Monday, January 12, 2004


Man, it's Monday already? What the hell? Actually, I shouldn't complain. My weekend felt like it was an extra day longer, it's just hard to come back and see Satchel's shiny face. I got home on Friday, and Aaron and I immediately began emptying out the office/dining room so we could move the desk in. We took a break and went to dinner at Huckleberry Square, and then came back to do some more. I left him in the middle of it all to go over to Holly and Maria's as they were having a Pajama/candle/margarita party, and I am never one to miss a pajama/candle/margarita party. I didn't end up buying anything even though I wanted some new pillars really bad. I came home around midnight, and Aaron had passed out in the chair with Ben on his lap. We went over to my mom's around 1am because my sinuses were killing me and I had a swollen and tender gland (under my jaw) and mom had some left over antibiotics. And really, don't bother lecturing me on sharing medication because I'm 26 years old and you're not the boss of me. That said, she had 5 left (out of a prescription of 7... what we call a jackpot!) Long story short, I feel better. I still have a runny nose and stuff, but my sinuses don't hurt and my gland is back to normal.

I spent most of the day on Saturday engrossed in school work. Riveting I tell you. My fucking astronomy text, shit dude, I have to look up every other word, and then it gives you ways to figure out how far apart various planets are from each other using geometry... I get about 8 or 9 words into the paragraph and am ready to slit my wrists. Fuck a duck. I always do this. I sign up for classes and think "Piece of cake! This shit'll be easy." Then about a week or two in, I see that I was horribly wrong. I am noticing this about both my expository writing class and astronomy class. (note to self look up expository) Those are both online, and then my math class is on campus .. and oddly that is not challenging me yet, which makes me all the more nervous because in my mind I'll either leave the class unprepared for the next level or it's going to get insanely difficult quickly, and without warning. *sigh* I need a drink.

Saturday night we went to the movies and saw Monster. What a movie. If you aren't in the know, it's about serial killer Aileen Wuornos, (who was put to death in Florida.) Charlize Theron plays the lead, and damn. I hope she wins every damn award she's nominated for. She gained about 30lbs, which lets face it on a toothpick doesn't amount to be too much. Her hair and makeup are minimal, her face is shiny through much of the movie. I know they made this thing for like 5 million, but that doesn't really come across in the movie. Back to my original point, if you ever had doubts about her acting abilities, see this movie. I spent most of it trying to find one ounce of Charlize Theron and I couldn't find any. She becomes Aileen Wuornos. From the way she speaks to her gait, to her posture... unrecognizeable (sp?) here is a comparison shot I grabbed off the internet:

upper left is Charlize (obviously) bottom left is Aileen Wuornos, and The pic on the right is Charlize as Aileen in the movie. Obviously not a dead ringer, but close and sure as hell not the hollywood starlet she normally is. The movie itself was a bit hard to watch in some points because I'm a wuss who hates violence (and it was my idea to see this movie, go figure.) It's not as violent as some movies I've seen, but she's a serial killer and ...well, there was one scene where she's raped and damn it, they don't show much, but the acting involved gave me a stomach ache. Well done.

Sunday was spent doing more homework and running errands. I'll try to get more pictures uploaded tonight, we got a printer/scanner/copier thing and that means there is a wealth of new pictures available to me! This means, dear readers, you will have to endure many a childhood picture. I'll even post the ones when I had a boy's haircut, but still thought that I was damn fine... yikes.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned how happy I am that we have a kitchen table?! I am in love with our new desk, as it has freed up the table for meals, homework, and whatever else we may need it for. (Aaron wants to start making model cars again, use the table! I say!)

Please give me all of your food. Mine tastes like kitty kibble. Please?


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