Tuesday, December 16, 2003


I don't feel so good. Beginning of a cold I think. I went to the gym last night and worked out; noticing a sore throat on the way home, and the almost uncontrollable urge to fall into a deep winter's slumber. I vegged out in my new robe under a blanket and watched Terms of Endearment. I heart netflix.

Woke up this morning feeling like hell... mornings are the worst when you are getting the sniffles. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being really sick I may be a 3 or 4... I'm just fucking exhausted. That's all. The stuffy nose and stuff is tolerable, I just feel zapped of all energy. I am going to go home tonight and snuggle up in my robe with my two furpants kids on the couch, turn the tree lights on, maybe light a few candles, and keep all the rest of the lights off, and just watch the tree and hopefully take a nap. I'll probably have the tube on too; but I think just laying in the glow of the tree will make me feel better.

You know what I hate? I hate it when I take time out of my life to drop someone an email in response to something they've written, and then don't ever get a reply back. I never send rude or snarky emails (I save that for the comments section, heh) but this week I've sent an email to two different ladies regarding something they've said (one was to tell the chick I recently stumbled on her site and she rocks, plain and simple.) and I haven't gotten one word back. That's so fucking rude. I understand not commenting back in your comments section, but when you get a nice note from someone, common courtesy dictates a reply. A small one is fine, but a reply none the less. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting notes from people who read this site. I always write back too. It makes my day, seriously. Even if I just write a few short lines back, I try to do something... I mean how long does it really take?

Aaron has 5 more working days until he is officially on day shift. Can I get an Amen? How weird is that going to be? Our whole relationship has been him working nights, me on days, and both of us hogging the weekends to ourselves, much to our friend's dismay. What's kinda funny is that while we were at lunch with my friend shauna last weekend, we were chatting about how we rarely see each other (shauna and I) and I mentioned how sometimes we get a little flack from both Aaron's and my friends, as to how much we see them. "Truth is" I said "we don't really see anyone" and it's true. We don't hang out with anyone very much. We probably see Willi and Stacy the most and we don't even see them all that much. We're just busy with other shit on the weekends I guess.

Incidentally, I mentioned watching Terms of Endearment last night, and I thought it was an ok movie. I thought it was a little odd... the boy who plays teddy (the younger boy) was absolutely heartwrenching. I just want to give him a hug and buy him stuff. Of course after the scene where the doctor notices lumps in her armpit, I was found checking out my own armpits... no lumps here I'm happy to report. I watch movies like this and paranoia sets in. After I saw An Eye For an Eye (I'd link it, but really.. I have no energy) I didn't want any delivery men coming to my house to bring ANYTHING. I do that... get engrossed in a movie, and become obsessed with it spilling over into real life. Nut job? ME?

Nothing else to bore you with today... so I'll see y'all tomorrow.

This is where you'll find me this evening.


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