Sunday, December 28, 2003

in an email I sent home...

Holy cow are we having a great time! Our flight in to NYC was virtually uneventful, which is good. The two hour shuttle ride to the hotel was undesirable, but I guess we got a sort of tour of manhattan on the upside :-) Our first night found us in times square around midnight and it was busier at midnight than it ever is in downtown seattle... unless you count torchlight night, maybe that's a decent comparison.

It is 940 pm right now and we are in times square at an internet cafe... 2 bucks per hour, how cool! we are waiting to go see a movie at the amc theater here, it doesn't start until 11 so I thought I'd do a bit of catching up and say hello!

Our second day in NYC (yesterday) we explored our area of town a bit. WE are staying on west broadway and chambers street, in Tribeca. We are about 5 blocks away from the world Trade center site. We woke up yesterday and walked down that way. It's pretty much just an empty space right now, there are murals and stuff up to honor the heroes that day, the cross made from scaffolding is still up. Right before you get to the world trade center site there is a small church called st. paul's chapel, it is the oldest catholic parish here in the states (I think) was builti n 1760, and has a graveyard all around the church, the dates on the stones that are readable (as many aren't) date back into 1780's and early 1800's. George Washington attended mass regularly here, and his pew is set aside inside. That was a real trip.

We then walked down to battery park and saw the statue of LIberty, then went back up to times square and got lunch. After lunch we decided to go uptown and see the American Museum of Natural History. I've never seen dinosaur skeletons up close like that, it wasreally really cool. WE got lots of pics, so check in on the site over the next few weeksand I"ll have themup (after Jan 2nd) After that we were beat so we went back tothe hotel and took a nap to wait for Lori and Ashley to arrive. When they did we showed off our subway skills and took them back up to times square. Words can't really describe how freakin' awesome it is here. So many lighted and animated billboards, often many on just one building. Everything is open late too. Better than vegas.

THis morning we got up and went back down to battery park and took the ferry to the statue of liberty. That was really cool... Hard to believe we were seeing it with our own eyes. After that we took Lori and Ash up to the World trade center site, and to Trinity church (which was also very cool, many graves dating back into the 17 and 1800's) and to st. paul's. We then walked down to chinatown and took the subway into greenwich village, and had dinner. After that we came back uptown and attempted togo up the empire state building. That will have to happen tommorrow or another day because we were not up to a 2 hour wait in line. The funny part was when we were on the same street as the empire state building and I asked some cops where it was... they looked at us like we were a bunch of idiots. Oh well!

We are going uptown on the east side tommorrow; going to see all the ritzy shops... versace, armani, manolo blahnik etc, and central park. Hopefully we'll have time to cut across central park and see the Cathedral of St.John the divine, last night when we walked all around times square and midtown west we saw rockafeller centerand the ice skaters. We also saw st. patrick's cathedral, it was so pretty. We also saw radio city music hall... what a sight. I am still in disbelief that we are actually here.

This morning a jamaican street musician announced to the line of people waiting for the statue of liberty ferry that my sister had red hair and had indeed captured his fancy. He then started singing to her about telling her parents she'd mettheir son in law... it was hilarious. Luckily aaron captured it on tape. We also bartered with someof the street sellers and got some knock off kate spade purses. They wanted 45 bucks and we walked away with the purses for 20... I LOVE IT!!!

anyway, gotta go, love you all, see you soon!!!!

al and aaron

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