Monday, December 22, 2003


I am so fucking stressed out right now I think I'm going to just ... FREAK OUT!!!! Of course, my shitty attitude could also be attributed to the fact that I ate armloads of garbage this weekend. Fuck, what IS my problem? If it's sweet and within arm's reach it was in my mouth. Stress much? I will say that our holiday party at work on friday rocked. Aaron came down and had a moose burger with all of us, it was also catered and some people brought stuff in too. I received a lovely ornament from a gal I don't get to see very much, but listens to a great deal of my whining over satchel. :-) For that I am thankful! Our owner surprised us with a bonus as well as two paid days off (after christmas and new year's) as well as coats and shirts ... we were spoiled this year! I was completely impressed... very good day. Two paid days of leave is probably the best gift you could get from your employer!

Back to my bitching, I just got off the phone with my mom after bawling over my to-do list. For your reading pleasure:

frost 4 dozen sugar cookies
make fudge
make crunch mix
buy aaron's present(s)
wrap: dan and julie's gift
brandi and bob's gift
mom's gift
aaron's gift(s)
drop presents off at mom's
sort candles from candle party
go to aunt nancy's tonight
clean bathroom
burn mp3 discs for plane
get nails done
clean house
finish laundry
register for wedding show
print labels for wedding show
print labels for luggage tags
finish writing out housesitter's notes
transfer savings $$ to checking for trip
put together goody baskets for: brandi and bob
dan and julie
mom and dad
Uncle Gary and Karen
Put goody bags in blazer for nick and juju
put camera battery in blazer for wili
park blazer in visitor spot
pick up aaron's paycheck
cash aaron's paycheck
get together gifts for Aaron's family
Put together crunch mix in a bowl w/ other treats for dinner w/ aaron's family
bring goody bags for kids
go to Eatonville to see Aaron's family
Stop back at home, pick up Polenske gifts, crunch mix goodies and bacon/waterchestnuts for snacking at polenske's gathering.
bring goodybags for kids
bring candle orders from candle party
meet holly for midnight mass
give instructions for housesitting and housekey to holly
Pick up grandpa 9am
go to mom's house 10am
that night- pack for trip
make lunches for plane
assemble carryon bags
clean house
empty litterbox
force feed ben his furball medicine
empty digital pictures cards
charge batteries

beyond all that I think I'm forgetting something. Part of the frustration is that some things can't be done until other's are completed. My mom offered to take over some of the stuff, but I have a hard time delegating which is my own damn fault...but hey, my webpage, my bitch session. I also still am under the weather and feeling like shit shit shit. I want to go home and go to bed. I think I got way in over my head with the whole treat baskets thing this year, and next year will NOT be doing it. Add to my freaking out about the stuff to get done this week the fact that we fly back in on Friday Jan 02, too late to attend the appeals hearing regarding my aunt's custody of the girls (please send good thoughts), but the next morning we will be picking up our new bedroom set, then we will need to assemble said bedroom set in our room, take the old one to storage, then we have the wedding show on sunday...AND BY THE WAY, WHEN WE GET BACK WE'LL HAVE 10 MONTHS UNTIL WE GET MARRIED, AND NOTHING IS DONE! We don't have a church or a reception site yet, school starts on the 5th (I AM STILL FUCKING WAITLISTED FOR TWO OF MY CLASSES) and I have a dental appointment that monday afternoon for a filling. ALSO! Anyone following along at all will note I haven't spoken of my 'female troubles' in a while, well I got a referral but of course not until February 13th. FUCKING. MARVELOUS. stick a fork in me, because I'm done.

I have four dozen more of these fuckers to frost today

I was sleeping on the couch friday night and Ben was asleep on my chest, I turned over and he never budged.

He is rarely so cuddly like this; he'll cuddle on his terms, but if you move he's usually out of there quick. So sweet :-)


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