Sunday, December 07, 2003


One year ago I was nervous. I didn't know what to wear. I didn't know what I would say. I didn't know how I should act.

I was scared I would mess things up... I was scared this date would be yet another victim of 'the third date curse'. I was petrified I would hit my 'idiot button' in the threat of awkward silence and say something so asinine you would go running in the other direction.

Instead, you smiled, laughed at my jokes, put me at ease, and you held my hand. Most importantly though, you asked me to be yours, and I said yes. The easiest, and smartest decision I've ever made.

Of everything in my life I have to be grateful for, you are number one. My dream come true. (Though sometimes I still have a hard time believing it.) I love you H.B. so much. Happy one, year!!!

December 2002
Celebrating the first New Year's together, the first one I ever got kiss at midnight. :-)

January 2003
Basking in the giddiness of love in Newport, Oregon.

February 2003
Getting ready for a night on the town to celebrate Matt's Birthday.

March 2003
Celebrating Aaron's birthday.

April 2003
Celebrating my birthday.

May 2003
Enjoying the barbecue and family festivities of Mother's Day.

June 2003
Celebrating Kelly's birthday with a night of dancing downtown.

July 2003
Having a blast at Matt and Kel's Wedding.

August 2003
Daytrip to Northbend with Dan and Julie.

September 2003
Our initial Christmas picture, before we got engaged...

October 2003
showing off our best/worst/you decide sides

November 2003
Our Christmas picture now that we are betrothed. :-)

December 2003
Saturday night, on our way out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. (I was wearing go-go boots! More on that next week!)

I love you honey, thanks for the best year of my life (thus far!)

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