Thursday, February 12, 2004


Sorry I haven't updated in a couple of days. I have been feeling like such shit, I just couldn't motivate myself to do much of anything that wasn't required. I have an Astronomy lab due tonight that I am going to have to scramble to get done, but that's not entirely my fault. Our computer has crapped out and Aaron's been working his ass off trying to fix it/reinstall windows, and the fucker still won't work. We are going to try to put the program on my laptop, which by some miracle has decided to work again. I'm not entirely confident in this set up, so we'll see.

I didn't update Tuesday because I had a mother of a headache. I didn't update yesterday because um... well other things have not been right and I took two little yellow pills on Tuesday night to fix the problem. Oh it fixed it alright, and sent my digestive system into a state of panicked chaos. I even left work early because I felt so shitty. heh, no pun intended.

So yeah, not too much going on here, I did have yet another pleasant exchange with the satchel bastard yesterday. He wrote me a note to pull a file for him to 'review'. I sat at my desk staring at that note for quite a while before I figured "fuck it, I feel shitty enough to deal with it and" I went back and got the file, then took it to him and said "for future information, if all you need is to look at a file, you need to get it yourself. If there is something that requires my help, I will be glad to assist, but if I don't enter into the equation at all, I am not going to come and fetch a file for you. That is not in my job description." He sighed and said "well, I think it would be." I said "well, lets put it this way, I am not your personal assistant and in the time it takes you to write me the note and walk it up to my desk, you could have gone into the file cabinet which is right outside your office and been reviewing it already. No one else in this office treats me like a slave, and you will not either." He was fine after that, it comes across here pretty curt, but I was polite and firm in my statement. I'm done with that kind of stuff, it is insulting at best. The file cabinet is about 3 feet away from the door of his office. I am all the way at the other side of the building. What a dick!

Also, this morning I happened to notice he's got the longest motherfucking nose hairs I've ever seen. They are white and straight and look like fucking feelers coming out. My God! How the hell does he not see them when he looks in the mirror? I always alert Aaron (and vice versa) if there's a bird in his sky... bat in his cave, whatever. His wife can't take two seconds and tell him to use the weed wacker on his monster nostrils? Nasssss----ttttyyyy.

Last Saturday morning, getting ready for annual shots and checkups. I don't think there is anything more pitiful then these two in the crate and crying to be let out.

Going to the vet is a very tiring experience you know.

Pre Blackout Saturday night, Me, Lori and Matt.


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