Wednesday, November 26, 2003


I have so much stuff to get done tonight it's insane. I am skipping the gym this evening, but that's ok because I plan on being there tomorrow morning. I am going to drop off the pies and yams at my moms in the morning, then I'll go bust my ass at the gym, come home and go pick up grandpa before heading back over to mom's. Busy morning!

So, in wedding news Aaron is going to invite his ex. Heh, those who know me will be shocked that I am ok with this news. (I am a wee bit jealous... wee bit.) Granted, I am not arranging for an engraved invitation for her or anything, but they have not been together in like 10 years or something crazy like that. Am I ok with it? Yes. Will I be flashing my ring at her every chance I get? You bet your ass. :-) He has been trying to track down several friends from when he lived in spokane back in the early nineties. To his credit, he asked me if I minded if he invited her, and I didn't even need to stop and think about it. I told him I didn't mind at all. (Of course this is after I made him play a round of "what if"... "what if you guys start talking and it seems like old times... will you leave me for her?" his answer "no" me: "what if she has a pretty dress on, will you leave me for her?" his answer "no".. ok, she can come. :-P)

I have the holiday itch... I am also itching to be done with school. I have finals on the 6th and 10th of december, and the last day of classes is the 5th. One more week people... I am giddy with excitement.

I wrote the following paragraph in a flurry of anger last night:

Pig dick. Satchel is a fucking pig dick. Earlier this afternoon he came to me wanting me to file a warranty claim for stuff we took care of in house; rather then sending them out to the factory. I should note, that dickface is the only salesperson here who refuses to send most of his stuff out to the factories. So because of this I was not familiar with the procedure. I tell him I don’t know how to go about it; and before I can finish my sentence to say “I need to find out how to do it” he snaps at me: “well figure it out!” Immediately I jumped down his throat and said “Don’t you snap at me like that. Don’t ever talk to me like that if you want my help!” He backed down immediately and apologized then proceeded to tell me why exactly I needed to learn how to do this. I replied “Yes I understand that, but everyone else sends the warranty stuff out, you are the only one who doesn’t. That’s why I don’t know. I’ll send our admin in Everett an email.” He huffs off and not 5 fucking minutes later I hear him talking to someone in Everett about it, asking them to teach me how to do it. DICK! I fucking told him I would take care of it. This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. I am not a two year old, and I am perfectly capable of contacting the people I need to contact in order to get this done! Why he has to stick his ugly ass nose into everything is beyond me. I told him I would handle it now back the fuck off mother fucker!

Yeah. I was kinda pissed. Used it at the gym though to propel me and today my legs are sore so I guess there was a positive outcome to his jerkishness after all.

I was going to write a list of things I am thankful for, but really it would end up being pretty standard. I think you all know what I am most grateful for anyway. (duh, Aaron!)

Well, I am off ... time to end this rambly entry. I will make an effort to post on Friday and who knows, maybe even tomorrow night. We'll see.

Have a safe and happy Holiday.

sweet nothings and back alley jones ... awww

a picture of all the guys in costume

I was pretty much ready to go home at this point.

Lori and Ashley spent the day downtown yesterday and this is a pic of Lor, she has become quite the hat queen. She looks so cute in them. I love love love this picture. I would post one of Ash, but she would probably not be pleased.


Tuesday, November 25, 2003


So I had a nice surprise last night. My sister had called me and asked if she could stop by when I got home from the gym. I said sure, and asked why but she was pretty vague so I figured she must've gotten her hair cut or something. So I get home and was making my dinner, and she shows up. No sooner had she walked in had she heard a knock at the door. (Incidentally, no she didn't get a haircut or anything.) I told her to go ahead and answer it. I walked to the door behind her, and in walks Ashley. Ashley who I had talked to on the phone about an hour before hand and had no idea she came home for Thanksgiving. (she lives in Arizona) We had a great time sitting around watching tv and chatting. I can't wait until she moves back, she is really missed around here.

I need to give big props to Robyn, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! YOU ROCK!!! I am sending you an email as soon as this entry is posted. Seriously, I really appreciate it. :-)

I worked my tail off at the gym last night. I am kind of dicking around with the idea of starting a food/excercise log. That's all it would be really... just an account of what I'm eating and how I'm excercising... mainly to make myself have some accountability and also so I can track what seems to work and what doesn't. I don't know if I'll publish it or not... probably. I originally had this grand idea of posting in there all the time and making it look really cool, but let's face it... I don't keep up on the wedding diary as much as I should either... school man... it leaves me no free time!

In actuality I had a mini freak out the other day because I realized just how freakin much I have left to do.... ohmygoodness, the heartbeat starts going into overtime when I think about it now. I will probably sit down this weekend and write in there though... we'll see.

Send some good thoughts our way if you would. We have some family shit going down before christmas involving custody battles and my idiot relatives. Just because you can have children doesn't mean you deserve to keep them. Especially when you are a self centered idiot fuck who puts purchasing cigarettes on a higher priority before buying baby formula and paying the heat bill. Anyway, don't get me started. Just please send good vibes our way.

So much to do between now and Turkey day... we are having dinner at my mom's around 1, then after dinner we'll go to Aaron's dad's for a bit, then his mom's for a bit, and hopefully end up at my grandma's for a bit. Long day. Since I bought a shitload of yams (I always overdo this shit) I didn't know how much to buy so I loaded up a bag full. They were 39 cents a pound... I had like 9 bucks worth... yeah. I have a lot of yams. So I will now not only be making them for our post-Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, I will also be making them for my mom's dinner. I hope they turn out; I've never cooked them before. I also have 4 pies to make. And then there's the whole 'clean the house' thing. yikes.

I like to call this picture: 'Holly and flapper yellow fang" I hate hate HATE how red lipstick makes my teeth look positively urine-yellow. ugh.

I kept saying to Holly all night "DAYAM that's a big ass feather!"

This is Holly's Uncle Julian; his character only had one arm. Pretty convincing eh? He was cracking us all up all night with his 'country southern' accent. It's so wierd to hear people you know talk differently... this time it was fucking hilarious.


Monday, November 24, 2003


Hallelujah, praise the Lord, our water is back on! It came on Friday afternoon, and kevin told satchel to 'get your ass in there and flush that toilet.' You know, if it were me in satchel's shoes I would have been embarassed. I would also be embarassed if I were him today, as he is wearing his spray paint shirt. It's a knit olive green shirt that is stretched so tightly across his upper half I can see his man hipples at forty paces. GAH. I will be scrubbing my eyes with lysol later.

One year ago today I met Aaron for the first time. (Technically we both attended Lisa and Dwayne's wedding back in 2000, but we were never introduced.) It was on this weekend last year that we went out and I got completely shit faced and vaguely remember Lisa mentioning to me that she wanted to introduce me to someone; little did I know she and Dwayne had tried to get Aaron to come down to Louie's that night, (thank God he didn't... I was in bad shape.) I was depressed because I was "sick and fucking tired of being single" and drowned my sorrows in bud lights and Rumplemintz on the rocks. Anyhoo, come Sunday, Lori and I decide we are going to go to the mall and go shopping. We decide to drop by Lisa and Dwayne's to say hi and see evan. I also had the intent on asking about the possible fix-up. We walk in and Aaron is sitting on the couch playing video games with Dwayne. Lori and I visit, Aaron watches from afar and then we leave. I never got a chance to say anything, but I knew... I knew that Aaron was the one they were going to set me up with. When we left, I turned to Lori and said "I think that's who they want to set me up with!!!!!" I also remembered him as the best man from their wedding. Anyway, fast forward a couple of hours and I am at home when the phone rings. It's Lisa. She says "Hey, remember that guy that was here this afternoon when you stopped by?" Immediately my face turns red and I am having problems breathing. "uh, yeah!" She says "well, he wanted me to find out if you would be interested in going on a double date on Saturday." My reply? (this proves how fucked up my self-image was/is) "Me? Not Lori?" she assured me it was me, and I agreed and began to embark on one of the most nervwracking weeks of my life. I thought for sure he wanted to date Lori and I would show up and the look of disappointment would scar me for life. But obviously that didn't happen, I'll finish this story later.

So we attended the murder mystery party on Saturday. It was a blast. My feather boa was itching the hell out of me though, and I only drank like 2 1/2 long island iced teas but that set me good for the night. The party started at 5 and we were home watching tv in our jammies, around 9:30. I ate so much good food. I should preface this by saying I ate a shitload, and I mean a SHITLOAD of gingerbread (actual bread not cookies) onsaturday. Of course, the bread I made was too bitter by itself, so I was picking the top frosted part off and eating that. I finally threw the whole thing away because I reasoned, if it's not good enough to eat everything, then I have no business picking only the frosting off. We got to the party at Su and Don's house, and my God do they have a beautiful home. Right on the water in Normandy Park. So pretty.

Su had made this party mix that was sweet with pecans in it and stuff... to die for. I ate my weight in that, then had some bread with this awesome pesto dip she made. Fettucine and salad, and cheesecake and MORE gingerbread for dessert. THE INSANITY! Of course, because I filled up on party mix and bread, I only had a little bit of fettucine and split the cheesecake with my sister... which we didn't finish.

What killed me was the southern accents. People were getting into character, and my stupid ass would be listening intently... until I heard Holly say 'my pappy' when she was reading her script, then I started giggling and couldn't stop. "Then he took that a-ring right off mah fingah!" I thought I was going to pee my pants. Lori said I really was a 12 year old boy when I guffawed at Maria who said "Diamonds are a girls breast friend" by mistake. Oh, good times.

Incidentally, I won the trivia contest AND it was a tie between Lori and I for winning the whole game. She copied my answer and got the prize because I'd already won one. But she gave Aaron and I her prize anway, a bottle of Cook's Champagne. Woo!

Also, before I go, I was a website widow this weekend. :-) I kid, that's all. Aaron's building his own website, and was working diligently on it much of yesterday and part of saturday. He is doing really well with relearning all the html stuff, I keep telling him how impressed I am. I'll give a link once he's done more to it; right now he says he's just getting the design down and figuring out what the heck to put on there.

Speaking of my betrothed, last night we watched that cheesy hallmark movie (which I was totally looking forward to because Gary Sinise was in it, but ended up being disappointed because it was gay.) And Hallmark was running some longer than usual commercials, almost little vignettes ... anyway the one with the dad and the kids talking about santa was funny... but then the one with the young woman who was a newly wed away from home, describing her family traditions... when that one was over the room was silent and then Aaron said "damn man, they make everyone cry!" He wasn't crying, but his glasses had fogged, heh... such a tender heart. That's ok though, because at the next break my throat got all tight at the lady who goes back to visit her old professor... man. Good commercials.

'Sweet Nothings' and 'Back Alley Jones'

'Idiot Ness' and 'Back Alley Jones' and might I add that I also laughed like a damn hyena everytime someone would refer to Lori in character! "Hey Idiot, do you need a refill?" "Idiot, hand me that pen" killed me everytime.

'Sweet Nothings' and 'Second-hand Rose' I love that rose behind Maria's ear, so pretty!

A group shot of everyone in costume... at least all the women folk

Y'all be sure to come on back now y'hear?


Saturday, November 22, 2003


Saw this over at Sherry's site. I modified the lust part though. because I can.

7 Deadly Sins


Who did you last get angry with? Satchel... what else is new.
What is your weapon of choice? Words.
Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? Only if absolutely necessary.
How about of the same sex? ditto to above
Who was the last person who got really angry at you? Probably my sister or maybe my mom.
What is your pet peeve? People who can't help themselves; or rather, won't.
Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily? I think for the most part I let them go; unless the person is an intolerable ass like a certain satchel bastard, then I have a harder time releasing the anger.


What is one thing you’re supposed to do daily that you haven’t done in a long time? make the bed... but Aaron does it for me :-D
What is the latest you’ve ever woken up? currently 930; and that was a record, but back in high school I could sleep till noon.
Name a person you’ve been meaning to contact, but haven't? An old friend; Jami from high school.
What is the last lame excuse you made? my neighbors offered me vodka and beer and a chance to come 'kick it with them and their homies' I didn't feel like I had enough street cred, so I said "ummm I have a lot of homework"
Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through (one of the long ones…)? no
When was the last time you got a good workout in? thursday
How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock today? none, it's Saturday! I don't usually anyway, I hate the snooze button.


What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of choice? Starbucks eggnog latte right now, usually though a mocha.
Meat eater? chicken and fish
What is the greatest amount of alcohol you’ve had in one sitting/outing/event? a lot.
Have you ever used a professional diet company? probably
Do you have an issue with your weight? of course
Do you prefer sweets, salty foods, or spicy foods? I am non -discriminatory in this manner.
Have you ever looked at a small housepet or child and thought, "LUNCH!"? Uh, no


What is your favourite body part on a person of your gender of choice? hands and eyes
Have you ever been propositioned by a prostitute? all the time! No.


How many credit cards do you own? 2
What’s your guilty pleasure store? Book stores, and Old Navy
If you had $1 million, what would you do with it? buy a kick ass house, and kick a little back to my family and Aaron's
Would you rather be rich, or famous? rich!
Would you accept a boring job if it meant you would make megabucks? yes
Have you ever stolen anything? probably
How many MP3s are on your hard drive? a shitload. I've been going through all my cds and ripping mp3's for our new york trip.


What one thing have you done that you’re most proud of? I changed my own flat tire the other day!
What one thing have you done that your parents are most proud of? Continued schooling probably
What thing would you like to accomplish in your life? have babies
Do you get annoyed by coming in second place? sometimes
Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors? no
Have you ever cheated on something to get a higher score? I would say no, but then my mom would force me to tell you that I was a perpetual cheater as a child and many a family game night was ended with me being sent to my room.
What did you do today that you’re proud of? cleaned out the storage unit... ok, well not yet; but it IS happening today


What item (or person) of your friends would you most want to have for your own? Lori's decorating sense
Who would you want to go on "Trading Spaces" with? no-one; I don't trust those designers.
If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be? nobody
Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own? yes.. a flat tummy! Shapely thighs! ahh the madness!
What in-born trait do you see in others that you wish you had for yourself? I wish I was more smiley... I am happy, I just don't smile a lot.
Do you wish you’d come up with this survey? not really

Finally, what is your favorite deadly sin? none, I'm perfect!

Friday, November 21, 2003


Well I am fully prepared to go into work today and spend the better portion of my time there engaged in the 'pee pee dance'... I hate going next door to the bar to use the bathroom... but at least there is an establishment close by that we are welcome to use. It could be worse.

I am going to call my girly doctor today and move up my appointment. I am scheduled to go in on the 5th for a biopsy, and I'm freaked out enough that I just want to get it done and over with. My blood pressure just goes through the roof when I think about it, getting all freaked out and such... I hate anything invasive... I consider the dentist to be invasive. I've gotten comfortable enough with my dentist now though, so that I rarely cry when I'm in the chair. Call me a baby or whatever, but my anxiety level over appointments where I'm in discomfort is through the roof. I kind of want to ask for a valium... I've never had valium, but I think it would help in this instance. I mean for God's sake they will be using a needle to numb me and hacking off skin in the one place I would fucking give over a years salary to avoid. I'm getting all worked up again... I just feel dumb asking for a pill to chill me out.

I hear Jermaine Jackson's diatribe on CNN and his claim that his brother is not eccentric... dude, I understand he's your brother, but really. He had a chimp. He dresses his children in shrouds. He wears commander clothing. He thinks he's "Bad", heh, AND he prefers the company of children to the company of adults. That much he admitted. He fucking fits the eccentric bill better than just about anyone else I can imagine. And by the way... what a dumbass. Even if there was no harmful intent and he's innocent, because of the shit that went down ten years ago, he should pull his head out of his ass and not be inviting kids over to sleep at his house or in his bed. Shit, in that case you have to assume you will be accused again... but if he's guilty, I say put him in jail with the rest of the scum, let him become someone's little pet, let him see how it feels to be treated that way.


1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.

Hmmm... ok Lose between 5 and 10lbs, clean out our storage unit, finish a blanket I'm working on, read Fred's book, and... keep a steady schedule at the gym despite the holidays and weather.

2. List five people you've lost contact with that you'd like to hear from again.

DeEtta Pingitore, Jami Arroyo from high school, Yamah Carneh, Troy Haskell (an old boss), and Cindy Conlin; an old coworker.

3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.

crochet a hat, play the piano, play the guitar, sew a quilt, cook well.

4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).

Ok, well first off I would quit my job, Ha! I don't hate my job, but shit if there was no limit to the money I won, or if it was enough to be able to quit and go to school full time and live comfortably I would quit. Secondly Aaron and I would sit down and figure out how much to give our families. Then We'd buy a house and some new vehicles. After all that I would take a year off from everything and travel everywhere I've ever dreamed of.

5. List five things you do that help you relax.

Crochet, listen to music, veg out in front of the boob tube, write in my journal, lay on a heating pad.

My sleeping sweetie

I took this of myself the other day because I was having a good hair day. I was in the car at BCC waiting to go to class.


Thursday, November 20, 2003


A lunchtime entry... because I couldn't wait until tonight to write it up and I the entry I wrote up for today is blah... I'll probably post it tomorrow. I am so irritated with a certain short republican fucker I can't even contain it any longer.

Our pipes here I guess are bad, and the water has been shut off since about 10am. The water will continue to be shut off until tomorrow sometime when another company comes out to fix the big problem. I locked the bathroom door and put a sign on it that said "Water is shut off", I didn't hide the keys or anything, they are still hanging on the wall next to the door. I mainly locked the door to alert anyone going in in case they missed the sign and to deter customer's from using it in case I happened to be away from my desk. Everyone else in the office has been using the bathrooms across the street at the deli or next door... except one short irritating little pustule of a man. The first time he used the can I was on the phone, but when he came out I said "Did you not see the sign on the door?" He said "Well, what would you suggest I do?" I replied "hmm... how about go across the street or next door like me?" He shook his head and walked away. He has kept using it, and finally I said "you know, I think it's really unsanitary to keep using that bathroom... especially when we could be without water until tomorrow afternoon." He said "Haven't you ever heard that old adage "Yellow stays me--" I interrupted him "Um, don't even say it. That is nasty and gross. If you want to do that in your home when you are without water it's one thing, but in the workplace it's gross, disgusting and unsanitary." He said "Well I guess I'll just clean the bathroom when I'm here on Saturday." Um no... how about getting off your lazy ass and walking next door and using their fucking toilet. Seriously.

He's getting on my last nerve today, and we've had a good run lately of getting along. Truth is we are getting along today, I'm just seething inwardly... Here are the other reasons he is driving me fucking nuts today:

*The word is gypsum... not jitsun... learn it.
*Quit asking me over and over if you put the paperwork with your last order... for the tenth time YOU GAVE IT TO ME TO RUN THE CARD. Comprende?
*I don't care what Rush Fucking Limbaugh said on his show, don't retell it to me and expect me to laugh because even if I found it remotely humorous, I wouldn't laugh.
*Quit talking with your mouth full. This alone makes me want to take my baseball bat and beat the hood of your ugly ass car in. (Incidentally, he drives a much nicer newer car than me... so this is a bit of the pot calling the kettle blackas far as his car being ugly... but I don't care.)
*No. I don't want to know 'sontin' if you want to tell me 'something' I'd be more than happy to listen.
*No. People cannot send stuff to our office printer to print out and leave for you. Only people in our office have the capability of printing on that machine. (The fucker marveled for like ... 10 minutes this morning how a document from a large corporation we deal with got printed with his name on it. "Allison, can people outside of our company send us information through our printer?" "no Satchel. That's called a fax machine." (Ok, I didn't really say that, but I was thinking it.) "Well I wonder how it got there... I didn't print it. Big freakin mystery, our tech printed it.

I'm in a dandy mood today aren't I? I'll admit I hate going next door to pee... I normally drink a lot of water during the day and I'm trying to curb it now.

Hey I uploaded some pics I didn't realize we had on the camera... they are all of me and aaron, so sorry if the mushiness bugs you.

We were bored one night and had a few cocktails. Camera fun ensued! Apparently one of us said something damn hysterical.

"You're squishing my eyelid skin!"


Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Here's a novel idea, if you can't fucking find something, instead of making me stop what I'm doing and help you why don't you first try looking? A girl I used to work with called this 'Man Disease'... the ability to stare at something and not realize it is what you are looking for. Both Satchel and the tech were looking for some software and neither could find it so they bothered our administrator in Everett who had to track down a pack slip and track the delivery. MIND YOU, I had found the exact same pack slip and showed it to Satchel who said it wasn't the right one. So the administrator calls me and I confirm that yes, we had it, and walk back to the desk and spend oh... 10 seconds looking before I find it. Fuck a duck. Imcompetence anyone? Not only did they not need to bother our admin at the corporate office as he has his hands full enough already, all they needed to do in the first place was fucking LOOK. ARg.

So my caffeine addiction needs to stop, and I mean now. I have been a stupid ass and not been getting to bed on time this week (12:30 monday night, and after 11 last night) and the mornings have been rough. I bought a coffee on Monday at Starbucks, since I didn't get one last friday (that's my latte day... I can't justify spending 3 bucks a day on coffee... we po' folk have to count our pennies) then yesterday I had 3 cups, and I'm working on cup number 3 right now. I am still drinking a ton of water but I do worry about the extra cals... I use splenda and skim milk, but still.

My grandpa gave me the artificial tree he and my grandma used before grandma passed away a few years ago, and it's been in the back of the blazer for about 2 weeks now. Aaron wants to get it out of there, because it's a bit of a hassle to see over it, but we have no room, and I mean... NO ROOM in storage, and it's still got a bit of tinsel on it that we need to remove before the idiot cats eat it and end up costing me thousands of dollars to have the doc unwind it from their intestines. Tinsel and Curling ribbon... huge health hazards for the cats, but damn tasty apparently. Anyway, back to the point of this boring ass paragraph (my apologies) Aaron and I will be spending some time cleaning out the storage unit on Saturday. I told him 'we both have some choices to make'... we just have too much shit. Too much! I got rid of about half of my shit when we moved in together; he didn't have too much to begin with. Now I would say we each need to reevaluate the rest of the stuff in there. A task I'm NOT looking forward to. But again, the main point of this is that he doesn't want the tree in the car much longer, and since we were going to be putting the tree up next weekend (not this coming one) initially anyway, we may end up putting it up on Sunday... a week before Thanksgiving... GASP!

I have about 2 and a half weeks left of school... I start my last anthropology book today... I only have 2 papers left to write in Sociology... I am giddy with joy. Then I'm off from about the second week in December until Jan. 5th. YAY!

I wasn't going to post anymore pics from the engagement party, but since I have nothing new to post, I'll post some of the ones you haven't seen...

Thor at the bar, bought us a shot of tequila, after someone else did (just who I don't remember but many thanks!) and I lost the ability to point the camera...

oh no, I wasn't hammered at all here, not at all.


Tuesday, November 18, 2003


For anyone not in the know, it's fucking pouring here again. Granted, this is the pacific northwest but good God it's a mess out there. Yours truly had the fantastic luck this morning to get a flat tire. Luckily, I am a self sufficient woman, (heh) so after calling my dad to figure out where the jack was located in the car (as the car used to be his), then calling Aaron to ask which way to turn the socket cross bar thingy, (Technical terms!) and then calling Aaron back to as which side of the spare should be on the outside, I changed it! Self sufficient for the most part I guess. Hey! Guess what's better than a flat tire? A flat spare!!! By the time I got the spare on the car about 45 minutes passed by, I had peeled off my fleece and my coat about ten minutes into it because I felt like I was wearing a giant sponge, and all the wet fabric was severely restricting my movement. So by the end I was completely soaked. Seriously. The only part of me that was remotely dry was the zipper on my jeans... everything else was so wet I felt like I had gone for a swim. I had grease all over my arms and hands, and enough black mascara dribbling down my cheeks and onto my neck it appeared as though I had been bawling my eyes out. I tried to fill the spare with air at the gas station right by school, but something is wrong with the tire, so it was about 80% flat still. I didn't give a shit, I wanted to get into the dry clothes Aaron was bringing to me at the office, so I just drove on it. Aaron (who is my angel) took my tire up to the tire place, and I managed to blow a hole in the sidewall, so he bought me two new tires for the front, and is going to take care of it all for me. Isn't he sweet?

On another note, I went up to kevin at work yesterday and said "WE.HAVE.A.PROBLEM." (Stee eat your heart out) And he just looked at me like "good Christ woman, you are high maintenance!" he says "what?" and I informed him that the eccentric Brazilian apparently "doesn't put the toilet seat up to pee, and enjoys pissing on the toilet seat, and don'tfuckingaskmehowIknowbutnowIneedashower." It took him a second to digest that last sentence, then he grossed out, and made a face. I started to laugh before yelling "it's fucking ridiculous! Who does that?!" He advised me to put up a note to the attention to all the guys in the office, even though there are only 5 total, so I pondered what I could possible write that wouldn't be rude... I considered "Dear Eccentric Brazilian, QUIT PISSING ON THE FUCKING TOILET SEAT" but decided that it wasn't exactly 'pc'. I remembered an entry of Jane's that talked about wayward toilet mist, and wrote the following note:

Attention Gentlemen!
Please Be sure to lift the
lid, as to avoid any...
wayward 'mist'
Many Thanks.

I then told everyone in the office that it was not intended for them, and they got a big kick out of it. The eccentric Brazilian came in today for about 2 minutes before leaving again and didn't see the sign. damn.

For some reason I was thinking about one of my most embarassing moments this morning, and it's a story I like to tell so I'll share it with you here. (Anyone who knows me in real life has probably already heard it.)

When I was working in daycare (I was a daycare teacher for about 7 years), I, at one time had the classroom right next to the kitchen. One day, my kids were outside at recess, and I was getting a project ready, and there happened to be a fine looking young man checking out our sprinkler system or something. He was on a ladder in my classroom, and I was doing my damndest to appear charming and pretty and available. The cook had made brownies for afternoon snack, so the entire room smelled like cake. One of the little fuckers from the 3 yr old class happened to come in for a drink from the fountain (in my classroom), his name was Hunter and I was not a fan of him at all. He was so freakin annoying and obnoxious... anyway, Hunter comes in and stops right in front of me interrupting the semi conversation I was trying to have with cute sprinkler guy. He leans in towards me and sniffs at me exaggeratedly. I am starting to get a bit embarassed, and he looks up at me and says ever so fucking loudly "YOU SMELL LIKE DONUTS!" Now, at the time I was at my heaviest, and not feeling too confident anyway, then to have this little shit tell me I smell like donuts seemed like the worst stereotype of a fat person ever. I was fucking mortified. Of course cute sprinkler guy started to laugh because... well because it was funny. I leaned down and said in my meanest teacher voice "HUNTER GO TO YOUR CLASS!" Then I quickly got the hell out of there.

I told that story to Lori's ex Bryan once, and for the longest time he would come up to me and sniff and say 'YOU SMELL LIKE DONUTS!' good times.

Well, I'm tired so I must go now.


Monday, November 17, 2003


Man. My eyes hurt today. My doctor's appointment on Friday ended with no solution, and no real answers. I have to go back on Dec 5th, when I will most likely have to have a biopsy, (a fact which by itself just makes me want to barf and cry and run all at the same time), unless whatever is going on gets worse, and then I have to go in sooner. I think it has gotten worse, but I'm not sure and I'm scared and worried and all that... it all came to a head last night, and poor Aaron had to play a few rounds of 'Comfort thy bawling girlfriend."... *sigh* I just don't even want to think about this today.

In other news, I had a revelation this morning in the car as I was wading through the hideous traffic on I-90. Seriously... it was bad. We were stopped forever it seemed on the bridge, (in reality like 5 minutes, but that's an eternity in floating bridge time) and then again in the tunnel for about 5 minutes ... or forever, whichever. Anyway, while I was waiting, searching the road ahead for standing water due to the collapse of the bridge (I was convinced it was going to give way... for no other reason than my irrational fear of being stuck in my car as it sinks to the depths of Lake Washington), and I thought.. I wonder if my seat doubles as a floatation device? Then when I was stuck in the tunnel I was thinking about the construction of cars, and the construction of eggs, and how cars should be made the same way... at least the roof, where a million pound tunnel roof could collapse on a vehicle, and while there would be damage, the roof of the car shouldn't cave. Then I thought, and add to that seat cushions on all the seats that double as floatation devices and BAM! You've got yourself a hot selling car... I think I'll call Honda and GMC and pitch my idea. We'll call it 'indestructo 4.82' yeah. (What is the deal with the numbers in car names/models anyway?)

Boring Weekend news... not much was done. Well, that's not true, it just went by so damn fast. Friday after my doctor's appointment I went to petsmart and bought some cat food, we were running dangerously low, and I didn't want to be mistaken for a midnight meal by the cats. While I was there I remembered how I always feel sorry for our fish (Bill) because Hillary died, and left him all alone in that bowl. So I picked up a cute little calico colored goldfish who I was intending on naming Terrance, but after discussing it at length with Aaron (who I'm sure gave a rat's ass, heh) I decided he looked more like an 'Abraham'. Wasn't Arnold's fish on Different Strokes named Abraham? I don't remember. Anyway, he's cute and I am happy Bill has a companion now.

After Petsmart I went over and visited Holly for a bit. Then Lori and I met up and went shopping, I came home to find someone in my parking spot, and while knocking on doors to find out whose car it was, I was asked by some people if I wanted beer, vodka, and to go 'kick it' with them. (in that order.) I don't think I had quite enough street cred to be hanging out with them so I politely declined. Saturday was pretty fun, Aaron and I went and saw Mystic River I love Sean Penn. He's such a good actor... and he's got that unapproachable mysterious brooding Eminem vibe... (at least in the movie) and when he is talking about his daughter (who was murdered) and says "I just wanted to hug her one more time" he starts crying and I don't think there was anyone in the theater at that point who didn't at least tear up. What is it about the tough guy who is also sensitive that is so appealing?

After the movie we ran errands, and went to dinner with Lori. Sunday was spent with Lori and I running around to various thrift stores (after which, we felt like we needed a shower), scrambling for costume stuff for next weekend's 20's murder mystery party. We are almost done with the costumes, luckily last night Lori came over, she had bought Aaron's hat that I couldn't find anywhere. All I have to do in exchange is burn her some really cool cds for her car. No problem there! All that's left to buy is a feather boa for me and a fake mustache for Aaron... and we are done! Well, those and the two bottles of liquor we need to bring.

I also did most of my Christmas cards this weekend. I got about 70 or so done, only 30 left to do, that and search the couch for stamp money. Damn that's gonna be pricy. Oh yeah, and I bought new undies at Costco that not only fit, but fit perfectly and are semi cute. Yay me!

I saw something on E! this weekend that said those Hilton skanks were set to inherit about 39 million and I thought "That's it?" I thought they were going to inherit a lot more than that. It's also kind of interesting that Paris Hilton's naughty tape was released only a few weeks before that reality show she is doing starts. Interesting isn't it?

I don't have any new pictures really, so I think this week will be an retrospective...

Baby Asa... seriously how could I have resisted those ears? He was so freakin adorable, which is good because he was also a damn hellion and I wanted to beat his little ass on more than one occasion when he was a kitten.


Friday, November 14, 2003


Man I'm in a wierd mood today. I've got a bit of anxiety going on, lots of energy (thank you kirkland signature coffee!), and I am happy it's Friday.

I am also sort of conflicted. Conflicted because I would like to be a bit more candid in this journal... but everytime I find out who reads this thing I get all intimidated, and feel like certain things shouldn't be shared. Mainly because of embarassment or because I know my dad and other guys read this journal... but fuck it. I'm just going to say this today because it's what's on my mind and to those of you who feel uncomfortable... my apologies.

I have a doctor's appointment today and I'm nervous. I've had multiple doctor's appointments in the last ... three months, and today I'm seeing an actual girly doctor. As Sundry would say, I am going to have my girly bits looked at. I hate these appointments but I am tired of having... issues. I won't go into detail because frankly that is surely none of your biz-nass, but I will say that I mutherfucking hate the gynecologist and would do just about anything to get out of going. I think they should make the experience more... patient friendly. I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again, if they give you nitrus at the dentist office to relax you, and they are just rooting around in your mouth, then they SURE AS HELL should give you nitrus when you're at the girly doctor. Talk about a time when you need to chill the fuck out.

Anyhoo, I heard yesterday that Willie was not pleased at his picture on the site, heh. I had originally had a different caption, but when I told Aaron the caption I wanted to put down there he said "do it! that's fuckin funny!" Last night Willie called and wasn't pleased... but Aaron said he didn't think he was actually mad. So, Willie, if you want me to take your picture down I will... maybe. heh, YOU ONLY GET ONE OF THOSE!

Not much else to report, I missed 11 points out of 85 possible on my math test. I have some sort of over confidence problem when I take tests. I would have thought I aced that fucker... from what I can tell by doing percentages that's a B... but given my math inadequacies I don't trust my percent skills what so ever.

Might I also state for the record that I think today's friday five is kind of gay, but in a psychological dual meaning whatever kind of way. But I'll answer them anyway...

1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.


2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.

Fair, and ... outdoorsy... we are talking the actual employer right? My boss, not just the company? Because those describe him, if we are talking about the company I would say... Hell I don't know... Male and technical? (Most of the employees are men... I think there's only 6 women and about 3 times that many men.

3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pasttime.

loud, harmonic, funny (karaoke)

4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.

long, busy, diverse, tiring

5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.

Wealthy, cozy, plentiful, relaxing, and... happy.

Here are the last batch of pictures...

I love this picture, Lori is happy to have the brother she's always wanted. :-)

Uncle Gary shows his soft side.

Lori and I, I like this picture a lot.

Su and Maria get cheeky :-D

Me and my future sister in-law

Jess and Kevin are so cute together!

Willie is not happy about his picture on the internet...

Apparently I was tired here... or ready to just go.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 13, 2003


I am totally in love with that song by frankie J and baby bash or whatever the hell they are called. Love it!

I was reading on the IMDB that Courtney Love pled innocent to drug charges, and called them 'retarded'. This explains why she is one of my favorite celebrities. How could you not love it? She gives the media so much fodder it's awesome. All the Molly Shannon impressions of her on SNL were fantastic, and that clip of her at the music awards back in ... 94? I think maybe 96? when she was throwing shit at Madonna during an after party interview...I love it! Mtv shows that shit on the uncensored awards show all the time. They talk about her mini skirt and bruised legs, and Madonna makes a reference to there always being "lots of available drugs" and Courtney doesn't have a clue... man, it's a sight to see, that's for sure. I dressed up as her for a 'come as your favorite celebrity' party several years ago... before she attempted to clean up her act. I wore nylons with runs in them, ratted my hair and smeared red lipstick across my face... heh, what I would give for pictures of that.

While I'm on the subject of pop culture, I think it's absolutely hilarious that Paris Hilton is freaking out about a sex tape. What a dumbass. There are a few things as a celebrity you just don't do. (Kobe Bryant should have paid attention to this... assuming he's not guilty. If he is guilty then the fucker should rot in jail, but if he's not... he should pay attention.) If you are well known, do not do anything on film that you would not want the entire world to see... I don't care if it's in the privacy of your own home or not... just don't fucking do it. Also, if you are a celebrity don't cheat on your spouse ... that shit will come back to bite you in the ass, and worse than being accused of cheating is being accused of rape... unfortunately as a celebrity you must assume that there are some unfriendly characters out there that will take advantage of you if you let them. Keep your manly bits (or your girly bits) to yourself and you won't have that problem. I don't think this is that difficult.

Several years ago... it was the October of 1998 if I recall, my parents went to Reno for a weekend and Left me and Lori home alone. Holly came over and spent the weekend with us as well, and the two of us got Lori totally drunk one night on whiskey and tequila. The three of us got fucking obliterated is more like it. It was one of our bright ideas to make a music video... heh, so we got all dolled up, purple lipstick, glitter you name it, and set up the video camera. We set lams on their sides, so it would have a spot light effect, and took turns lipsynching, dancing and all out performing to spice girls songs and the like.

It ended up looking like a class on 'interpretive dance while intoxicated' and it.was.not.pretty. We didn't watch much because in the light of day it was absolutely fucking mortifying... I shredded the tape. I'm not even famous and I knew that I couldn't let that tape see the light of day EVER again. Let's just say there was a lot of Enya on the tape, and us dancing around like a bunch of drunk fairies... trying to sing the words. God... the things alcohol will do to you.

So I registered for school yesterday. I am taking Astronomy, math and expository writing... which I don't really know what that class entails, but I need the writing credit so expository writing it is! 16 credits next quarter... this quarter was 15, and that extra credit is on my Astronomy class... and it frightens me. One more credit could mean more work... more pains in the ass (is that possible?!) harder stuff to do... arg. I curse myself daily for not doing this shit RIGHT AFTER HIGH SCHOOL! If I bust my ass I might be finished with my master's and everything by the end of 2007... when I'M 30. Seriously, if you are debating on when to go back to school, or are just finishing high school now... do it. Take it from me... it doesn't get any easier, just... do it now.

These are the ones that crack me up...

Corey makes a handsome face...

There's a thumb in my nostril, dear Liza.

This is why you don't let Lori take self portraits with you... she loves you so much she'll cut your head off!

Dave, the karaoke guy sneaks into a pic of Lisa and I.

Sue gets animated!

This is Willie's 'O' face... heh

Nate gets... hypothetical?

hmm... there are so many things I could say about what I think Holly is pointing to here... but I'll leave them up to your imagination.

*these next few pictures are my favorite of the night!*

We always tease Maria that Dave has a crush on her. Here's them having a little chat...

awww... so cute

Then Holly steps in and says "fool, back away from my mother!" This picture cracks my shit up... the fact that Holly has dave by the shirt... man if ever a picture was worth a thousand words this is it. :-)


Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Ok, since I have stopped taking Metabolife... well it's been about 5 months anyway, I have missed the surge of energy I used to get from it. I quit taking it because all of the propaganda against it was scary. That and my mom used to harangue me constantly... I had taken Phen-fen back in the day and with my dad's stroke history and the possible heart problems blah blah you're gonna die a young death cakes... I just quit it. Truthfully, and as sappy and weak as this may make me sound, before I met Aaron I never put much thought into my future. Well... not in terms of taking care of myself. I lost weight because I was tired of being as overweight as I was... not because of the health implications. (Though that should have been the first reason.) Once Aaron and I met and became serious these little thoughts would invade my mind at night like... "what if you have bad cholesterol and your arteries are clogging and the metabolife is going to be the push that your body needs to freak out and stop working?" ... or "what if your heart works fine now, but because of the stress you put on it from the Phen-fen and metabolife, one day you will be pregnant and not have a strong enough heart to sustain you and the baby?" I had wierd, gloomy, freaktastic thoughts like that. So I stopped taking it.

Really, the Metabolife wasn't affecting my weight loss anyway. Other than keeping water weight down to a minimum and giving me enough energy to tow a car using my ten speed... heh, seriously. So, now and then I get a craving for the surge of energy I miss... and oddly enough, I never used to notice any difference when I drank coffee. Now it's awesome, because I'll have a cup and within 15 minutes I am just racing... I had a big ol' cup this morning and my fingers are just flying now. :-) I also feel like I need to go running... that's what I love. The feeling of needing to be up and moving it gives me. I guess it also gives me a tendency to ramble, and for that I apologize. :-)

I have to register for classes soon, and I'm a little bit nervous. I'll share something with you here that I haven't shared with many people. I have decided not to pursue a degree in Psychology as I had originally planned. No... I've decided to follow my heart, because even though I won't make as much money as a therapist, I know that in this profession I will be happy. And that is what counts. I have decided to be an elementary school teacher. This is a decision that scares the pants off of me because of the finality of it. For years... YEARS PEOPLE! I have been waffling on what to do with my life. I would pick something then change my mind 15 minutes later. I have decided to do this because I crave the classroom environment. I miss my job at the daycare so much sometimes I think about going back...then realize that I'm not up for going back to a job that paid a little over minimum wage, and shitty hours. Not to mention there is nowhere to go in that business. I miss the kids, and activities... I miss being "Miss Allison"... though by the time I am an actual teacher I'll be Mrs. Martin... that revelation yesterday kept me grinning for hours.

So yes, I am scared about registering, because I know I have a full load of tough ass classes that I need to take. This quarter has been so demanding, and next quarter I am expecting it to be even moreso... Aaron will be going to days and I am nervous about how I'll manage my time. Mainly just because this is hard... working full time and going to school full time. It's hard and it sucks, but I know that it won't be forever.

I might add I got a letter from the good folks who handle my student loans, and right now if I were to start paying them off on a ten year plan my payments would be about 80 bucks a month. I got 3 years left to get my teaching certificate and I will go for my master's immediately, so chalk it up to four more years... I am scared to see what my payments will be like when this is all over. It's enough to make my stomach hurt.

Anyhoo, more pictures....

One of the things I am famous for is trying to mesh all of my friends together. It's worked out pretty well in some instances and not so well in others. One thing I am so happy about though is that Aaron and Holly have hit it off, nothing is better than when some of the most important people in your life get along swimmingly.

Aaron's brother Dan and his wife Julie, they are newlyweds themselves, as they just celebrated one year of marriage this summer. :-)

Corey would probably kick my ass if he saw this picture of him and Lori on here, but I don't think he reads the site so I'll take my chances.

I like this picture of my dad. People used to say I looked like him, now that I'm older I hear more frequently that I look like my ma, what do you think? (there's a pic of her in one of the previous two entries.)

This is a kid that Lori and I grew up with, he came with some friends of mine and it was good to see him all grown up. That's him singing 'Let's Stay Together' by Al Green. It was a hoot. :-)

That's me with Corey and Connor... man, Lori and I used to play GI Joe's with these guys, and we'd make up games like 'The Runaway Kids' and "Cha-Cha dog..." heh, we had a blast. We also did a lip sync show when I was about... 11? That would have made Connor about 9, Corey 8 and Lori 7. We did a few songs, but the main one was Parents Just Don't Understand by Will Smith. Connor was the narrator/rapper and I played the girlfriend. Lori was the mom and Corey was the dad and we also played other small parts in the song as well. The best part was the giant cardboard porsche we made... I WOULD KILL for snapshots of that performance.

I love this picture of Louie and Sue, so sweet!

This is a good one of Aaron and his sister Brandi. They look a lot alike don't they?

This is what happens when I drink beer and sing Karaoke. I forget I'm in the lounge of a chinese restaurant, and mistake it for an arena of screaming fans. I get into it man. I am singing 'Fancy' there by Reba Mcentyre. *shudder*


Tuesday, November 11, 2003


After hearing about the goings on at our engagement party, (after the fact) I have to say I think it was a success. I think any party where one of my guy friends can make out with two lesbians HAS to be a success. :-)

Aaron and I watched the video from the party last night, at least the tail end of it, we'd seen most of everything else. There are some definite moments of hilarity. I fast forwarded through me singing 'fancy' by Reba McEntyre because really, how many video clips of me shrieking into a microphone do we really need to see? Not to mention, the more I drink, the less I remember to suck the tummy in and there are just some plain ass non-flattering shots of me and I don't like it. At the very end of the tape, Aaron and Willie are sucking the helium out of the balloons and talking into the camera and it is fucking hilarious. The sheer glee they got from it makes you laugh.

I have a big ass math test tomorrow, and have been struggling the last few days to grasp the concept of negative exponents. Fuck a duck I feel dumb when I'm doing the homework. I just don't fucking get it! Theres all these little stupid ass rules to go along with negative exponents and I can't keep track of them all. Luckily the test covers several other topics, so if I do poorly on that one thing, I should still get a decent grade.

Hey did you know there's only 29 working days until christmas? I didn't count today or the day after Thanksgiving, but I did count Christmas Eve. Where did the year go?

In two weeks Aaron and I are attending a murder mystery party that is set in the 1920s. We need to come up with costumes and I am at a total loss. I want something we can put together ourselves, because it's expensive to rent those fuckers, so we are going to look at thrift stores this weekend. I just don't really know where to begin, I am not that familiar with that era. I was thinking a vest and a button up shirt for aaron, with some suspenders and maybe a hat. Maybe he could have a cigar too...who knows.

Alrighty then, here are some more pictures from the engagement party. I have run across a few that absolutely crack me up... I'll probably post them tomorrow or Thursday.

That's me and my dad, enjoying the vocal stylings of someone I'm sure.

That would be Aaron and his Uncle Louie (who is also a groomsman), and over to the left there is Louie's sweetheart, Sue.

Corey and Connor do a little digging around...

I am so glad Matt and Kelly made it! I didn't visit with them very much though, and I feel bad about that.

Jessica (a bridesmaid) and her man Kevin do a little ditty from 'Grease'.

Brandi and her Boyfriend Bob, it was the first time Aaron and I met Bob, he is a really nice guy.

Connor and Maria ham it up for the camera.

Me and Holly are all grins.