Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Not too much to say today, so I thought I would do a picture entry.

How do you know when it's Christmas time around the Martin-Polenske household?

All of our Christmassy pics and cards adorn the back of our front door. See any familiar ones?

Rumor has it that there is a gift or two lurking under there for me...

This ornament is from my Aunt Dana, we just received it the day before yesterday. It has quickly moved up to the top of my favorite ornaments list. :-)

This is a fat little santa, created on top of a regular bulb. It's a housewarming gift from my Aunt Nancy. :-) Isn't it cute?

This beautiful bulb was sent to me last year from Ashley, I love love love it.

I picked up this little guy at Target, each year we'll buy a new ornament, something different than a bulb and add it to our collection. He's the first one.

This is an Ornament my mom picked up for Aaron and I last summer when she was in
Leavenworth. It's blurry because when I use the flash, white objects wash out the picture. It says "our first Christmas together" it's to commemorate our first Christmas in our new home.

Our Angel who watches over our tree.

This is the first ornament Aaron and I ever received as a couple. My cousin Lisa crocheted it and gave it to us last year. We had discovered we both had dreams of a house with a big picture window in front with a perfect Christmas tree in the window. We had talked about it enough that she said "this is for when you guys get that house, with the window and have your perfect tree." :-)

This is a family heirloom. My maternal great grandma made this. My mom had more, but because some jerkoffs stole our Christmas ornaments out of our storage unit (most of which were handmade when my mom and I were each in girlscouts etc.) there remains only a few left. I was lucky enough to get one.

This was given to me by a child in my daycare class about 4 or 5 years ago. I love how they used wire and safety pins.

This is a gingerbread house my mom made out of clay. She did a marvelous job, and the picture really doesn't do it enough justice. The detail is what impresses me.

My mom also made this one, isn't it precious?

I painted this a few years back. Not too shabby eh? (Yeah right!)

Probably one of my most prized possessions. I made this when I was in girl scouts, I must've been about 7, I recently had to melt the wax on the front of the candle so I could stick the label back on. I love this candle so much, totally reminds me of Christmas as a kid.


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