Monday, January 26, 2004


So, weekend recap... where do I begin? Friday afternoon found me at home, trying to read through the rest of chapter 5 in my Astronomy book, and sending in my answers via email for the homework on chaps 4 and 5. Aaron was sweet enough to cook me dinner, we had a Tony's pizza and klondike slim-a-bear ice cream sandwiches. Mmmmm. (seriously, low in fat, ridiculously low in sugar, and 120 cals... not too shabby.) Then we went to Walmart. Since someone else was ranting about Walmart, I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon. Now, whenever I go, I make a list. I do this for two reasons #1 is that I can operate much better in an environment like Walmart's if I have a direction to go in. If I have to think of what I need, in addition to maneuvering around the masses then it takes twice as long and I get twice as bitchy. Well, I get bitchy in there anyway, a list just makes it more bearable. The second reason I make a list is that it makes the trip so much faster if I can just look down, see what I need and grab it. We were done shopping in less than 20 minutes (and that includes perusing the $5.00 dvd bin for a few minutes.) The next 20 minutes of our trip was spent waiting in line at the self check out counter. *sigh* It's just painful. But it is still quicker than letting an 80 year old immigrant who only understands the english words 'yes' and 'no' check you out. I get about 1/3 of the way into scanning my items, bagging them etc, when this short little (and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense, she was literally at least a foot shorter than me... that's damn little) woman(an employee) comes up and stares at me while I am performing said checkout functions. I don't mean she was staring at my face or any part of my physical self... she was staring at the merchandise I was buying and the screen as I was scanning the items. Now... I don't like an audience. I understand it's her job to make sure we are all being law abiding citizens, but she wasn't even being polite about it, and I felt like she was watching me because I was being sneaky. I let it go on for about oh... one minute before I stopped, turned around and said "hi, can I help you?" She got embarassed and went to walk away and said "no, it my job to help you." I said "yeah, I know that, am I doing something wrong?" (or something like that) and she didn't answer, she just walked away. Aaron then jumped in and said to me "you're being a little rude." I scoffed and replied "dude, she was staring at me, like fucking take a picture, it'll last longer." he laughed, and I felt bad. I was being rude but good God, stare hard retard.

While we were in Walmart, my sister called me and told me she had gone to see a psychic that day. (She was in Arizona, and had saw one in a little town she and Ash were passing through.) She told me some of the stuff that the psychic had said and then told me that the psychic told her something about me, and that she wasn't supposed to tell me, but felt like she should. So after going back and forth I finally got her to reveal the big news. Apparently, the psychic said I am either pregnant now or I will be at some point before the wedding. That is so not going to happen. First of all, I am most definitely NOT pregnant now. And um, there is so no way I am going to fork out all this cash for a white dress to have it let out so I can have a shotgun wedding. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. That said, if I did get pregnant before the wedding... well, we'd deal with it somehow. Whether we would postpone the wedding or move it up or whatever... but I am not about to showcase a pregnant tummy in a wedding dress.

I have been having baby lust lately though, I told Aaron we either needed to get a kitten or have a baby, so we decided to get a kitten obviously. He wants a kitten just as bad as I do, he was going to get me one for valentine's day, but didn't want to pick one out without my input, so we went out together yesterday in search of a new furpants for our family. Guess what? THERE ARE NO FUCKING KITTENS TO BE HAD FROM COVINGTON TO BELLEVUE. I should know, I called every motherfucking pet store out there. NONE! We also tried the animal shelters and they didn't have many at all under the age of 1, and you know they can be downright judgemental. I don't want a fucking third degree to adopt a damn cat. K? I understand they want to make sure the animals are going to a good home, I just get tired of the questions. So, we are still looking. *sigh*

We watched the Golden Globes last night and I swear I hate that motherfucker who kept saying "up next, J-Lo to present at THE GLOBES. It was so... dumb how he kept saying THE GLOBES. I was very happy that Charlize Theron won for best female in a drama. Seriously, if you haven't seen the movie Monster, go see it. She was phenomenal. I was a little mystified when Sophia Coppola gave her speech... she is more inept at public speaking than Bush... gah. Aaron and I were talking when Dustin Hoffman came out to present and he said something about him being really short. I said "yeah, I have always heard he's a real dick in real life too." It was quiet for a moment and Aaron said " Yeah, yeah, def, definitely a dick, yeah." I just about died laughing. He does a great rainman impression!

We didn't do much this weekend at all, because I had so much motherfucking homework. But at least I think I lightened the load a bit for the week. We shall see.


This is me and Matt's sister Amy, back in... 1986 Maybe?

Seriously so cute I could just pinch her little cheekys. :-)

They had these wine glasses at freddy's on sale, and I wanted them so I could put candles in them.

Pretty huh?!

He buries his head under my chin when he's scared. I don't know what his deal was here, usually he reserves this for when we are near a sink. heh.


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