Monday, November 10, 2003


Man, I can't believe we just had a whole weekend.. seems like it lasted only a couple of hours. Where to start first...

Friday night we went out to dinner at Azteca to celebrate a special event. My mom's best friend Karen has been cancer free now for 5 years. A bunch of us met there, and she was to be brought by my aunt Nancy, it was going to be a big surprise. It took them forever to get to the restaurant though, because Karen tried to talk Aunt Nancy into just staying at her house to have a drink. Luckily they finally made it there and we all had a great time. I ended up leaving early because of a sore throat, yes this cold refuses to die. So I went home and dozed on the couch until my sweetie got home from work. I coughed and coughed all night to the point that all day saturday I had a raging headache.

We got up early on Saturday morning to clean the apartment and I ran a few errands. I bought Aaron and I lunch at Safeway, and then around 1 I took a vicodin (shut up) and laid down. Aaron went to visit his dad, and I was trying to get rid of my awful headache. By 6 pm I still hadn't gotten rid of it, and I was starting to get a little pissy. Our engagement party was that night, and I didn't want to go dealing with pain and not having fun. I took a couple excedrine, made dinner and got ready to go.

Aaron's family all met us at our place, and had a drink or two. Lori drove Aaron and I (thank goodness) and we arrived to the party around 9:30. Most everyone was already there; I was surprised. Usually we are there too early and have to wait forever. I had a beer and finally FINALLY my headache was gone. We sang a few songs, mingled A LOT, and had a really great time. Lori and Holly had gone down to the bar a few hours before the party and decorated. It looked so awesome in there with balloons and streamers ... I feel really lucky to have people around Aaron and I who will go out of their way to make our night so special. They outdid themselves.

The only drawback of such big parties are that I really don't feel like I mingled enough with EVERYONE. I feel badly about that... I did my best to keep going around and around, trying to make sure I touched base with everyone, but it's hard. I was really touched though that not only did we have such a great turnout, but everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. That's what's important. :-)

Sunday was spent recovering... at least the morning was. We went and picked up Grandpa around noon to bring him to my mom's for his birthday dinner. We had a nice time over there, visiting and hanging out. We watched a bit of the video from the engagement party and then Aaron and I left and went to Frys Electronics and picked up an mp3 player (for the NY trip, still need to get one more.) and some really cheap B movies. It was a great weekend... just way too fast. In lieu of anything else I could say I'll just post a bunch of pics today... expect all the entries this week to be graphics heavy... we took a shitload on Saturday night. :-)

To the untrained eye this might look like another recap for Journalcon, but no... it's my engagement party. The two just have karaoke and lots of booze in common. This is me and my cousin Lisa(a bridesmaid) singing a Dixie Chicks song. (The exact one escapes me.)

Lori and Holly; the hostesses extraordinaire. They decorated the joint for us, and did a splendid job at that. Lori is my maid of honor, and Holly is a bridesmaid.

I like this picture; I am using one similar to it for our christmas cards/save the date cards. See the pretty balloons in the backround!

Aaron and one of his best friends: Willie (who is also a groomsman.)

This is Heather and Jesse. I've known her since I was like... 12? Something insane like that. Anyway she's also a bridesmaid.

I love this picture. That's my beautiful ma, with Connor (one of her best friend's sons.) I love the look on both of their faces, they are laughing I think at my dad.

This is how I roll... this is how we do things in my hood. :-)

This picture just cracks me up for some reason... probably the looks on our faces.

Here is Aaron with his brother Dan(a groomsman) and sister Brandi(Aaron's 'best maid'). We had such a great time with them, and I hope they enjoyed themselves half as much as we did. :-)

One of the funniest moments of the night was when some of Connor's friends signed him up to sing, and he went unknowing they had signed him up for "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" Ala the jackson 5. Fucking Hilarious. I thought me and mom were going to pee our pants.

From the front back is Jessica, Cathy, Quyen, and I. I went to high school with these chicks, and I miss them like hell. We all used to ride the bus together. We really don't see each other enough.

Well that's it for today, Have a great one!


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