Thursday, December 04, 2003


Wow, I have nothing of substance to say today... other than it is rumored that it will be a satchel free day... and for that we must do the dance of joy.

Last night I went to dinner over at Karen and Uncle Gary's house, in honor of Ash being in town. It was another great big turkey dinner and it was fabulous. I was a wee bit late, but that was due to me being hellbent on going to the gym to run. Yeah... I'm trying to work on endurance... I came up with my training plan myself. For thirty minutes I walk at 4.0 (a 15 minute mile pace) then run at 6.0 (a ten minute mile pace) for 90 seconds. I do that cycle repeatedly over the course of a half hour and end up working up quite a sweat. It's hard, but not so hard I can't do it. The last two cycles are tough... especially the running part, but I'm convinced over time it will get easier. Tuesday night I did that and did a bunch of muscle work. Last night I only did the cycle as I didn't have time for muscle work... which is fine because I was sore anyway. Tonight I'll do lunges and weights and stuff.

I have one more day of classes... I wish I could guarantee that I was going to show up for them. I was so tired when Iwoke up this morning I almost didn't make it out of bed. I hate that. If I could just get my ass into bed on time... it's like a disease... this need to watch dumb tv. Of course I did tune in for the second installment of 'The Simple Life' ... Paris Hilton is a stick figure...seriously. I may have laughed aloud in the first episode, and I may have not completely hated her guts, but now the spoiledness is rampant and I wanted to smack that attitude right off her face when she was working at the dairy and decided it was time to sun herself during work hours. If I was her parents I would be embarassed... What have they instilled in their daughter other than a sense of fashion? (and uh... I would question that after the whole corset-skirt thing she had on last night.) But when Nicole yelled at the cows "MOVE MOTHER FUCKERS!" I laughed damn hard. That shit was funny.

I have one more paper to write for sociology and I so wish I didn't have to write it... I am so ready to be done with school for a few weeks. Seriously.

just goofin' around

I love this pic of Lori

It's like a peephole!

drawer baby


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