Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Not only was I already in a bit of a tizzy yesterday because I was getting ready for an astronomy test (and um by the way, it occurred to me last night while I was frantically copying down definitions and such, that I've done the reading. But I've retained very, very little. Most of the words I was looking up I had read in the text and I knew nothing about them... astronomical unit? um.... parallax? I...uh.... deferent? SHIT! ) I did pretty well though, 80%, not too shabby, all things considered. I didn't realize though that I had missed an assignment due in my english class, because vista (the type of site that class is on) fucking sucks. You have to dig to find shit, and they make it all difficult, not to mention it's hard to find anything in that class that is posted clearly. So I was supposed to hand in a memoir type essay by midnight on sunday. Word count was between 750 and 1750. I just about shit a brick.

I scrambled last night and posted a draft, it's for the editing process anyway, NOT MY BEST WORK, but you know... it'll do for now. I couldn't think of anything to write about, and I had this teacher for my last writing class. I wanted to dazzle her with something new, because the last time I wrote about my dad's stroke and my weight loss as my personal essays. This time the first personal essay I wrote about having an online journal and the blog community. This essay I wrote last night was about being fat. I don't care, she has a ton of students, and it wasn't the same essay as last time so hopefully it'll be fine.

Here's a question for ya, I am starting to nail down honeymoon stuff for the wedding. We've decided we want to go to Europe, as a big trip now (though quite expensive) is more feasible than in a couple years when we have a mortgage payment and a baby, so we have narrowed it down to either just a trip to Italy or a trip to Paris, then take the train over to Italy. Ideally we want to take 10 days to go and have fun, but no less than 7. (if it's a shorter trip, I imagine we'll just stick with Italy... not sure yet though.) My question is if anyone out there has done this sort of thing, how long does it take to travel from Paris to say, Rome via the train? What sights do you recommend in Italy? ( I know I want to see Rome, Venice, possibly florence...) What's the money situation like? (How far does the American dollar go?) and any other recommendations?

I finished homework last night in time to catch My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, and ... eh. I mean it was funny, but they didn't explain a lot of shit, or maybe I just missed it. They made it seem like Randi didn't know what reality show she was on, they said she had no contact with the outside world for 3 weeks, but didn't say why or how she came to do the show. Wierd.

How about some more pictures?

See Tatum, this is why I.don't.do.bangs. They seem like a good idea in theory, but I always, always always regret it.

However, a nice side pony tail will always do the trick.We had taken pictures in the photobooth right before these were taken, and were waiting for them to come out of the slot. All of a sudden the booth decided that Lori was perty and it wanted to take more, free of charge. The first shot surprised her, the second shot she went with it, heh.

we used to be slightly, um... obsessed with the mariners. This is Tatum, back in 96, declaring her love for Edgar Martinez.

and here I am proposing to Joey Cora (I actually made it on the big screen with this one once.)

Wasn't my grandpa handsome when he was a youngin'?

There are only two photos of me at graduation, can you BELIEVE THAT? This one and one with my grandpa Elmer (this is me and grandma pat) I find that so sad. But I think it's the one time I ever looked halfway decent in red.

Lori must've been about... 8 or 9 here. That hairdryer she's holding? I hated that thing. Took.forever.

I sure do miss my grandma, a lot.


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