Friday, December 26, 2003

Ok, Seriously?

It's 4:45 or so in the morning, on Friday the 26th. We are leaving for the airport in a little over a half hour. I almost wish we weren't going. Seems like I get amped about traveling until the last minute and then freak out because I realize I have to fly and then I remember... I AM FUCKING SCARED OF FLYING. Oh yeah. shit. I was at least able to get about 6 and a half hours of sleep last night, I figure I'll do alot of sleeping on the plane today.

Fear is damn paralyzing I tell you. What I'm feeling this morning almost makes me want to rethink planning our honeymoon for Europe. "Lets drive to LA instead!" Shit. Please send good vibes our way right now. (me, lori and aaron and ash!) Lori and ash fly out of seattle and phoenix respectively tomorrow... Lori is not exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of flying either.

I'll try to check in here and there ... if I don't though, have a happy and safe new year. Love you all.

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