Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Ok, maybe it's not knee deep, but we have a lot more snow around here today than we are used to. According to the local news channels, it's 'SNOW STORM 2004!' Not that I'm bitching of course, because it is deep enough to warrant worry driving on bald tires. That said, I came home a bit early today. I didnt' feel like waiting till 3 till Aaron got off, even though I didn't leave much earlier than that... I just wanted to get my car home. School didn't close officially until after 8, but I was supposed to be on campus at 7:30. With all of the weather warnings and such I said fuck it because it might've been easy getting there when the snow started, but after a bit I didn't think I'd want to deal with the traffic. Good choice too.

So I enjoyed a few satchel-free hours at work, defragged my computer and attempted to make a dent in the mess that is my desk. Coming back from vacation sucks ass folks. Now that I'm home though, I cleaned the bathroom (which was quite scary--the sink was almost alive enough to clean itself) and am doing laundry and making spaghetti for dinner.

Sad. Aaron is on days now, and I feel this weird bullshit pressure to be Betty Crocker every night. He's not making me feel that way, but I feel this need to cook interesting and new meals and impress him with my culinary skills, now that he'll be home to eat with me. (When he worked nights I ate the same shit every night--summer time it was chicken salad, and winter time it's either rice and steamed veggies with chicken or just chicken and rice) Last night we had... ahem, chicken and rice... BUT TONIGHT IT'S SPAGHETTI! And tomorrow I think I'll make salmon.. and rice? God, someone help me. I got a crock pot for christmas and I'm absolutely stoked about it, but haven't found any recipes yet... it sits on the counter and we stare at each other wondering what to do with each other... I want to use it, I even googled 'crockpot recipes'... but many involve vegetables, and well... homey don't play that. I love veggies, could eat them every single night (oh yeah, I do) but Aaron just isn't fond of them, so I am trying to find a balance. Any ideas?

I made dinner last night after I got home from the dentist... which I'll tell you about in a minute, (strangest dental experience of my life.) and asked Aaron what he would like to drink with his meal. He said he would have a beer, and then said "this is good, because I have plenty of time before I have to go to bed." (For those not in the know, he has a hiatal hernia, and must eat about 4 hours before bed or he is up all night sick as sick can be.) This was at 6:15. By 7:30 or so I heard snoring and he was out like a light on the couch. I kept bugging him to get up and go to bed but he would tell me he was fine, and awake and then start snoring again. :-) His new schedule is quite a change. He was working 2:30pm to 11pm and had been used to that for like 7 years or something. Starting yesterday, his new schedule is 7am to 3pm... I have a feeling it'll take a couple days to adjust. Around 9 though I talked him into watching tv in bed so that way if we fell asleep, we were already there. We were out before 9:30.

As mentioned, I had a dentist appointment yesterday, and Chanelle, the assistant hooked me up to the nitrus and for once I felt it immediately. She then began to yak my ear off about her trip to vegas, and I hate that because when I am on the Nitrus I just want to be left alone. Let me turn up the music, and close my eyes, and leave me the hell alone. Especially the first few minutes before the dentist comes in... because once he's in there, I'm alert, yet relaxed. Yesterday, for the hell of it I decided to ask them to turn the nitrus up because I wasnt' feeling it... well I was, but that's just between you and me. I got groggier and groggier and then the dentist told me to go ahead and rinse my mouth and that I was back on oxygen. WTF? Apparently I had passed out while he was working on my mouth... um, after the shot to numb the gums he left for a minute and I don't even remember him coming back in. He said I was out for an hour or so, but I would swear to you on everything I own and love... I felt like I was in that office for 10 minutes. It was the weirdest thing ever. I kept having these mini dreams that felt like they lasted a second... and I remember 3 conversations with Chantelle about various things... I think they were all in my head. When I walked out of there I felt like I had entered some ... vanilla skyish alter reality. I still can't believe that.

alrighty, here are some pics from today...

Because it was so cold today, I thought I'd break out my new Bronx hat... Because you know, I'm nothing if not a vision in pink... (yeah... uh huh)

The beginnings of the snow this morning at home

the road I leave on to get to the freeway... it's NEVER this dead.. well unless it snows.

the halfway house across from work almost looks picturesque in the snow. It changes anything from skank to pretty!

Ben's getting old and wants to be warm ALL THE TIME. That said, I left the heat on today for them as it was a frigid 55 degrees in our living room this morning, he discovered the joy of being directly in front of the heater and has been sitting there all afternoon.

I knew I had to post a picture of this or my family would never believe it. Asa has a new trick where he sits on the back of the computer chair. This is a new thing and a big thing for him because he doesn't have the graceful gene most cats have. He has no balance and falls of everything... he doesn't even jump up on shit that is more than a couple feet high, because he falls every time. He has been perching up here when we are on the computer pretty regularly. I on the other hand look like a bit of a nerd when trying to take a picture of the both of us... check out them nostrils woo!

I fell in love with ugg boots in NY... Target and everywhere has knockoffs, but I don't feel like going out in the snow right now to get them. I don't even want them for the snow, I want them because they are so damn cute!

Instead I wore these today, which I bought at Volume Shoe Source like 8 years ago. Me so fashionable.


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