Wednesday, December 24, 2003


I can't believe it's Christmas eve already. My apologies for not posting yesterday, but you know, I was busier than a one armed paper hanger. (I think my uncle used to say that) anyway, I made some headway on the list and even accomplished things I had forgotten to put on there. My cold has decided to stay forever and is making room in my nasal cavity by making me sneeze about once every 10 minutes. I had such a headache from this last night.

I have been up since about 6am, was going to get up that early orignally to curl my hair then decided 'fuck it' because we have to drive out to bfe for christmas eve dinner with aaron's family, and I am not going to deny myself the joy of sleeping in the car on the way there in the name of good hair. I will leave work at noon, then we'll go out there, then we need to leave his sister's by 5 or so, and go to my grandma's house for the Polenske gathering. We had planned on going to midnight mass tonight, but I don't feel like bringing a box of kleenex with me, so I think we'll just stay home and get some shut eye.

Tomorrow morning, Aaron and I will open one gift at home (the rest we've already taken to my parent's house) then we'll go pick up my grandpa and spend the day at my mom's house. I told Aaron I fully intend on wearing my pj's over there, because in Christmases past, when we didn't have to be anywhere, we vegged out all day playing with our new stuff, and napping. Mom is making some sort of ritzy steak dinner and I hope it didn't come from Yakima, but I don't eat beef anyway so I should be safe. :-)

I'll probably write another entry tomorrow, oh yeah and the November archives are up, I was notified yesterday that they were MIA. Also, I was going to write a disparaging bit about being satchel's minion, but it's Christmas, so I'll refrain. I also won't mention how my Christmas wish is that he never show up to work again... not sure how appropriate that wish is... but I don't want him sick or hurt or anything... I don't care if the bastard wins the lottery, or gets a new job... just make him disappear from our office! Incidentally he made a point of telling everyone yesterday that he would be in late today. He came in at 8:20. Give me a break.

We went over to Wili and Stacy's for dinner on Sunday, were treated to a fantastic home cooked meal of ham and all the fixins, and after dinner Aaron and Nick engaged in a little wrestling match. This is the best picture by far, as my dad would call this "it was grab ass time'

Here are some pictures from the 4-wheeling trip I missed out on last weekend. These pictures are courtesy of my sister...

Lori and Adrienne

Lori and Frosty

wili and aaron ... not sure what's going on here


Lori and Adrienne came over to have pizza that night, and Ben decided he wanted a kiss.


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