first place?" Does Howard Stern not reek of inappropriate language and subject matter just by mere mention of his name? Of course this is fallout from the whole Janet Jackson thing. *sigh* I don't personally listen to him, but dang... this is getting to be a bit much, no?

Here are a few gratuitous kitty pics:

Asa likes to perch here next to the desk on a box of photo albums while we surf the net.

Ben loves his new bed, spends 23 hours a day here.

I love this shot, big yawns.


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