Friday, January 09, 2004


And I want to go back!!!!!! I miss you Manhattan, your towering buildings, your bustling streets, your stinky ass drafts that would make me go "mmmm, sewer!" every now and then! Seriously, about 3-4 times a day we would get a whiff of something so heinous it made you want to ask if the subway just farted. But other than that it was positively dreamy.

I put up about 1/100th of the pictures I have on file from our trip. I will add some to the journal if and when I feel like it, but for the most part you can get the gist of our FANTABULOUS NY trip here. Tell me what you think. And be appreciative people, I spent HOURS putting that shit up. Normally I upload my pictures to ofoto (as I like to keep a digital online record of them in case of fire or some other hideous disaster) and then right click, save as and then upload it to my ftp server. This works nicely for a variety of reasons... less hassle, the pics are sized down small enough so I don't have to mess with the quality, and it's basically easy enough to teach a chimp how to do it. Well, I seemed to have pissed ofoto off, and now it will not return my phone calls and sent back the box of chocolates with a note saying "error, some of your pictures were not uploaded." FUCK A DUCK! Now I have to manually open them up, resize them, save them as a different name so they don't overwrite the original quality and size, then upload them. It makes the whole thing a lot more painful, not to mention that I wanted to be able to send my whole photo album to anyone who wished to see it, but now I can't do that. So if you'd like to see the rest of the pictures, stay tuned as it's a good chance I'll be posting some occasionally here and there, or call me up and we'll do lunch and I'll bring my photo album. (after their printed of course... which at this point could be a while.)

We bought a desk last night! Let's all do the dance of joy. We have been using our kitchen table to surf the net, and frankly I'm sick of it. I'm tired of eating in front of the tv on the coffee table because we have to; it'll be nice to do it occasionally, but damn it, sometimes I am old fashioned and want to eat sitting upright not hunched over. Not only that, with the table free, I can do homework on it and spread my shit out. This makes me very very happy. The exact desk we wanted was onsale too at Ikea, and they had plenty in stock. It was heavy as a motherfucker (which if you didn't know is damn heavy) but we got it inside with minimal troubles.

Not too much going on this weekend. Tonight when I get home we will set about the task of moving the desk into the office, and I am going to drop by Holly and Maria's who are having a pajama themed candle/slumber party. Then I think Aaron and Lori and will be going to see the movie 'monster'. Tomorrow I have a nail appt but will spend most of the day studying and catching up. Aaron will be leaving me to my own devices most of the day so I can have total quiet. Tomorrow night though I think we may be hanging out with Will and Stacy and then on Sunday we have some errands to run, and we might be going to church on Sunday evening. I want him to see the church I want to get married at and see if he approves. They are having construction done right now, and I also want to make sure it'll be done in time and possibly put a down payment on it.

Have a great weekend!

My car antenna on Wednesday morning. Amazing. Totally encased in ice.

As it is with anything we bring in the house, the cats put the desk through various tests for approval. Thus far it's reached a 'loungable and perchable' approval. Up next 'withstands long periods of lounging and perching'... I think it will fare well. And yes, that is an 8 mile poster framed in my living room... have I mentioned the EMINEM OBSESSION I have?

I told Aaron last night "don't feel pressured to put this together tonight just to make me happy." his reply? "Are you kidding? I get to use my new drill!" And that he did.

Can you say spoiled? I felt bad watching Ben sit uncomfortably on the shelf, so I moved the chair in front of the heater and he was in hog heaven. Too bad I don't love him huh?


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