Monday, November 03, 2003


So I finally introduced Aaron to my inner psycho last night. We were sitting on the couch watching the Simpson's, or rather he was, and I was muddling through my fucking math homework, trying to remember how to find the slope of a line of an equation blah blah frickin blah. I could not concentrate at all. I don't know what it was, but I was starting to get that frustrated, shakey, I need to throw something and burst into tears feeling. I asked Aaron if he could watch the show in the bedroom, as I couldn't concentrate. He didn't mind and I sat there for a few more minutes before slamming the book closed and stomping into the office, because I needed to go on the math tutorial... I'd forgotten what I'd learned on Friday. (and I was none too happy about it either.) My piece of shit laptop would not power up correctly until try number 4, and then because Earthlink is a bunch of bastards, I had to release the connection to the desktop to my laptop. It wouldn't go through. I screamed once or twice and Aaron came out and (this is after his pc was giving me issues about ejecting the cd in the first place... I had forgotten the program was loaded onto my laptop...) Anyway, he comes out and I'm trying to show him what it did, and of course the laptop did it again and I said "I HATE THIS PIECE OF SHIT!" and hit my fist on the keyboard, effectively shutting down the laptop. Aaron was a bit taken aback and said "HEY NOW!" I stormed out of the dining room, and into the kitchen and tried to breathe deeply. (I hate math... have I mentioned that?) Finally he got it up and working, but by then I'd figured the problem out already. Pms anyone?

I was batting a thousand last night anyway... I was making dinner. My new favorite potato recipe... you cut up red potatoes(am I spelling that right?) into cubes, put in a ziploc bag with 1/4 cup of oil, shake then add one dry packet of ranch dressing, shake, put into a casserole dish and bake at about 375 for an hour. Add water if liquid evaporates before potatoes are mushy. Soooo goood. After the computer debacle I was in the kitchen stirring up the potatoes. I went to pick up the lid, and because I ALWAYS forget that the lid is just as hot as the dish I picked up the lid with my bare hands, and didn't feel the burning for about 3 minutes. Holy Hannah that fucking hurt. I now have a big ass blister on the side of my finger. And it hurts.

I also swallowed a fish bone last night, but that's a story for another time. friday night we had a few trick or treaters, Lori and I went and got takeout from Azteca, and perused the Value Village next door to it. I came away with a clinique bag, and that was about it for Friday night excitement. Saturday was spent out and about at the mall. I bought some hoochie pants; mudd jeans... I have never been able to fit into them, and now I can... they are still tight, but I thinkthey are supposed to be. I'm going to wear them to dinner tonight with Grandpa and mom and Lori and see what Lori says. After the mall we went down to Gig Harbor to see some friends of Aaron. It was fucking cold out there man... they built a dirt bike track in their yard (yes it's a big yard), and we watched them go for quite awhile around, and around and around. Didn't do much yesterday either, just a lot of homework,and more to do tonight.

Well, ofoto is being difficult today, so no pictures. But I'll have some up tomorrow. :-)


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