Monday, February 16, 2004


In a new turn of events, I went to the gym at 5:15 this morning and got my workout done and FUCKING OVER WITH! Can I get an Amen? It was hard to get out of my warm bed, and venture out in the cold... but dude, this means I don't have to do it tonight and that is fricken awesome! I didn't have school this morning which is why I gave it a try... I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how I can work it into my already early schedule... without showering at the gym because, you know, that's just grody. But I'm thinking I don't have much of a choice. I can wear flip flops in the shower to avoid getting any footsie fungal problems... and I can pack a damn suitcase of makeup and hair dryer to bring along... but I hate getting undressed in public places. I've never actually explored the locker room enough to see if there are dressing rooms, but I do know there is a big ass handicapped stall in the potty area... I could probably use that. The problem then is figuring out my time... if I need to be on the road by 6:30 to get to school, I would need a minimum of a half hour to primp, so that means I'd have to be out of the shower by 6:05 or so... which means I would need to be at the gym and working out by 5am... fuck a duck that's early. that means I'd need to wake up by a quarter to 5... maybe I'll play with the times a bit and see what I come up with. What I love about getting to the gym that early is that it is so empty compared with going after work. That, and I'm used to workign out at night, so maybe this will jumpstart my body into a quicker metabolism; who knows.

Hey, I'm interested in doing a 'light' yoga routine at night at home, by 'light' I mean easy (I'm a beginner) and something that's about a half hour long, I have windsor pilates (hate it) and am looking for something a little easier. Any suggestions?

Well, this weekend flew by didn't it? Friday night, we spent oh, about 3 1/2 hours in the car. Mmm, fun. Actually, we did have a really good time; we drove down to Aaron's brother's house, and then went to a local bar for some dinner and cocktails with his sister -in-law and brother. It was nice to see them (we rarely get to get together due to schedule conflicts and distance) we had a great time. When we got home, we opened up our Valentines gifts because we're nerds and couldn't wait till morning. Aaron loved the gameboy chess game I got him, and the Kid Sensation CD I got him as well. Oh yeah, AND the hershey's pot of gold chocolates :-) I got my hair straightener that I have been dying for, some pretty candle votive holders, some tulips and roses and a big ol' box of whitman's chocolates that I did not, *cough* eat in just two *cough* days. Nosiree, still have half the box! (I wish).

The morning of valentine's, Aaron was helping a friend and didn't get home until around 2pm, he got ready, we both dressed up and we went to the home show and then to Benihana's for dinner. I might add that he can't take me anywhere, because somehow at the home show I managed to put two holes in my stocking on the left leg, and at dinner a big ass hole (asshole, heh) in my right leg that ran all the way down into my boot... and may I just say that looking like Courtney Love is never the goal? Fuck. At the home show we walked right by Sir Mix-a-lot.

I made eye contact and thought to myself "who the hell is that? He looks familiar." about a split second after we passed him a tugged on Aaron's arm and whispered loudly "dude! That was Sir Mix-a-lot!" Aaron wanted to see him too, so we casually made our way back to 'idea street' where he was headed and happened to see him come out of one of the model homes. Aaron wanted to pretend to take a picture of the house and get a picture of him in it but I was not down for that, so I told him I'd meet him in antiques. He never did get the picture, but it was kinda cool just seeing him there. Later on, while debating if it really was Sir Mix-a-lot, Aaron said "what would he be doing at the home show on Valentine's day?" I said "What were we doing at the home show on Valentine's day? WE don't even have a house yet!" :-)

In other news, the worlds two pickiest people (Aaron and I) tried sushi as an appetizer on Saturday night and hot damn, we both liked it! Liked it so much I want to go get some for lunch... we had banzai rolls. I wanted the salmon skin rolls, but mr. picky didn't want anything with avocado or cucumber, and he wanted the tuna roll, but mrs. picky doesn't really care for tuna. So banzai it was! man, I want some right now.

Dinner was interrupted unfortunately by several panicky calls from my mother to inform me that my sister had been in a car accident. Nothing says holidays like Lori getting hit and totalling her car. Damn, the last time was the day after Thanksgiving. Both times she was rear ended and both times the back seat became a death chamber... luckily no one was in it either time. When I finally got a hold of her (she and Ashley were ok, just shaken up and sore, and Lori had a bump on her head) she said "that's it, I'm done with these tiny ass cars, I'm getting a fucking truck or something with an ass on it." Her mustang and now her Honda, both hatchbacks, both back ends crumbled and pushed into the back tires. Both times she couldn't open her door. Scary man. The only positive thing here I told her is that at least this time, while waiting for settlement money for a car, she can drive my mom's car and doesn't have to drive the wheelchair van. Or, as we used to call it 'the mystery machine'... heh, I'm just glad they are ok.

Sunday was spent doing housework and homework (fun fun!) and much lolling about took place, while whining on the phone to Tatum and Lori that "I WANT SUUUUUSSSHHHIIII". I hate being down to one car. But we did get Aaron's paperwork to get tabs for the blazer and we are getting them Tomorrow! Let's all do the happy dance!

No pics today, Aaron had to re-install windows, and we don't have the camera program installed yet. SOON I HOPE! :-)


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