Thursday, December 18, 2003


I sit here this wednesday, sipping my glass of wine, watching Rich Girls, and find myself thinking "Dude, Ally Hilfiger is so weird looking. It's the episode where she and Liz shut Jaime out... and dude, they are all wierd looking. Ally is really starting to bug me. Truth be told, most girls between the age of 17 and 22 bug me. Lori and Ashley not included. Although Lori did fit under that umbrella at one time, and we would fight like hell... These rich girls though, man... barf.

That paragraph really had no point but to prove to you how shallow I can be. 'Tis true.

I made fudge again tonight, this time I attempted to use a bag of white chocolate chips instead of semi sweet, and I was going to add slivered almonds. Sadly, white chocolate chips DO NOT melt well. They melted about 75% and then stayed in tiny little lumps. I reheated the mixture, added a bag of semi sweet chips and the rest of the peanut butter in the house (about a cup and half I think), what the hell. My mom thinks it'll be fine. We shall see.

I am making sugar cookies tomorrow night as well as Emeril's Peanut Butter Fudge. I am giving out more goody baskets this weekend, so I want them stocked well.

Wedding planning has pretty much come to a halt lately, as we have had bigger fish to fry for the immediate future. It should be back up in full swing come January. I was watching a special on VH1, and it was about Leah Remini's wedding. (She's on the king of Queens) I got all choked up. I still don't get that I'm getting married. It's sort of a numb like state I think. It still hasn't completely sunk in. I'm sure it will once we get down to serious planning. By the end of January we need to have the church and the reception venue locked in. I am hoping to have a wedding dress picked out and paid for by my birthday in April. Holy shit we still need to get more christmas ornaments for favors... that is freaking me out. I don't want to wait until October to get them. Seriously, it wigs me out. We also need a menu. It's all so fucking overwhelming.

New subject. Before I start twitching.

You know, every time I hear about someone who reads this site (someone I know, or know of) I have one of two reactions. I either get really happy and excited that someone I know takes time out of their day to read my thoughts and ramblings, or I get nervous and think 'HOLY SHIT... THEY READ MY SITE?!' I had one of those moments recently. I hate that. Luckily I only talked a little bit of shit about the person, nothing even bad. It's not like satchel found the site or anything.

Speaking of sir assface, I need to buy something from work, and I will probably purchase it tomorrow. I am hoping to do it on the sly, because I know if he overhears me talking to the tech about it he'll want to write it up, and I don't know our policy but I'll be damned if that fucker makes one red cent off of me. I DO NOT want to add to any of his comission.

You know, I recall a conversation I had with Aaron last year about New Year's resolutions, and how I wanted to be nicer to Satchel. I wanted to make the extra effort to treat him as a human being and not the giant boil on the ass of mankind he is. Do you think I've made any progress in this area? I think not. It takes a glass of wine, and a teary night in front of the tv for me not to even shudder at the thought. Ah, maybe next year.

Written today

I feel like shit. That is all.

This is Aaron when he was about 3 I think. Is he not the cutest damn kid ever? I told him I had always had my heart set on having little girls, but now we can have boys, but they have to look just like him. I can't stop staring at this picture.

"Please drop something, drop something tasty and yummy, and oh... are you going to use the can opener? Please use the can opener, and please let it be a can of something tasty and yummy!"


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