Thursday, January 15, 2004


I am going to go to the gym tonight if it frickin kills me. I haven't been since before Christmas, and yes, I know I've gained weight due to the overindulgence that is the holidays (New Year's Resolution #1 by the way: Do not make goody baskets this year!) I haven't gained an enormous amount, all of my clothes fit, but as it is whenever I experience a lull in the quest for visible collarbones, my midsection begins to settle and feels enormous. Add to that a weight gain... I'm guessing I'm up near or just over 180, and that is a 12lb gain since july (I hit my lowest weight as an adult at 167 right before matt and Kelly's wedding), it's only a 5 or 6lb gain since Thanksgiving. Which really, for me is amazing considering the crap that I have ingested. The reason I haven't been back at the gym is this motherfucking cold. I still have it, but I don't give a shit, I need to go and get on the treadmill and work up a sweat. I just might feel better. I am going to try and get back into a routine next week.

There is a punk in my math class I really really want to throttle. He sits in front of me and next to him is a hoochie named Fiona (because really, aren't all hoochie's named fiona? All except for any fiona's who read this journal I mean! ahem) and fiona's jock boyfriend who I imagine is named todd or something. Anyway, the three of them talk all fucking class long. Granted, I am generally not paying attention to the lecture as right now we seem to be covering shit I am familiar with, and thus, my classtime is spent doing homework. (of which there is a fucking lot.) This kid is like 21 maybe, rude... obnoxious, was discussing today how unfair his speech teacher is because they have to do a speech with visual aids, and he wants to do one on rolling a joint. I swear to God he was talking about this like it should be allowed. Idiot. I sent my math teacher an email asking her to tell him to shut the fuck up... well, ok, I was way more tactful than that. but the Sentence "most of us are paying for our tuition out of pocket, and take this class very seriously, and to have someone show blatant disregard for other people by speaking during the lecture is not only distracting, but frustrating." appears at least once.

In other news I updated the wedding diary, so if you love me you'll check it out. Or not, no biggie.

How about some pictures!

1999, Lori's graduation, that would be Tatum on the left and Holly on the right. They all look so perty! That night was one of the best parties at Holly's old apartment ever. I even got video of my cousin matt drunk off his ass and pretending to be R. Kelly, acting out a song... I gotta figure out how to do streaming media on here...

Yikes. That's me and ash... don't know when, but damn was my hair short. I loathed the jacket I am wearing here. See those apartments behind us? That's a dead end, and that's the 'neighborhood' I grew up in. My hood if you will.

For Christmas one year, Lori and I got our pictures taken for mom and dad. I want to say I was a junior and she was in the 7th grade, but I'm not entirely sure. I may have been a senior here.

1996, ben was so tiny when I got him, he's beating the hell out of a toilet paper roll right there.

Troy and I, ready to go out for my 22nd birthday. I loved that hairdo more than anything... yikes. And you know, because I love you I will cop to the fact that yes, I am wearing blue lip gloss, because for a time I was under the impression that I was a trendsetter.

Tatum's dreams came true at the Puyallup fair in 97, she came upon this huge ass picture of her dream man, Edgar Martinez. (DH for Seattle Mariners)

1999, I loved having my hair short, it's really yellow here because it was right before Lori's graduation, and I had that red/yellow hair thing and my mom said "you are NOT going to have freak hair at your sister's graduation. Comprende?" So I pissed off my hairstylist by having her bleach it all out. There's 5 hours I won't get back.

August 97...because I have no shame, I will post a few drinking pics here... This was taken right after I downed about half of that bottle or so. I was amazed because "it doesn't burn!" yeah idiot, it doesn't burn because you are already drunk off your ass from the 7 henry's you drank. God, I look like Anna Nicole here. ::shudder::

fifteen minutes and a shot of whiskey later I decided I was tired. Tatum was trying to get me up because it is common knowledge, or rather was common knowledge back in the drinking days that when I laid down, I typically did not get back up until the next morning.

Early 1998, Jessica (in front) Cathy and I decided to get our portraits taken. I wish I would've a. taken out the eyebrow ring and b. looked in a fucking mirror. What's with the pale makeup and wierd hair?

my official employee picutre when I was working at the daycare. I primped and primped and primped some more for this picture. eek.

1995, That would be Holly on the left, then Jen, me (long hair!), michelle and Holly's mom; Maria. This was taken at like... 3am? I was 18 and Holly was 16... such babies!

One of my favorite pictures ever, it's mom and Grandpa in like... well, she'll kick my ass if I tell you.

1999, Tatum and I ... one of my favorite pictures of us. :-)


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