Wednesday, October 01, 2003


The above title is in reference to a joke between Aaron and I; when I sat down on his lunch yesterday the above phrase was uttered with such a sense of urgency I was reduced to giggles. We then spent several minutes saying that sentence over and over and applying it to other situations that were just as funny. (to us anyway) for example, when the cats; or rather Asa since he weights like 85 pounds, walks across Aaron as he's lying down, instead of saying "you're killing my pancreas", he could scream "YOU'RE CRUSHING MY FUNYUNS!" lol, ok maybe it's not that funny to you but it is to me.

In math class this morning we started back dealing with 'like terms' again. Gah. Pity me.

I got some great news by the way! Aaron called last night and said he had decided he wanted to switch to day shift!! woohoo!!!!! This makes me absolutely unbelievably happy. He had said from the getgo that if it was important to me he would do it, but what was important to me was that he want to do it. I did not want to push him into doing something he didn't readily want to do. He has to be there 40 hours a week, he might as well enjoy it as much as he can. He said that he is excited about spending more time with me, and also with his friends. This is a huge load off of us; because now we won't feel as though our weekend time is so damn precious. I won't feel hurried to get in absolutely everything we want to do; or talk about because we'll be together so much more. Yay!!!!

My blinker switch thingy bit the dust this morning. That lever on the side of my steering wheel. My dad called my uncle (who just so happens to work at Burien Honda, and can get me parts for cost) and it's a dual switch; meaning if we replace that lever, we must replace the lever that controls the windshield wipers. That said, it's also pricey. He advised us to try junkyards first. So I called Aaron and he said he'd do some calling; which is good because I don't know how far I would get asking about a blinker switch thingy. Meanwhile I'm petrified to drive anywhere because the blinker situation is touch and go; sometimes it works, most of the time it don't. yikes.

I have two tests next week; one for math on Monday and one for Anthropology on Thursday. I am not even a quarter of a way through the book... wish me luck.

I see you...


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