Thursday, January 29, 2004


I seriously have nothing to talk about today. So I think I can effectively warn you that this will be one big pile of random shizzle.

I have dry patches on my elbows. Now when I say dry, I should clarify that I mean REALLY FUCKING DRY. So dry that if I put lotion on them, within a half hour they are back to feeling nasty again. I was using chapstick earlier, and you know; don't pretend you're all grossed out, step out of the box for a minute and consider the many healing properties of chapstick. In fact, I NEVER use chapstick on my mouth, because I can't stand the feeling of it. I wear lipstick constantly, but chapstick just feels... gross. I don't wear lip gloss either for the same reason. Of course, that's really neither here nor there. Anyhoo, I use chapstick on my nose when I'm sick, because not only does it soothe the sorest of noses, it also is inconspicuous, so if I need to I can wear it at work. So yeah, I also put it on a nasty papercut I had, it's like neosporin or something, shit works fabulously. I think though, for the ol' elbows I am going to get some bag balm and put it on there at night. That stuff will moisturize anything.

Did you catch Nick and Jessica on Mtv last night? I love that show. Jessica Simpson doesn't even bug me anymore (though I still think she's weird looking... especially with the hair down around her face, pulled back she's not so bad.) but I think they are actually really sweet together. I don't know why the change of heart, she used to bug me something terrible. I watched Carmen and Dave "til death do us part" as well, and dude... Dave Navarro is ... a freak? I'm not talking in the black fingernails sense, he's just a weirdo. Very feminine. But the show was ok, I don't particularly care for Carmen Electra, probably because her real name is something like Tara Leigh... she is neither a Tara Lee or a Carmen... ugh.

*sigh* I miss New York. I would so move there.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, I just don't have any I want to put up. I was going to put some up from Lisa's birthday party, but I am heinously drunk in most of them, and you know; if they were funny pics it's be one thing, but I don't feel like just putting drunk ones up there.

well, that's all for today...


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