Thursday, February 05, 2004


First I must get the negativity off my chest. To Satchel: Patience is a motherfucking virtue you jackhole. And for the record, I don't know what's worse. Hearing his ass explode every time he goes into the bathroom, or hearing him now grunt when he goes in there. I don't know if the fucker isn't getting enough fiber or what, but apparently it's taking some effort these days. Fucking gross man.

As for our little Molly girl, and yes, we've settled on Molly, she seems to be settling in pretty good. She was much friendlier this morning, and though the boys are still all out traumatized, Asa ventured out of his hideyhole this morning for some lap time with me at the computer. Ben sought refuge in the window sill and would cry a bit every time Molly came near, but only growls when he is in the safety of mine or Aaron's lap. They did give kisses this morning as they were sniffing each other's noses. I suspect it'll take a few days, and they'll be buddies. Looking back through the archives I see that it took about 10 days or so before Asa and Ben were on really good terms. It may take longer with Molly because she will be going to the vet for the day next week to be spayed, I don't know that a day's absence will inhibit the bonding, but I'm prepared for it if it does. :-)

We were going to keep them seperated last night and then decided against it. The boys are not aggressive, and she didn't appear to be at all. I figured if there was a problem, I would hear it (as I'm a light sleeper), but there wasn't one all night. We were also going to seperate them for the day today, but decided against that as well. They are scared of each other but not bothering each other in terms of personal space. There were a few hisses this morning, but at one point Asa hissed at me, so he's just being bitchy. Aaron had a good point when he said "if we don't leave her out, she won't be used to the house and she will take forever to get used to Ben and Asa and vice versa." I think he's right. Heh, I guess we'll see right?


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