Monday, February 09, 2004


I am in the midst of one of the worst hangover's I've ever had. Not quite as painful as some I've experienced in the past, but it's lingering and I can't kick the headache at all, and the nausea, oh she's a real bitch. We were supposed to go out dancing on Saturday night. A bunch of us met at my parent's house for shots beforehand, because Pioneer Square costs 12 bucks to get in the door, and then drinks are way expensive. I remember having 3 shots of Tarantula Tequila and 1 glass of Rumplemintz on the rocks. I may have had one other drink, but those are what I know I had. The last thing I remember before I woke up on Sunday morning was saying goodbye to my parents. I don't even fucking remember being in the car. I have a vague memory of being upset with myself for being so drunk, but no recollection of the club, of the drive home or anything. People keep saying "dude, how did you get so drunk?" and um, I don't drink a lot normally. We party once in a while, and I usually am drinking beer. I can think of two times in the last year where we went out and was drinking shots. Those times, it wasn't shot after shot after shot either. Fuck man, NEVER again. I was sicker than a dog all day yesterday, and still managed to get my shit together for family pictures. I know, perfect timing.

We had a nice dinner with the family last night, even if I was a little nauseated through it. I got to have lots of wedding talk with my cousin Geary's fiance, and it was nice to get ideas and tips from someone who's planning the same kind of thing. Then we came home, vegged out and watched the Grammy's. I don't really get the big deal over Outkast, I mean they're good and stuff... I don't know, the dude with the long hair just gives me the creeps. And why was he the only one on stage during Hey ya? I thought there were two guys in Outkast? I did think the dancers in that song were frigging fantastic. They really just looked like they were having a good time. Also, I normally hate Beyonce', but I thought she did look exceptionally pretty last night. I thought the whole dove thing was gay, but whatever. I don't like jazz though, so much of the tributes and shit were lost on me, as was all the 'funk'. I motherfucking hate george clinton. ugh. I did cry a little bit when Luther Vandross's taped statement was aired. Never been a huge Luther fan, but to see how well he's doing after his stroke, well it made me tear up. Also, Christina Aguilera man... I love the 'Stripped' album, but damn girl... yuck.

Well, I'm outta here for now. I need to go take an antacid.

probably the best picture of us ever... pre-blackout obviously

Dad, Aaron and Wili

"GIVE THE MOMMA KISSES!" *sigh* I can't believe Aaron doesn't mind my screeching. :-)

By the way, I updated the wedding diary too!


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