Thursday, January 22, 2004


Today is good day, you know why? Because Suzanne had her baby!!!!! She's a real beauty too. :-)

Um, people who read my site friggin' rock. The comments left in the guestbook and the emails about Italy, damn, I really appreciate it! Keep em' coming! I feel the love.

The server for one of my online classes has been down since sometime yesterday. I couldn't access it all last night (needed to listen to a lecture or two) but luckily my professor emailed and said they were having difficulties. Today, it's still not back up. I called first thing this morning and it looks like it won't be back up until tomorrow morning around 9. That's ok though, because I have lots o' reading to occupy my time with. Read about 25 pages last night... and you know, it's a real chore because ever since I realized I wasn't retaining shit, I am taking careful notes. My theory is that the extra writing will reinforce what I've just read. It took me forever to get through those 25 pages.

Fool that I am, ok, well maybe a smart fool; I am going to utilize the free tutoring services offered at the math lab this Saturday. Of course this means I have to haul my raggedy ass out of bed in time to be there, (because I intend on tackling a shit load of homework while there) but relatively early at that so I can be in Bellevue when it opens. It's not too early, I just don't like to have a certain time to be up on the weekends. So, I figured fuck it and scheduled a nail appointment for that morning too. If I'm going to be up and atem' I am going to be productive dammit!

Since we are on the subject of school, I might mention that I had a test this morning in math class. I think I did pretty good, but I always think I did pretty good even when I do absolutely shitty.

I think I pissed satchel off today (score!) he brought some stuff down from our corporate HQ, and you know, the bastard insists that I am the one to be responsible for anything coming down from there, (which means that *I* should check it in, no one else. That way if there is a discrepancy, *I* deal with it and there aren't 50 other people involved.) so what does he do? Take all of his stuff, and you know the old coot is going to miscount something and realize something was wrong. (AS HE ALWAYS DOES) and then come to me. I didn't say anything about that specific thing today because when he brought the stuff that wasn't his up to me, and set it behind my desk I turned to him and said "not there." He got all huffy (senility breeds hostility apparently) and said "well then where?!" I turned and said "how about where I always tell you to put them, on the incoming shelf?" He went back there and slammed down the stuff and went to his office. Hee! I love it! But seriously, why do we have to have this conversation every fucking time? I should get a picture of him and post it. My sister said just looking at him pisses her off. The forehead twitching, the turtle mouth... fuck a duck.

Oh yeah, I looked up some prices on Delta for Italy and man, it's not that bad. I think I may end up booking our flights through them myself, fuck travel agents man. I'm superwoman! No, but really to fly into venice, and fly home from Rome (a poem!) It's going to be about 1400 bucks total for aaron and I. Not too shabby.

How about some more pictures?

People say I look more like my mom, but I see a strong Polenske resemblance as well. Particularly, when I was younger. This is my dad in 1959, at about 7 years old.

This is me at about 6 or 7... gee I think we have the same face!

This is one of my all time favorite pics of dad and me, I think it's because of the hazy/dreamy quality of the film.

Dude, my sister was so damn cute! I hope my kids are half as cute as she was.

I think her cuteness was to makeup for the three months of colic hell she put my parents through as a newborn.

Halloween... 86? I'm the 'surprised' vampire obviously... heh, I don't look mean, I look like matt when mom tried to wax his eyebrows! Perpetual surprise anyone?


Today's entry was brought to you by: Caffeine. Swift, crisp, and heart poundingly good, this one's for you.

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