Thursday, December 11, 2003


I am having a better day today. I still don't even want to think about the whole custody case with my cousins... makes me fucking sick. But as my mom said, "we'll start writing letters, because it is an election year, and hopefully we can get some attention paid that way.

I didn't have to have the biopsy yesterday (can I get an amen?) instead, I got a prescription and a referral to a specialist. My doctor didn't see the point in taking a biopsy when she figured the specialist will want to do one anyway. Thank you Lord. And um, how wierd is it that I rarely run into people that I went to high school with, but yesterday IN MY GYNECOLOGIST'S OFFICE I run into two girls from my graduating class? I exchanged pleasantries with one of them, she was a VERY popular girl (alas, I was not) but she's nice, divorced now... admired my ring, and I WAS NOT smug about it either. Though it was nice to have one of the popular girls envying me for once. ;-) and the other girl was the prom queen our senior year, and I must say she's put on about 30lbs... I never disliked her but she was kind of an arrogant beeyotch. She wasn't pregnant or anything, but I didn't say hello, as I was on my way out when I noticed her there. I just thought it was totally wierd to run into them there of all places.

I sold my books at HCC, and though I only got 58 bucks for what I originally spent about 200 for... it's enough to get my hair done, and I didn't have to wait until January to get the money. It's all good.

Did you watch Trista and Ryan's wedding last night? I did. I never watch that shit... never watch the bachelor or any of it's spin-off shows, but damn... you can't get away from these two. They are in every US Weekly magazine and on all the gossip sites, so I caved and figured I might pick up some wedding ideas if I watched. Um yeah, wedding ideas if I was throwing a 4 million dollar wedding... and I'm sorry, but I don't think those two half-wits are in love. Call me a cynic, call me a beeyotch, but I don't think for one second half of what I saw last night was genuine. First of all, the baby talk... when Trista said goodnight to Ryan in the elevator... ugh. "I'll see yooo tomowwow" in that sugary sweet baby voice. I wanted to slap someone. I don't think she's cute either, the bangs have GOT to go. I did think the wedding was pretty... she looked really average, but the set up was nice. I think Aaron and I should figure out a way for ABC to pay for OUR wedding. Doesn't even have to a four million dollar one! Hey! Kick us like 10 grand and I'll be happy! :-)

I'm going to start my holiday baking tonight. I want to make 10 goody baskets, and I don't want to be bombarded all at once for them. I'm going to give away like 4 of them this weekend, and then 5 or 6 the following weekend. Shouldn't be too bad. Need to stop at the store tonight and pick up the last few ingredients I'll need for some of the stuff. I think I'm going to make the honey crunch party mix, swedish oatmeal cookies--which I've never had the knack for, they are out of this world; my grandma made them perfectly but I've always fucked them up. They end up tasting good, but looking like hell. Maybe this year they'll turn out. I'm also making sugar cookies with my famous frosting and killer fudge as well. Maybe I'll post the recipes here, they are all family recipes but are DAMN good ones. Actually they honey crunch is a party mix that I just tried for the first time at that roaring 20's murder mystery party. But the fudge my mom has made for years... she's actually found a recipe she likes better, but Lori and I think that Killer Fudge is the best. The sugar cookies are my specialty, they are a mix, yes, but the frosting is the best. It hardens so it doesn't smear when you transport them. I am a big fan of that. Taste's great in milk too!

Asa stalks his prey here (ben) and is ready to open a can of whoop ass.



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