Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Man, not much to say. I went back to the gym this morning, 4:30 bright and early. Yikes. It's hard to get out of bed and just do it, but I find if I get up, go turn the coffee maker on, and just get dressed immediately, I wake up a bit quicker. The cup of coffee and slice of peanut butter toast help too.

I gained a pound and a half since last week. Well, not surprising. I drank enough cherry coke at the gathering on Sunday for Vince to drown a walrus. I also ate a ton of fried mexican delights like chicken taquitos, and jalapeno poppers, etc. We ate real shitty in the last week anyway, always on the run. I guess a pound and a half isn't so bad when I think about it.

We ordered Domino's one day for the family, and we got those new cheezy dots... hot damn are they good. I could have easily ingested the entire box.

Not much to say. I am totally buried up to my dang knees in home work, I let a lot of it slide, and last night left my books at work *note to self: LEAVE BACKPACK IN THE FUCKING CAR! Why I even bring it inside is beyond me. So I had to do without, and accept that it would put me another day behind. I didn't really give a shit, because I was not about to go all the way back down to work just to get my astronomy book.

We are doing parabolas and vertex type stuff in math. Anyone have a bottle of cyanide I might borrow? I hate math with such a dang passion.

I have an option to take my math class online next quarter. I am seriously considering it, but am a bit afraid as well... I kind of like being there in person. We'll see.

I realize this entry is all tid-bitty, but I really can't think of what to write.

Oh! Molly is really starting to settle in. She came with a big wool bed, and she never uses it. Ben uses it more than she does, but even when he's not in it, she shows no interest. She did, however adopt the little wool bed I bought last spring. I laid a baby blanket I had crocheted over it and she is in that bed all the time now. She is such a sweetheart, and such a talker. She is a good fit for us.

This is Aaron's grandma's dog Gabby. She is such a sweetie, doesn't sit still, and is a bit nervous, but once she lets you pet her she warms right up.

This is Aaron on Valentine's day, in the outfit my sister bought him for Christmas. Snazzy, huh?

Aaron and his nephews playing with the car set that we got Skyler for his birthday last week. That's Austin in the back, Ethan is blonde, and Skyler in the blue.

My little sweetie boy

I love this one of Molly


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