Friday, January 30, 2004


As of about 30 seconds ago I am no longer indebted to Sears. Take that, you bloodsucking motherfuckers! My income tax was deposited last night and I just made good use of it, and have 10 bucks to myself afterwards yeehaw! That's the last of the payments to be made on my youthful indiscretion... or stupidity, whichever you want to call it.

Man, I have been trying to think of things to put on my birthday wish list, Aaron made one, and has requested that I do the same. All I've come up with so far is a gift card to Nordstroms, and Old Navy, Mac Lipstick in Spirit and Twig, the dvd of My Best Friend's Wedding and this. It's the coolest Karaoke machine ever, my cousin has one, and it's so cute! It has a built in camera so you can watch yourself on the screen, and two mics, and it's bigger than it looks in the picture there. I totally want it, but here's the thing. I think I want it more because it's cool, than because I would actually use it. I sing to Aaron all the time when we are at home, but when there is a mic in your hand, there's a different sort of feeling in the air... pressure to not sound like a cat in heat if you will. Besides that, I am sure I would eventually get comfortable with it, but you know, my living room is NOT an arena filled with thousands of adoring fans. I have been known to take karaoke a little bit seriously... usually I'm 3 sheets to the wind of course, but all you really need to do is put on 'River' by Natalie Merchant or 'Strawberry Wine' by Deana Carter and the music just transforms me (in my own mind of course) to the next American Idol. Of course, anyone in listening distance has to reach for the cotton balls for their bleeding eardrums, but you know... I still kinda want it.


You have just won one million dollars:

1. Who do you call first?

Aaron, of course.

2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?

I don't know... a car or something.

3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?

Maybe I'd pick up a new sunroof for Aaron's car :-)

4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?

I'm sure we would, but how much is hard to say. One million isn't that much, so I think our families could expect a little something, but I know we'd want to invest some, buy a home, and maybe a car or two... nothing too extravagant though.

5. Do you invest any? If so, how?

I would invest some, not sure how; I suppose we would seek advice on that.

Asa's found a new way to sit on the office chair, he'll lounge like this forever if we let him.


Devilish yes, but he can also be very sweet.

No sweeter than our chief pillow stealer though.

Our living room lit by candles... I much prefer these to lamps, such a warm feeling.

This is Grandpa Elmer and I attending my cousin's wedding in September of 1989. Check out my hair man.


Thursday, January 29, 2004


I seriously have nothing to talk about today. So I think I can effectively warn you that this will be one big pile of random shizzle.

I have dry patches on my elbows. Now when I say dry, I should clarify that I mean REALLY FUCKING DRY. So dry that if I put lotion on them, within a half hour they are back to feeling nasty again. I was using chapstick earlier, and you know; don't pretend you're all grossed out, step out of the box for a minute and consider the many healing properties of chapstick. In fact, I NEVER use chapstick on my mouth, because I can't stand the feeling of it. I wear lipstick constantly, but chapstick just feels... gross. I don't wear lip gloss either for the same reason. Of course, that's really neither here nor there. Anyhoo, I use chapstick on my nose when I'm sick, because not only does it soothe the sorest of noses, it also is inconspicuous, so if I need to I can wear it at work. So yeah, I also put it on a nasty papercut I had, it's like neosporin or something, shit works fabulously. I think though, for the ol' elbows I am going to get some bag balm and put it on there at night. That stuff will moisturize anything.

Did you catch Nick and Jessica on Mtv last night? I love that show. Jessica Simpson doesn't even bug me anymore (though I still think she's weird looking... especially with the hair down around her face, pulled back she's not so bad.) but I think they are actually really sweet together. I don't know why the change of heart, she used to bug me something terrible. I watched Carmen and Dave "til death do us part" as well, and dude... Dave Navarro is ... a freak? I'm not talking in the black fingernails sense, he's just a weirdo. Very feminine. But the show was ok, I don't particularly care for Carmen Electra, probably because her real name is something like Tara Leigh... she is neither a Tara Lee or a Carmen... ugh.

*sigh* I miss New York. I would so move there.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, I just don't have any I want to put up. I was going to put some up from Lisa's birthday party, but I am heinously drunk in most of them, and you know; if they were funny pics it's be one thing, but I don't feel like just putting drunk ones up there.

well, that's all for today...


Wednesday, January 28, 2004


First off, many hugs to Robyn and Fred.

I had two calls today that made me very happy. The first was from the lady at the church we are trying to book for the wedding. So far, it looks like everything is a go. We will go there on Tuesday night after work, and look around, make a down payment, etc. Then this guy called me back about booking the reception hall, I told him we'll probably want it friday night and Saturday, so we can have the rehearsal dinner there on Friday and spend the evening setting up for the next day. The guy was willing to give Friday to me for free if we only wanted 3 hours, and then 7 hours on Saturday. I am thinking we will need more than 3 hours to get through the dinner AND decorate. But still, even if he charges double, it'll be fine because it's not that expensive anyway. (In the grand scheme of things that is.) So we have an appointment to meet him on the 7th and if everything is cool, we'll give him a down payment and life will be jolly!

I bought the boys a cat carrier last night, as the one we have is pretty small, and hard to wrestle them into. This one will carry both of them, and I think it'll just be better all the way around. I made an appointment to take them in for their shots, and by the way, I really don't think it's necessary for them to have rabies shots do you? They NEVER go outside, as they are declawed and beyond that, they have zero street smarts. But the vet's office 'strongly recommends rabies vaccinations.' Feh. Fuck that.

I was smart this time though, and we put the carrier out in the living room, Ben immediately knew what it was, and hid for a half hour. Asa, on the other hand is happy as a clam to lay in there. I'll try to get a pic or two of it. Of course, his tune will change the morning of the appointment, and I'll probably end up having to do a lot of yelling and shoving to get him in there.

Well, that's about it for today.

at one point in the four wheeling trip we had two vehicles stuck, and one with a tire that had come apart from the rim. Good times.

This one amuses me, because when James (the guy with the rope) was walking in front of the jeep, it appeared as though he was taking it for a walk. heh.


Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Not too much to report around here, am taking a break from the old picture scanning, as I have no time for that this week. Am doing ok so far on homework, but this weekend is a busy one, so I anticipate that I will have to bail on the 'girls day' we were planning. (mom, Lori, Karen, Ash and I) I just have too much homework. I bailed on school this morning because I left too late... traffic was a bitch, at 7:20 I was about 20 minutes away from school on a good traffic day, and it was stand still. So I got off the freeway and went into work early, figured since Satchel uses Tuesdays as his airport days (visits clients there and comes in late usually) it would be a nice opportunity to catch up on some math. Guess who pulled in the same time as me? I guess he is going to the airport tomorrow. Dammit. I still got a bit of work done, just went into our conference room and shut the doors until 8am.

Hey, I forgot to mention that while watching the Golden Globes the other night, I couldn't believe how much Uma Thurman looks like a horse these days. She's always been kind of horsey looking, but damn, I wanted to give her sugar cubes and hitch her to a wagon.

I went to the gym last night for the first time in a loooooooonnnnnnngggggg time. I am sore today, and I even took it a bit easy. Just walking/running on the treadmill. Amazing how easy it is to lapse in my workout schedule. Was going to go every night this week, but grandpa is in the hospital, sick with congestive heart failure among other things. Looks like tonight school and excercise will take a backseat. I hate that.

Had a hideous dream this morning, I hate it when you wake up to your alarm in the midst of one. It was a scary one too, so I was dreading the day from the getgo. But then I turned the radio on in the bathroom to hear the morning show tell a funny story. The lady on the morning show took her son (who is 4) to the bathroom with her at a restaurant, and it was a single stall one... so she immediately bristled at the 'no privacy' thing, but went pee anyway. Her son noticed that something was wrong (aunt flo was visiting) and proceeded to get very upset that someone had 'shot' his mommy. She tried to explain that everything was ok, and that when they went back out into the restaurant he should not talk about it... I'm sure the humor isn't translating here, but it was damn funny. That turned my mood around!

We have decided to wait on getting a kitty for now. There are hardly any available, we'll wait until there is more of a selection, and in the meantime, I made Ben and Asa an appointment to go in and get up to date on their shots. They ought to love that. I need to be better about taking them in for stuff like that. It'll be an experience for Aaron anyway, it's always quite a sight to watch me wrestle them into their carriers. Ben is easier, but Asa is one damn contracting muscle anyway. Then, once you get there you can't get them out of the carriers. Freaks.

The other night I got into a discussion with my Uncle Gary about toilet paper. His pet peeve is people who use too much, he said that he uses two squares at a time, and last year he used a total of like 4 rolls the entire year. I told him he shouldn't be irritated when there are females in the house, because logically we use more than guys anyway. He said that it was dumb to use more than two squares, and that you don't need it to go around your hand. I scoffed at that and said "hell yeah you do, paper glove man, better safe than sorry." Aaron just about died laughing at that. But seriously, am I alone on this here? An adequate amount to use is enough to go around your hand at LEAST once. Right???

This was taken a couple weekends ago when we went on that four-wheeling trip. Lori likes this picture because of all the greens and browns.

That would be Mt. Rainier in the Backround. So close you could almost touch it.

Here I present to you the poster boy of shit you should not do. Lesson #1: Pouring gasoline on the fire. yikes. Luckily he must be a pro because no hair was singed (that I know of) and no-one was hurt/burnt/trapped in a blazing inferno of flames etc.


Monday, January 26, 2004


So, weekend recap... where do I begin? Friday afternoon found me at home, trying to read through the rest of chapter 5 in my Astronomy book, and sending in my answers via email for the homework on chaps 4 and 5. Aaron was sweet enough to cook me dinner, we had a Tony's pizza and klondike slim-a-bear ice cream sandwiches. Mmmmm. (seriously, low in fat, ridiculously low in sugar, and 120 cals... not too shabby.) Then we went to Walmart. Since someone else was ranting about Walmart, I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon. Now, whenever I go, I make a list. I do this for two reasons #1 is that I can operate much better in an environment like Walmart's if I have a direction to go in. If I have to think of what I need, in addition to maneuvering around the masses then it takes twice as long and I get twice as bitchy. Well, I get bitchy in there anyway, a list just makes it more bearable. The second reason I make a list is that it makes the trip so much faster if I can just look down, see what I need and grab it. We were done shopping in less than 20 minutes (and that includes perusing the $5.00 dvd bin for a few minutes.) The next 20 minutes of our trip was spent waiting in line at the self check out counter. *sigh* It's just painful. But it is still quicker than letting an 80 year old immigrant who only understands the english words 'yes' and 'no' check you out. I get about 1/3 of the way into scanning my items, bagging them etc, when this short little (and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense, she was literally at least a foot shorter than me... that's damn little) woman(an employee) comes up and stares at me while I am performing said checkout functions. I don't mean she was staring at my face or any part of my physical self... she was staring at the merchandise I was buying and the screen as I was scanning the items. Now... I don't like an audience. I understand it's her job to make sure we are all being law abiding citizens, but she wasn't even being polite about it, and I felt like she was watching me because I was being sneaky. I let it go on for about oh... one minute before I stopped, turned around and said "hi, can I help you?" She got embarassed and went to walk away and said "no, it my job to help you." I said "yeah, I know that, am I doing something wrong?" (or something like that) and she didn't answer, she just walked away. Aaron then jumped in and said to me "you're being a little rude." I scoffed and replied "dude, she was staring at me, like fucking take a picture, it'll last longer." he laughed, and I felt bad. I was being rude but good God, stare hard retard.

While we were in Walmart, my sister called me and told me she had gone to see a psychic that day. (She was in Arizona, and had saw one in a little town she and Ash were passing through.) She told me some of the stuff that the psychic had said and then told me that the psychic told her something about me, and that she wasn't supposed to tell me, but felt like she should. So after going back and forth I finally got her to reveal the big news. Apparently, the psychic said I am either pregnant now or I will be at some point before the wedding. That is so not going to happen. First of all, I am most definitely NOT pregnant now. And um, there is so no way I am going to fork out all this cash for a white dress to have it let out so I can have a shotgun wedding. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. That said, if I did get pregnant before the wedding... well, we'd deal with it somehow. Whether we would postpone the wedding or move it up or whatever... but I am not about to showcase a pregnant tummy in a wedding dress.

I have been having baby lust lately though, I told Aaron we either needed to get a kitten or have a baby, so we decided to get a kitten obviously. He wants a kitten just as bad as I do, he was going to get me one for valentine's day, but didn't want to pick one out without my input, so we went out together yesterday in search of a new furpants for our family. Guess what? THERE ARE NO FUCKING KITTENS TO BE HAD FROM COVINGTON TO BELLEVUE. I should know, I called every motherfucking pet store out there. NONE! We also tried the animal shelters and they didn't have many at all under the age of 1, and you know they can be downright judgemental. I don't want a fucking third degree to adopt a damn cat. K? I understand they want to make sure the animals are going to a good home, I just get tired of the questions. So, we are still looking. *sigh*

We watched the Golden Globes last night and I swear I hate that motherfucker who kept saying "up next, J-Lo to present at THE GLOBES. It was so... dumb how he kept saying THE GLOBES. I was very happy that Charlize Theron won for best female in a drama. Seriously, if you haven't seen the movie Monster, go see it. She was phenomenal. I was a little mystified when Sophia Coppola gave her speech... she is more inept at public speaking than Bush... gah. Aaron and I were talking when Dustin Hoffman came out to present and he said something about him being really short. I said "yeah, I have always heard he's a real dick in real life too." It was quiet for a moment and Aaron said " Yeah, yeah, def, definitely a dick, yeah." I just about died laughing. He does a great rainman impression!

We didn't do much this weekend at all, because I had so much motherfucking homework. But at least I think I lightened the load a bit for the week. We shall see.


This is me and Matt's sister Amy, back in... 1986 Maybe?

Seriously so cute I could just pinch her little cheekys. :-)

They had these wine glasses at freddy's on sale, and I wanted them so I could put candles in them.

Pretty huh?!

He buries his head under my chin when he's scared. I don't know what his deal was here, usually he reserves this for when we are near a sink. heh.


Friday, January 23, 2004


Is it just me or does anyone else have a feeling that Mars will end up being a virtual junkyard of rovers some day? I say we should strap digital camera's to the hoods of all the rusted out Chevy's, Dodge's, Pontiac's etc, catapult them up there and call it good. Instead of all this money spent on building this rover thing, get a subaru, slap some 4-wheelin tires on it, some camera equip and a couple of robot arms and there you go. Mars Rover... Burien style. :-)

I made my Purple Ranch Potatoes for dinner last night, recipe was given to me by my cousin Lisa. They are soooo good, I tweaked the recipe a bit last night... here ya go:

PURPLE RANCH POTATOES (recipe for two, it's generous)
3 good size Red/Purple potatoes
1/4 cup olive oil (I use about 1/2 cup though)
1 packet dry ranch dressing/dip mix
1-2 teaspoons of minced garlic

Preheat oven to 350. Wash and cut potatoes into cubes, then put into a ziploc bag with rest of ingredients. Shake around until potatoes are covered in mixture of dressing, oil and garlic. Put in baking dish, cover and cook for one hour. I tend to check on them every now and then, give them a stir, make sure the liquid on the bottom hasn't evaporated(if it has, just add a bit of water). It may take a bit longer than an hour to cook thoroughly, the potatoes should be soft all the way through.

I am having a bad hair day. Ick. I need to be more inventive with my hairstyles. I primarily wear it in one of two ways... down and tucked behind my ears or up in a clip. For spontenaity's sake I have been wearing it up in a half pony tail and today the hair got wrapped around the rubberband, and looks a bit like a tangled knot back there. Not to mention there are one or two tightly pulled hairs that are hurting when I turn my head a certain way... I keep trying to mess with the whole thing to make it better, but the two hairs are very elusive. All the fussing with the hair has left me with nice greasy strands... anyone know of a good shampoo for oily hair? I bought this stuff at Target by clairol... I can't remember the name, but it was in a neon green bottle! I thought it was helping, but no.

Not too much to report around here, boring night of reading last night, still have about 20 pages to go to finish this weeks astronomy lessons and I want to try and get more done this weekend so I have little to do during the week.

Not much to do today in terms of personal stuff; Aaron and I are trying to really watch the budget so we don't overspend in terms of saving for the wedding. I think we will end up going to Walmart tonight though to pick up canned goods and toiletries that we need. We need to hit costco this weekend too.

Did you know I go through a pack of trident gum a day? A DAY. Fuck a duck, that's a lot of gum. I used to be addicted to the bubblegum flavor, I still use that kind when I'm at the gym, but during the day it's the original flavor all the way.

ok, enough random shit...

Friday Five

At this moment, what is your favorite...


My Immortal by Evanescence... I love this fucking song so much. Seriously, brooding and dark yet beautiful. The lead singer has one hell of a voice. This song is much better than their breakout hit 'bring me to life.'


probably seasoned rice and vegetables... or hardboiled eggs... or my purple ranch potatoes! For seasoned rice I put a bunch of johnny's seasoning salt in water, boil, add rice and frozen veggies. That's it. Sometimes I add powdered chicken broth, but not always.

3. show?

America's Next Top Model (Burien Represent!)... surely to become a tie with survivor all star though.

4. ...scent?

anything citrus or my lucky perfume

5. ...quote?

I love what Jo has on her website, that quote is awesome. :-)

That would be me, while my mom perfects chinese water torture.

Me at about age 2 or 3... sorry by the way if you are finding the childhood pictures to be boring, but oh well, It IS all about me here, don'tcha know.

Asa likes our new setup as well. He has a better eyeview of what he can beg for. Last night he ate a bite of my potatoes and salmon... he liked the potatoes more than the salmon. Go figure.

Me and my uncle Rory, this cracks me up. There is something about him, he is a shit... an undeniable shit, but he's also got this magic that my sister and I and the rest of the kids we grew up with all see and love about him.

This is Uncle Rory and I last summer when Matt and Kelly got married. I hope he comes to my wedding. :-)


Thursday, January 22, 2004


Today is good day, you know why? Because Suzanne had her baby!!!!! She's a real beauty too. :-)

Um, people who read my site friggin' rock. The comments left in the guestbook and the emails about Italy, damn, I really appreciate it! Keep em' coming! I feel the love.

The server for one of my online classes has been down since sometime yesterday. I couldn't access it all last night (needed to listen to a lecture or two) but luckily my professor emailed and said they were having difficulties. Today, it's still not back up. I called first thing this morning and it looks like it won't be back up until tomorrow morning around 9. That's ok though, because I have lots o' reading to occupy my time with. Read about 25 pages last night... and you know, it's a real chore because ever since I realized I wasn't retaining shit, I am taking careful notes. My theory is that the extra writing will reinforce what I've just read. It took me forever to get through those 25 pages.

Fool that I am, ok, well maybe a smart fool; I am going to utilize the free tutoring services offered at the math lab this Saturday. Of course this means I have to haul my raggedy ass out of bed in time to be there, (because I intend on tackling a shit load of homework while there) but relatively early at that so I can be in Bellevue when it opens. It's not too early, I just don't like to have a certain time to be up on the weekends. So, I figured fuck it and scheduled a nail appointment for that morning too. If I'm going to be up and atem' I am going to be productive dammit!

Since we are on the subject of school, I might mention that I had a test this morning in math class. I think I did pretty good, but I always think I did pretty good even when I do absolutely shitty.

I think I pissed satchel off today (score!) he brought some stuff down from our corporate HQ, and you know, the bastard insists that I am the one to be responsible for anything coming down from there, (which means that *I* should check it in, no one else. That way if there is a discrepancy, *I* deal with it and there aren't 50 other people involved.) so what does he do? Take all of his stuff, and you know the old coot is going to miscount something and realize something was wrong. (AS HE ALWAYS DOES) and then come to me. I didn't say anything about that specific thing today because when he brought the stuff that wasn't his up to me, and set it behind my desk I turned to him and said "not there." He got all huffy (senility breeds hostility apparently) and said "well then where?!" I turned and said "how about where I always tell you to put them, on the incoming shelf?" He went back there and slammed down the stuff and went to his office. Hee! I love it! But seriously, why do we have to have this conversation every fucking time? I should get a picture of him and post it. My sister said just looking at him pisses her off. The forehead twitching, the turtle mouth... fuck a duck.

Oh yeah, I looked up some prices on Delta for Italy and man, it's not that bad. I think I may end up booking our flights through them myself, fuck travel agents man. I'm superwoman! No, but really to fly into venice, and fly home from Rome (a poem!) It's going to be about 1400 bucks total for aaron and I. Not too shabby.

How about some more pictures?

People say I look more like my mom, but I see a strong Polenske resemblance as well. Particularly, when I was younger. This is my dad in 1959, at about 7 years old.

This is me at about 6 or 7... gee I think we have the same face!

This is one of my all time favorite pics of dad and me, I think it's because of the hazy/dreamy quality of the film.

Dude, my sister was so damn cute! I hope my kids are half as cute as she was.

I think her cuteness was to makeup for the three months of colic hell she put my parents through as a newborn.

Halloween... 86? I'm the 'surprised' vampire obviously... heh, I don't look mean, I look like matt when mom tried to wax his eyebrows! Perpetual surprise anyone?


Today's entry was brought to you by: Caffeine. Swift, crisp, and heart poundingly good, this one's for you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


oh man, where to begin. I filed my taxes last night. For all of those out there who envy me for my rich and fabulous lifestyle, you will be happy to know that I made a whopping 23,127 bucks last year. GROSS. and not as in ewww gross, as in that's every penny accounted for rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Although it is kind of a gross number (as in eww gross) ok enough! Anyhoo, yeah so I filed. I was thrilled when I learned I would be getting back about 700 bucks or so, as that's the most I've ever gotten. It's enough to damn near pay off my sears card and get that bastard out of my life forever. So I file, and almost get teary I'm so happy, when I remember "I have another W-2 coming... FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Due to extenuating circumstances which I will not go into here, I am due to get another w-2 on which I supposedly earned probably under 500 bucks, but due to the circumstance I didn't keep any of it... it's hard to explain, but I will mighty fucking pissed if that w-2 fucks up my return. As my mom said "let's not hyperventilate until we know for sure"... but you know, according to the ol' Polenske history... I'm about to get screwed. You watch. I could account the many instances of being screwed by fate, the government, my immune system... life in general... I was actually going to list some examples here but they make me sound bitter and 'woe is me' so fuck it. But if you have any advice as to what I should do please drop me a line as it is much appreciated. :-)

Man, I am in a weird mood today. Not mad, just aggravated. I had a hideous dream... and not to bore everyone, but I dreamt a friend died... she just got married this year, and for some reason her memorial service was at my mom's house. The weird part is that when her husband came to the service he brought along their son (of which they have none, so this must've been in the future) and he looked so much like the both of them it creeped me out. I woke up in a funk from that... I was absolutely distraught in the dream.

I think the other reason I am so un-jolly this morning is that I kept hearing clips from the State of the Union address last night. It fucking boils my blood. I need to not get so damn upset over shit I can't control. I used to love watching the State of the Union when Clinton was President because no matter what bad stuff you can say about Clinton, he was charismatic and overall not a total shitbag of a President. I always felt inspired and reassured. With numnuts in office now, I will admit, some of the stuff said made me feel good, but lots of other shit just fucking pissed my shit off. I didn't watch it this year because last year I was pissed off for a good long while about it, and this year... well after hearing some of the stuff on the radio, arg... I can't stand him.

I want to know where he is coming from... I mean really. Instead of spending BILLIONS of dollars on endorsing space programs and promoting "traditional marriage", how about paying some attention to the homeless problem, the welfare problem, how about making it easier and less expensive for ALL AMERICANS to get healthcare? How about making it easier for people to go to college, so they aren't up to their fucking eyeballs in debt for 20 years after they graduate? How about spending more money to find a cure for Aids? Cancer? Aren't these things more important than preserving 'the sanctity of marriage' you dumb motherfucker?

I hate Bush, I do. He is a smug son-of-a-bitch, the epitome of narrowminded ignorance, and I get so fucking pissed off listening to his bullshit policies and ideas.

Some idiot called in this morning and though "Bush was awesome. He isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in. To say 'I'm a christian, and these are my beliefs'." Um first of all, way to be redundant you bitch, and second of all since when is it ok to push your own personal beliefs on the American public just because you are president? AUUUUGGGGHHHH! Seperation of church and state motherfucker, look it up.

I'm a bit fired up today, no? I'm thinking I should lay off the caffeine. I was also thinking about taking st. john's wort... not sure yet if I will.

Oh yeah, Satchel came up to me yesterday and said "in case you want to make a note of it, I will be out on the 26th due to a root canal from about 11am to about 2pm." I looked at him with my best scowl and said " Why would I want to do that?" His reply:"well, I know you like to keep track of all of us--" I interrupted with "um, actually you are the only one who gives me a play by play and frankly, I don't keep a calendar for you or anyone else. Just let me know when you leave about the time you'll be back." I just can't stand the little bastard. I know he wasn't even being a dick, he just bugs the shit out of me. He starts in on these little things or he'll beat something to death until I cave and agree or whatever and it makes me want to quit so bad. I have to sit at my desk and say over and over "the pros outweigh the cons, the pros outweigh the cons, the pros outweigh the cons." It's true, he is really the only con to working here. The fact that he overshadows every positive thing is kind of sad. Maybe I'll work on that.

More Pictures!

Me and Lori, Christmas time 1981.

Troy and I, Halloween... 1999 I think. We were invited to a costume party. We really didn't know anyone there, it was very clique-y, and um, we were probably the only ones 'really' dressed up. How much did that suck? I should find the pictures of troy in the car afterwards, peeling off his mask. No more costume parties.

My two favorite cousins, Cassie and Cori when they were like... 3 or 4 I think. Cute huh?

This is me, I love this picture because I totally look like someone gave me sip off the brandy bottle.

Ben goes 'incognito'.

I did mention how we were obsessed with the mariner's right? Here's proof.

One of my alltime favorite pictures of my sister

I was a hellraiser back in the day

See, the torture didn't begin with Ben or Asa... this is our cat shadow (inventive with the name huh? My sister wanted to name it ruffy and I just about had an aneurysm over it. Of course she was like.. 3 at the time. I talked her into shadow.) This cat was a bit of a bastard, though I got away with a lot. He was unbathable though. My uncle Gary, in a fit of Macho-ness proclaimed he would just "bathe the goddamn cat". Heh, he got cat scratch fever from it too. And the Shadow escaped the bathroom in a mass of soapy fur.

oh yeah, got the 5 cds to finish out my contract with BMG.. I'm nothing if not eclectic... I got the Harry Chapin Collection, Norah Jones, Coldplay-parachutes, 3 Doors Down-Away From The Sun, and of course 50 cent- Get Rich or Die Tryin'.


Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Not only was I already in a bit of a tizzy yesterday because I was getting ready for an astronomy test (and um by the way, it occurred to me last night while I was frantically copying down definitions and such, that I've done the reading. But I've retained very, very little. Most of the words I was looking up I had read in the text and I knew nothing about them... astronomical unit? um.... parallax? I...uh.... deferent? SHIT! ) I did pretty well though, 80%, not too shabby, all things considered. I didn't realize though that I had missed an assignment due in my english class, because vista (the type of site that class is on) fucking sucks. You have to dig to find shit, and they make it all difficult, not to mention it's hard to find anything in that class that is posted clearly. So I was supposed to hand in a memoir type essay by midnight on sunday. Word count was between 750 and 1750. I just about shit a brick.

I scrambled last night and posted a draft, it's for the editing process anyway, NOT MY BEST WORK, but you know... it'll do for now. I couldn't think of anything to write about, and I had this teacher for my last writing class. I wanted to dazzle her with something new, because the last time I wrote about my dad's stroke and my weight loss as my personal essays. This time the first personal essay I wrote about having an online journal and the blog community. This essay I wrote last night was about being fat. I don't care, she has a ton of students, and it wasn't the same essay as last time so hopefully it'll be fine.

Here's a question for ya, I am starting to nail down honeymoon stuff for the wedding. We've decided we want to go to Europe, as a big trip now (though quite expensive) is more feasible than in a couple years when we have a mortgage payment and a baby, so we have narrowed it down to either just a trip to Italy or a trip to Paris, then take the train over to Italy. Ideally we want to take 10 days to go and have fun, but no less than 7. (if it's a shorter trip, I imagine we'll just stick with Italy... not sure yet though.) My question is if anyone out there has done this sort of thing, how long does it take to travel from Paris to say, Rome via the train? What sights do you recommend in Italy? ( I know I want to see Rome, Venice, possibly florence...) What's the money situation like? (How far does the American dollar go?) and any other recommendations?

I finished homework last night in time to catch My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, and ... eh. I mean it was funny, but they didn't explain a lot of shit, or maybe I just missed it. They made it seem like Randi didn't know what reality show she was on, they said she had no contact with the outside world for 3 weeks, but didn't say why or how she came to do the show. Wierd.

How about some more pictures?

See Tatum, this is why I.don' They seem like a good idea in theory, but I always, always always regret it.

However, a nice side pony tail will always do the trick.We had taken pictures in the photobooth right before these were taken, and were waiting for them to come out of the slot. All of a sudden the booth decided that Lori was perty and it wanted to take more, free of charge. The first shot surprised her, the second shot she went with it, heh.

we used to be slightly, um... obsessed with the mariners. This is Tatum, back in 96, declaring her love for Edgar Martinez.

and here I am proposing to Joey Cora (I actually made it on the big screen with this one once.)

Wasn't my grandpa handsome when he was a youngin'?

There are only two photos of me at graduation, can you BELIEVE THAT? This one and one with my grandpa Elmer (this is me and grandma pat) I find that so sad. But I think it's the one time I ever looked halfway decent in red.

Lori must've been about... 8 or 9 here. That hairdryer she's holding? I hated that thing. Took.forever.

I sure do miss my grandma, a lot.


Monday, January 19, 2004


no time, school is demanding and satchel is wearing a tight brown sweater. That alone is enough to hate him for.

I should be back tomorrow with an explanation, besides I'm in a foul fucking mood today.

Friday, January 16, 2004


I don't feel like going into a long and drawn out explanation here, but yesterday Satchel saunters up to my desk with a piece of paper in his hand, cackling all the way. I ignore him at all costs, so I don't look up. He says "do you know who Tim E*yman is? I do know (a guy who is constantly fucking everything up for our taxes and shit here in Washington... well, that's the simple version. He's always coming up with new initiatives etc, very contreversial...yadda yadda yadda.) but I didn't want to get into a political discussion with him about it. So I said No. He cocked his fat little head and then cocked it the other way, mouth agape and staring at me. In fact he stared so long I debated fake coughing right into his face. The he says all slowly "YOU don't KNOW who Tim e*yman IS?" I sighed, stopped what I was doing and looked up. I snapped "no, and I don't care, what is he running for office or something?" He closed his eyes and took a breath... pretending to be all frustrated and whatever. Arrogant prick. Then he leans down and says to me in a very low, slow way "you know, you should really pay attention to things that affect you as a citizen." um, how about you go fuck yourself, I didn't say that though. What I did say is "hmm, well it doesn't interest me, therefore I.don't.give.a.shit.k?" I hate that motherfucker.

So the weird hits keep coming for the old journal here. Search engines have brought folks to my site looking for:
Leah Remini's feet,
Leah Remini's fat,
"leah remini wedding",
I want to see paris hilton's tape,
navy no calls in love,
leah remini's weight,
ally Hilfiger likes ugh boots

people are weird man, and apparently I must have mentioned L*eah R*emini's name somewhere. The hits just keep on comin'!


1. What does it say in the signature line of your emails?


2. Did you have a senior quote in your high school yearbook? What was it? If you haven't graduated yet, what would you like your quote to be?

Yeah, it was a fortune I got in a fortune cookie when I was in the 8th grade. "Judge a man not by what he says but by what he does."

3. If you had vanity plates on your car, what would they read? If you already have them, what do they say?

I don't have them because I think they're gay. No offense if you have them, on an 81 rusty gold honda I just don't think they'd look good.

4. Have you received any gifts with messages engraved upon them? What did the inscription say?

Just one, for our first Christmas, Aaron gave me a pen with my name engraved on it. I LOVE IT!!!

5. What would you like your epitaph to be?

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on, now,
’cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see.

yes those are freebird lyrics. shut up.

Last weekend when I went to Holly's house, I fell in love with their kitty Greta. She is so soft and sweet, and though she likes to be held only on her terms, if you scratch her in the right spot she won't leave.

Ben has a hairball problem. (the shorthaired cat, go figure) occasionally his little problem requires a bit of medicine, and damn it to hell if he would rather die than eat it. I have to pry open his mouth and squeeze some of it in there.

He usually stays pissed at me for a while, and will shoot me withering looks as he licks and licks and licks.

I shouldn't even show this cluttered pigsty pic of our office before we gutted it and put a desk in there, etc. But this is it.

Yeah, there's still stuff out, but it was right after we were done and still putting shit away. It still looks about a million times better, and I love it!

he's one tough 'sumbitch.