Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Earthlink won't let me get into my mail; says 'maximum permitted user load has been reached. Please try again later.' WHAT THE FUCK? I have never seen that before in my life. Ok, well I've only had earthlink since May, but never since then!

I'm bitchy today... let's complain.

I don't like our replacement UPS driver. David, our normal guy has been on vacay for like a month, well.. I think he was on actual vacation for two weeks, then like they do every year; UPS puts him on the harder runs and puts the new guy on our route. This means a few things. 1. I have to school the newcomers on where to put the freight that comes in (hence the new 'UPS INCOMING' and 'UPS OUTGOING' signs complete with downward arrows signs that now adorn our walls.) 2. Our freight gets here whenver the new guy feels like dropping in. He still picks up at 2:30 on the dot, but unlike David who would make sure to drop off all freight he could find for us with the stuff that had been overnighted. (as that stuff has to be in my hands by 9am) the new guys bring stuff all the way up to pick up time. That sucks. Last but not least, the new guy this week has an attitude. I don't like him. He's not rude... he just sucks.

Satchel is seriously on my last nerve. I am about to move the 2001, and 2002 files upstairs and am hesitating only because that lazy fuck doesn't get files out of the cabinets down here, and I know when I move them upstairs it'll be one chicken scratched note after another attached to many a different piece of paper asking me to find various other invoices etc. Now, this is why the man pisses me off. NOONE FUCKING ELSE IN THAT OFFICE asks me to do this kind of menial shit. It is below the satchel fuck to get his own paperwork. He passes the buck at every opportunity and it's wearing me down. Seriously, some days I come so close to saying fuck it and quitting it's not funny. What saves me is that every other person I work with is worth sticking around for. Every other person I work with is personable, nice, capable and more than that, doesn't treat me as their personal file fetcher, ass wiper, meat cutter, etc etc etc. I don't hate my job or my coworkers. I even think I get paid fairly... I would be so happy if it just wasn't for him. Seriously, I think if there was a memo put out tomorrow morning that said one of my new job duties was to get coffee for the salesmen, Satchel would be on the horn by ten figuring out if that included nuking his lunch and taking out his garbage. He's such a pig dick I can't even tell you. Anyway, back to my point, I don't normally refuse to do anything he tells me to ... maybe I should. But I can tell you this, the day he asks me to go upstairs to get him a file from 2002 will be the day I say fuck off. Mark my words.

My final for math is tomorrow (yay! then you won't have to hear about it anymore!) and I am having a hell of a time studying for it. I am doing ok; refreshing my memory and such, but for all the emphasis they put on finals I think it's all bullshit. I mean, it's a test to see how much I've learned in that class this quarter. My attitude is kind of.. well, if I do poorly, then I obviously haven't learned that much, and don't deserve a high grade. My other attitude is "you better do good on that test, because that class cost you 400 bucks." I'm torn you see. No.. I just don't see the point in cramming. I am going to continue to go over the stuff we have learned to keep the processes fresh in my mind. And pray. A lot.

I am on liter number 4 of water today... is there such a thing as water poisoning?

Well, that's all for today.




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