Monday, January 05, 2004



ok, now that that's done with...

I had a big interesting entry all typed out in my head, but somehow it got lost in the translation to 'reality'. ... I want to tell you all how wonderful New York was, and all the awesome little tidbits, but today is not the day... I should have written shit down while I was in new york because I'm forgetting some of the good stuff already. I was perusing through my sister's pictures and couldn't remember when some of them were taken...ack! But though I was tired and most definitely ready to come home on Friday, and am glad to be home... I miss NYC, and I would love to be back there. I would love to move there. Seriously. I want to pack up my cats and Aaron and move to Manhattan... goodbye piece of crap honda (though I cherish you, yes I do!), goodbye boring Seattle, Goodbye car insurance, goodbye satchel you sanctimonious hog you, ... HELLO NEW YORK! But until we win the lottery or become independently wealthy some other way, it will not be meant to be. I'm patient though.

I am working on getting the photos up and I am even dicking around with the idea of trying moveable type... those of you who use it or another program would you drop me a line and let me know how you like it, etc? I want something that I can do new layouts with, but don't know where to begin with regular html... and the mt sites I've seen look so polished. But back to my original point, I should have the photos up this week, not all of them, just the highlights, as I don't intend to run you all off with boring diatribes about our trip... though it was not boring, it was FABULOUS!

I went to the wedding show yesterday and plummeted to the depths of depression when the size 16 wedding dress didn't fit. DIDN'T FIT. The idiot lady in charge says "well, it's pretty easy to find a wedding dress, they are sized one size larger than you actually are." um. bullshit. I am wearing size 14 pants that are loose. LOOSE! AND THE 16 DOESN'T FIT! That's it, I told mom and lori yesterday it's steamed veggies, brown rice and salad for me. Granted I am still sick, so my fat ass won't be going to a gym today; hopefully by the end of the week. I have this cold! (going on 3 weeks!) However, I did meet an employee of a dj service that I have declared a winner. I want them to do our wedding, and I don't fucking care how much it costs. I like their company, their attitude, and their style and you know what, it was talking to this man about his company that made me feel excited to be planning a wedding again. The fun had been sucked out by the stress and this guy reminded me that I'm going to be a bride, and this is going to be an awesome event... every other dj there handed out pamphlets and didn't say much; for most it's a side job. This company costs a bit more because they do this for a living... they take it seriously and go above and beyond what most companies do; even help you coordinate the reception etc. They also have an excellent reputation, and that helps.

Last night we were falling asleep and I remembered about the seahawks game and said to Aaron "oh yeah, what'd you think of the game today?" His reply? "Those fuckin bastards, man." heh, makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Aaron and his sister Brandi on Christmas Eve... see the resemblance?

Aaron and his brother Dan on Christmas Eve

Evan (my cousin) looks so cute in his suit, here he rips and tears on Christmas eve

Grandpa and Uncle Gary survey the damage...

Me and Serenity, she finally came out of her shell this year!

Lori wanted this big canvas painting from Ikea, and I knew if I wrapped it she would know what it was. So I printed out a picture and wrapped that in a shirt box, she had no idea, and was quite surprised to find out we actually got it for her. I love the look on her face here.


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