Monday, December 08, 2003


I feel so stressed out right now I could go postal at any moment. I am tired of the clutter at home. TIRED.OF.IT. It's not like it's even that much, it's just that we have a very small space, so anything that's left out makes the whole place look messier than it needs to be. Our bedroom looks like the closet exploded, thanks to me. I apparently, lack the ability to hang up clothes in the closet and would rather drape them across anything standing. Our closet in the bedroom is another nightmare... stuffed full of absolutely anythign and everything, shoes spilling out of it. I simply can't take it and will be forced to reckon with the whole shebang tonight. I need to study for my final, but because I'm wierd I have a hard time concentrating or relaxing in an environment that I feel is too messy. I was this way at my mom's house too; only about my bedroom though. The living room could have been in shambles and as long as my room was semi clean I was ok.

This weekend was busy and shitty. I wish our one year anniversary could have been spent relaxing and enjoying ourselves, instead we were running errands, busting our asses to get down to a family gathering on time, then busting our asses on getting back to seattle in time for Aaron to try and fix my parent's computer, so we didn't even get the grocery shopping done until after 9:30 last night. I was not happy.

I wish I could bitch freely here about some things that really piss me off. I wish I could go on and on about people who piss me off and the things they say that really get me. Unfortunately too many of my family members have this web address. On one hand that's a good thing because I think this can be a great tool for keeping in touch... on the other hand it sucks because this is my outlet, and I sometimes have to watch what I say for fear of offending people. Regardless, I shouldn't be talking shit anyway... it would just be nice to be able to. ;-p

Saturday was spent in a flurry of preparation for my anthropology final, then two hours to take the final... then I attempted to clean the apartment. We went out to dinner that night to Chang's Mongolian Restaurant for the anniv. celebration, then went to Fred Meyers and bummed around before coming home to watch movies and lay around. I woke up Sunday morning feeling stressed, here is a list why...

*the state of the house as previously mentioned
*I have a math final on Wednesday
*I need to sell my books for school this week
*I still need one more gift to buy for christmas
*Aaron's family is now celebrating christmas on the eve, and I am not wanting to; or rather quite unwilling to give up celebrating at my grandma's on the same day, we are still trying to figure out how to fit in celebrating at my grandma's, at my parent's, with his family, and with his dad in a day and a half and manage to get home at a reasonable hour to be at the airport the next day at 4am.
*I have a ton of christmas baking I want to do, but am unsure when I'll have the time.
*our apartment is too fucking small
*we have so much to do in regards to the wedding
*along with that, we have so much to pay for as well...
*we may be buying a new bedroom set next weekend for 150 bucks... a wood set that was originally purchased for a couple grand. I want to buy it because it's a good deal, and it's a bit bigger than the set we have now. We don't want to get rid of the set we have now so we have a guest bedroom set when we move to a house in a few years. This means we need a storage unit, which is just another bill we don't need. but if we don't get the set we'll have to spend a lot more money later on on a set.
*I have a doctor's appointment wednesday for a biopsy in a place nothing sharp should ever come near.
*There is an important custody hearing on Wednesday in our family.

and the list goes on...
but rather than bore you I'll leave you with a few pics. I was going to post one of me in the gogo boots on saturday night, but my sister didn't get any full length shots like I asked, so you'll just have to wait.

Asa likes to have his butt scratched and spanked, and loves to be picked up by his tail. We don't do it much, or for long, but when you put him down he rolls around on the floor purring. Wierdo.

Ben sleeping or praying, I'm not sure.


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