Monday, December 01, 2003


I can't believe the weekend is over already. All weekend I kept saying "Wow! We still have 3 more days off! ... Wow, we still have two more days off! and Wow! We still have one whole day left!" Then last night with notes of sorrow in my voice "wow... I can't believe I have to go back to work so soon." You can't please me!

Wednesday night was spent in a flurry of pumpkin yammy goodness. I used my Grandma's recipe for pumpkin pies, and they turned out simply mahvelous. I ended up making 4 regular size and 2 mini's for my sister because it's probably her most favorite food.

The yams were a bit tricky, but my mom was very helpful all 32 times I called with one question or another.

Dinner at my mom's was awesome as usual, even better was that my dad was able to sit at the table with the family, rather than eating as he usually does at a seperate table to accomodate his wheelchair.

Karen and Ashley and Uncle Gary were by that day and gave Aaron and I a tin of Christmas cookies they made, they were so damn good. After dinner at my mom's we ventured down to Federal Way to visit Aaron's dad and Uncle. His sister was there with her boys, who we hadn't seen since Easter. It was a nice visit, and I can't believe how much difference a few months makes... damn. After there we went to my Grandma's house to say hello and ended up staying for a couple hours, visiting with various aunt's and uncles and cousins. It was a great night.

I started cooking for the next day when we got home as I wanted to make our own meal so we'd have our own leftovers. Friday morning, Aaron and I got up around a quarter to 5 and went to the Fred Meyer's 6 hour sale. We got over half of our christmas shopping done that morning, and now, after the weekend I have about 4 more things to get and we are completely done. I am relieved. After we got home from shopping we crashed for a couple hours then got up and decorated our tree.

this picture really doesn't do the tree any justice at all. I'll try to take a picture when the regular lights are off, and you'll see the glowing effect much better. I also wrapped most of the gifts and then we had a nice dinner that night, the turkey turned out great as did everything else. The mashed potatoes would have been better but the motor in my mixer burnt out, so we had to buy one yesterday to replace it. I've loved having leftover's turkey sandwiches, yams and jello for breakfast... last night I made cream of mushroom soup, thinned it with a little milk, loaded it with turkey, seasoned it with garlic and thyme then served over noodles... kind of a ghoulash or something... very good.

Saturday we went and saw Gothika... VERY FUCKED UP MOVIE. Scared the piss out of me... they left a lot of loose ends but that could also be my perception, as I spent much of the movie with my hands in front of my eyes. Saturday night we ran some errands, did some more Christmas shopping, and just hung out.

Sunday, Aaron had parking to do at the Seahawks game, so he dropped Lori and I off downtown, and we spent the day wandering through stores and had lunch and marveled at all the decorations... it was a lot of fun.

Good weekend... I hope all of yours was good as well.

This is our bedroom window last week, we put up the christmas lights and I absolutely love the glow... we took the blinds down yesterday because the cats have pretty much completely ruined them. We bought a curtain and a tension rod at target and I like that much better... but it doesn't allow for as much glow from the lights. Oh well, I'll live.


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