Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Yesterday. What a crap day. Stomachache all day, stabbing pains behind my right ear which caused me to google 'aneurysm' ... I don't think I'm having one. heh, but stabbing pains... like someone is hitting me with one of those little rubber mallets. Owie. Had a shitload of math homework... incidentally, I think I'm missing a chromosome or something. I have an excellent memory... anyone can attest to that. I remember details and shit... but stuff I learned in math class last month? Gone... clean slate... can't figure it out to save my everloving soul.

Also, remember when I registered for school a few weeks ago? Oh yeah, well I forgot to defer payment until my loan arrives so the nazi bastards at bcc dropped my classes. I had to call financial aid, defer payment and re-register... but wait it gets better, I was waitlisted for all of my classes because they are now full. Wow. How motherfucking marvelous.

Despite my tone I am actually in a great mood this fine morning... decided to start having coffee in the morning at home. Even when I get a full night's sleep I find myself really tired on the drive into school, and fighting to stay alert. I think this will remedy that problem. I am definitely my father's daughter in the respect that I am thoroughly enjoying my coffee. I take it similarly too; just milk (though I use skim and he uses 2%).

I didn't address this last week but you know I hope that motherfucker Jon on Survivor gets eaten by a damn rattlesnake or something. Seriously, the amount of distaste I have for his ugly ass is off the charts.... it was before he pulled the heinous 'my grandmother is dead' stunt. I hope when the other tribe mates find out about it (and I hope they do) they beat him with a stick. I don't care if you ARE trying to outwit people... there's an issue of class and he just doesn't fucking have it. I was so pissed after that episode.

I also have failed to mention my newest favorite. Have you ever seen the show Girls Behaving Badly? It's the best show ever. These chicks (one is Melissa from Real World New Orleans) play pranks on men and sometimes on women too. It's a hidden camera show that totally pushes the envelope... has some adult themes, but more often than not is just funny as hell in an innocent way. You should totally check it out, my sister got me hooked. It's on the oxygen network.

I bought a skirt at Old Navy the other day for like 3 bucks, but the half-wit who checked my items out forgot to take the alarm off of it. I shudder at the idea of fighting traffic to get back down there to fix the problem. Damnit. I still have the receipt though so that's good... I would hate to be accused of shoplifting.

the christmas tree at night... I had to turn off the flash to get the glowing effect, but it's all blurry... oh well... kind of artsy!

I kind of like this shot of Asa... basking in the glow of the tree. :-)


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