Sunday, January 04, 2004


... to recover from this one. Fuck a duck I'm beat. And we didn't even see EVERYTHING I had planned on us seeing. But you know what? It was an awesome fucking experience I will treasure, and I am in love with New York City. I would move there if I could. I loved loved loved riding the subway everywhere, and in time I think I could get used to walking that much. I wouldn't be surprised if we all lost 10lbs while we were there... we ate well, but we were on our feet and walking about 13 hours a day or more. We went up and down that city and saw the hell out of it. *sigh* and there is still so much I would love to see.

I still have this bitch of a cold, most of our video of NYC I can be heard in the backround blowing my nose. Foghorn leghorn at your service. I am trying to upload my pictures but the server is being a real son of a whore and I will post a few pics from my sister's album at the end of this entry. Ideally I would like to set up a few albums on this site with the nyc pics so any who are inclined can check them out. Hopefully the server will get off it's fat ass and work sometime tomorrow; because all day today it's been in 'error mode'.

I have been catching up on my blogs and journals and emails (63 of them, yikes!) for the past 3 hours. I am almost done. We landed last night around 9, went home, unpacked, started the laundry and went to my parent's to show them the video and dole out souvenirs. We picked Lori up at the Airport around 12:30 am (she had been delayed for over 6 hours.... long story) and then came home and crashed. This morning found us up and at em' at 8, taking our old bedroom set to storage, and picking up our new lovely set from my friend Shauna. (Many thanks to my cousin Dwayne who helped us and without his truck it would have been 2-3 trips with the blazer in the freezing weather, and blustery snow... we appreciate it!) We spent the rest of the day taking down the christmas stuff, folding laundry and reorganizing and rearranging our bedroom to fit the larger furniture in there. I love it.

Tomorrow morning is the wedding show. oy. I am dreading the planning which sort of makes me sad... but I think I am just dreading it because I know we are in do -or die mode here for a few big deadlines, and along with that comes school (which starts monday) a root canal monday afternoon and a handful of social engagements in the next few weeks. pressure.

aaron and I sitting for a caricature drawing in Central Park...

the aforementioned caricature

What we looked like for most of the trip. Ashley standing there looking cool, Aaron and I with our camera's... Lori was usually in on the camera action too though. I believe here we are gazing up at the Grand Central Terminal.

Nothing says New Year's like dorky glasses. I so wanted these the first time I saw them in a gift shop in Times Square for $8.99, but I am cheap as a motherfucker so I waited until New Year's eve and got them for a buck.

Central Park has about a million squirrels/chipmunks whatever. We had a great time ignoring the 'do not feed signs'... I mean come on, they sell peanuts in the damn park... all you fat little chipmunks are welcome. too damn cute.

another photo worthy of a thousand words... or rather a common site on the trip. Me; oblivious to anything whilst looking up various facts and directions in my NY for Dummies book. I was embarrassed about the book at first, then figured fuck it. It's a good thing too, because that book is seriously a WEALTH of information. We would stop outside of a building (for instance the Chrysler bldg) and I would launch into my shpeel : "the chrysler building was completed in 1931 and held the title of the world's tallest building for less than a year. ...yadda yadda yadda.

Growing up, we all heard our mother's countless warnings on drinking from "filthy public water fountains." so this picture was for our mom's... what could be better than a sip of water from a central park fountain? (and no, we didn't drink any... they didn't even work, not that we would have if they did.)

quite possibly the scariest picture ever taken of me... good god.

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