Wednesday, December 03, 2003


For some ungodly reason, I have the song 'born to be wild' stuck in my head. Problems.

So, did you see 'The Simple Life' last night? I wasn't going to watch, mainly because I can't stand Paris Hilton... what a dumb bitch. Anyway I ended up tuning in and actually liked the show a lot. Yeah, Paris is still a dumb bitch, but she's bit more likeable than I anticipated.... though homegirl needs to pull up her britches, they blurred her ass hanging out of her jeans more than once. What's wierd about that is you would have thought Miss thing would be flaunting a thong or two out of those super low pants. Good editing though, totally played on the ditziness... it's kind of sad really. These girls obviously lead a very priveleged life (duh), but Paris especially just seems so... dim. Couldn't that money have paid for an upscale education? (Ok, then how about a regular one?) yikes.

Speaking of good editing last night, Rich Girls was fabulous as usual. I love it when the editing seems to do nothing more than point out how blatantly self involved, and shallow and freakin annoying people are. It's great! However, if I was the one being edited, and all of my little moments were strung together week after week after week...and I looked like a spoiled little beeyotch... I don't think I would be quite as amused. The rich girls were in Seattle in last night's episode,and how sad is it that while they were showing shots of Downtown Seattle that I said "wow, the first starbucks? I didn't know that was here!" and "We have an Escada store?"... sad sad sad.

Wow, this entry is really going nowhere fast huh?

I have been having a hard time getting to sleep the last few days... anxiety, anxiety cha cha cha. I have a final on Saturday, a final next Wednesday, I am stressing out because I want us to be out of debt completely by the time we get married, actually I would rather we be out of debt before my birthday in April... we have many big expenses coming up in those few months though, in addition to paying for the wedding...then you have the fact that we only have about half or so of the ornaments that we are going to etch and give to guests at the wedding and the store is out of them now... (and I DO NOT want to wait until next October to chance getting them.), then you have the pressure of finishing Christmas shopping, I need to still get my hair done, I was dropped from all my classes and have been waitlisted, oh yeah I'll be on a mother fucking plane in 23 days ... I seem to have forgotten how much I am scared to fly, and of course I still have a book to read and a paper to write before Friday. See why I can't sleep? Add to that a 5k I am doing a week from Sunday that I'd like to make excellent time on, but you know that requires training and I haven't done shit in that department... I started last night, woo. Oh yeah, and I'd like to lose 10 pounds in the next 23 days... I don't see it happening.

Oh yeah, Satchel pissed me off last night sooooo bad. I am getting ready to walk out the door and he hands me two pieces of paper and says to 'be sure to fax these to Everett right away tomorrow. I was confused... "are you not going to be here?" "No, I'll be here"... what am I doing all his faxing now? Mind you when he handed me these papers he was less than 5 feet from the fax machine... LAZY FUCKING BASTARD. I am seriously so sick of these menial little tasks he deems himself too good for... he's never once asked me to just fax something before... it's not like he doesn't know how... I could understand if it was a warranty claim or something I normally do for him... the other day the fax was out of ink, and I haven't taken the time to figure out how to change it yet because both times it's gone out before (new machine) one of the other sales guys has got to it before me. Anyway, he sees that it's out and says to me "The fax is almost out of ink, make sure you get right on that"... WTF???? OH MY GOD SOMETIMES I WANT TO JUST SHOVE MY LEFT FOOT RIGHT UP HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is that my job? Why does he just assume that anything he doesn't want to do is left to me? ARG!

Is it just me or were the voices on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special different last night than they were years ago? I only caught a bit of it, but I thought the voices were different.

I drive by this church on the way into school every day... it's so pretty. I don't know what it's called, but on the top of the pointed tower thing there is a dude with a trumpet; might be an angel, hard to tell... but you can see it from the freeway. I love it.

You know it's Christmas time in Seattle when The Bon Marche... yes I know it's now Bon-Macy's but in my heart if will forever be Bon Marche... anyway, when they put their star out, you know Tis' the season.

Lori and Aaron at Grandma's on Thanksgiving night.

Lori and I on Thanksgiving night

Ashley hates having her picture taken... heh


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