Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Ben will never forgive me, and I've scarred Asa for life. Both are in hiding, though neither are together. Why? Because we brought home a little sister. (In fact she turns 1 today the 5th of Feb.)

We are stuck between Molly and Bianca... though I think Molly will win out. She came to us with the name of Georgia, which kind of fits her but we really want to give her a name of our own. Aaron is dying to call her Bianca Titticaca Martin. Simply because it sounds funny. I am not down for the Titticaca part. We had the list of names down to Tabitha, Bianca, Lila, Molly and Claudia. I really think Molly will win, that was Aaron's suggestion and I think it fits her.

Hmm... what is that I smell in the air?

Holy Cow it's an invader!

I cannot believe you brought me here to mingle with ... them.

Oh man, this isn't going to be easy.

Asa would not budge from here until I opened the bedroom door where he quickly took refuge behind the dresser and television.

Why mom? why?

What's that?

I'm Molly. Get me the hell out of here.



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