Wednesday, January 28, 2004


First off, many hugs to Robyn and Fred.

I had two calls today that made me very happy. The first was from the lady at the church we are trying to book for the wedding. So far, it looks like everything is a go. We will go there on Tuesday night after work, and look around, make a down payment, etc. Then this guy called me back about booking the reception hall, I told him we'll probably want it friday night and Saturday, so we can have the rehearsal dinner there on Friday and spend the evening setting up for the next day. The guy was willing to give Friday to me for free if we only wanted 3 hours, and then 7 hours on Saturday. I am thinking we will need more than 3 hours to get through the dinner AND decorate. But still, even if he charges double, it'll be fine because it's not that expensive anyway. (In the grand scheme of things that is.) So we have an appointment to meet him on the 7th and if everything is cool, we'll give him a down payment and life will be jolly!

I bought the boys a cat carrier last night, as the one we have is pretty small, and hard to wrestle them into. This one will carry both of them, and I think it'll just be better all the way around. I made an appointment to take them in for their shots, and by the way, I really don't think it's necessary for them to have rabies shots do you? They NEVER go outside, as they are declawed and beyond that, they have zero street smarts. But the vet's office 'strongly recommends rabies vaccinations.' Feh. Fuck that.

I was smart this time though, and we put the carrier out in the living room, Ben immediately knew what it was, and hid for a half hour. Asa, on the other hand is happy as a clam to lay in there. I'll try to get a pic or two of it. Of course, his tune will change the morning of the appointment, and I'll probably end up having to do a lot of yelling and shoving to get him in there.

Well, that's about it for today.

at one point in the four wheeling trip we had two vehicles stuck, and one with a tire that had come apart from the rim. Good times.

This one amuses me, because when James (the guy with the rope) was walking in front of the jeep, it appeared as though he was taking it for a walk. heh.


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