Tuesday, January 13, 2004


It's official, I love the new scanner we bought!!!!! I could easily burn every bridge I have with people by scanning in some old pictures... most of my pictures from like 96-99 have a recurring theme... party till you pass out. They make for some damn interesting photo ops. But like I said, the majority of them would disown me for doing such a heinous thing. But I have no pride, so expect to see some of me soon! (at the bottom of this entry I'll post several pictures that I scanned last night.)

I don't know what took me so long, but I finally put a tracker on this page; it didn't occur to me that people might follow links directly to this page rather than the home page (www.allisonruth.com). I am amused by what people will search for, and come upon this site. Just from putting the tracker in yesterday, I have had people stop here in search of "pampers", "Leah Remini Pics" , "receipt chewy oatmeal choc chip cookies ", and my favorite "pics of Paris Hilton doing the dirty ". Sorry dudes, and maybe chicks ... you were probably highly disappointed when you arrived here.

Last night was riveting. I came home and made dinner and then spent a long ass time reading my astronomy text, then went to do the lab and had to restrain myself more than once as I wanted to throttle the computer. It wasn't the computer's fault, but trying to figure out the skylabs program was a bit tricky. The directions said to find the symbol for the moon and describe it. Mind you, I'm looking at a black screen with about a zillion little dots of varying colors and sizes. No words, nothing that clues me in to what the moon might fucking look like. ARg. I did get most of it done, and will tackle the last of it tonight. I am trying so hard to get a rhythm going where homework is concerned. I am prepared to have homework on the weekends, but I don't want last minute cramming sessions because I haven't done shit during the week. I'm having a hell of a time finding my footing here.

ok, now the pictures!

I love this pic; check out my dad's outfit man, all that's missing is the matching coat with reinforced elbows! I love this picture though.

One my aunt Dana gave to me last year, I love this one too. (I sound totally vain here but I don't care) I think I was a cute baby, but wait till I scan in some of my sister as a baby, she personifies 'cute baby'.

Bewildered? Worried?

5th grade... I have no words to describe to you the pain I feel when I see this picture. I take great issue with the dress... a Sears Surplus item I picked out all by myself... fashion sense apparently doesn't come into play until after puberty. And the hair... oy, the hair.

My do it yourself dye job... it would've looked better I think had the hair style itself been a bit longer. looks like a grown out mullet!

This is the picture that broke the camel's back. May of 2001... horrified at the sight of myself I thrust this picture into the face of everyone close to me and waited for "oh my god that's a hideous picture... you don't look like that!" What I actually got was "that's not that bad of a picture, you just look pale." I had no idea I was that big. It is possible to weigh 265lbs and be oblivious to your size. Until you get the film developed anyway.

an old pic of Ben, apparently in his 'babushka' phase.

Took this picture at Lisa and Dwayne's wedding, in the backround you can see the only other guy there in a tux, it was Aaron. I had a picture of him for a couple years before we 'officially' met!


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