Monday, October 27, 2003


You might want to mark this on the calendar... I feel rested today! I woke up refreshed and not wishing I could hit the snooze! (Ok, I wanted to for like a second, but the urge went away.) Seriously, this is a red letter day. :-)

Let's see... weekend recap... Friday night my sister came over and I made dinner for us. We watched Thursday's ER episode, and then ended up vegging out and watching Survivor and the Katie Couric special on the Smarts. My mom says their wierd... they creep her out. She says it's something about the way they look in general. Ed smart creeps me out a bit. I can see where she's coming from. He always has that sort of half smile on with vacant eyes. More than that, it's the 6 toe-headed children that creep me out. I hate to stereotype, but when I was in Utah working a couple years ago, in Provo and Orem, I was ASTOUNDED at how many blonde children there were.

I'm serious, and young families too. People my age (at the time I was 23) with like 2 and 3 kids already, and no matter the parent's haircolor, the kids were blonder than blonde. It was just wierd to me. That's all. (no real point or easy segue, so ....)

Then on Saturday, Aaron and I got up early and picked Kylie up. We hung out for a bit with Kelly, looking at the professional wedding pictures; then left and went to Fry's Electronics , and man that place is HUGE! We only saw a tiny bit of it, as Kylie was getting antsy. She is newly potty trained and about every 8 and half minutes it was "I hafta go potty." So we got a tour of the bathrooms at Fry's, at Target and at the mall. :-) We ran a few errands and ended up back home where Aaron promptly crashed on the couch and Kylie kept busy by following the cats around and watching our fish. Poor Aaron has been battling a cold for over a week, and wasn't faring well on Saturday. Luckily he's feeling better now.

I made dinner for Matt and Kelly and my sister that night, and we watched the wedding video I took. It was nice seeing them, we don't hang out nearly enough. Sunday morning was spent with me frantically calling Lori, Troy and Jessica. We were to meet at 11 for brunch, for Troy's birthday and I had no idea it was daylight savings time. A few years ago we didn't know, well a couple of us knew and a couple didn't. It messed everything all up. So, luckily I was the only dumbshit who didn't know, and everything worked out fine. I ate my weight in pancakes... well, no I didn't but that's what it felt like! I had the international Burrito, and it comes with pancakes. I ate about 95% of it, and damn that's a lot of food. I hate it when I eat fast, because it's hard to tell that I'm getting full, and then I spend the rest of the afternoon lolling about, moaning about being too full.

After brunch (which was highly enjoyable... even though our waittress was kind of a dipshit.) we ventured down south to Tacoma to Willie's house. Aaron is storing his fiero there, or rather was. We moved it over to his mom's and had a nice visit with her and his sister Brandi as well.

We ended up coming home, laying around (read: avoiding homework), and ended up having dinner at my mom's, and she even made dessert! So now, after a weekend of eating decadently, and stupidly I am sure I have gained a few pounds. I am going to go to the gym tonight though, and get back on track. This cold has been hell as far as coughing. I am a little worried that once I start to work up a sweat I'll start hacking and need to blow my nose. Arg.

And lastly, all you computer savvy people... I need a recommendation for a good computer program. I want something I can design my own wedding invitations on, and maybe do other cards and newsletters etc. Any ideas? Leave them in the comments. thanks!

Here I am looking oafish and beefy in my favorite new fleece. It's my favorite on the hanger, on me I develop this need to pull it down and check myself out in anything that gives a reflection. I feel HUUUGGGGEEE in it.

Lori flips Kylie upside down here, and Kylie loves it. What does Lori get in return? A fart in her face. True story. As soon as I took the picture Lori put her down and said "YOU FARTED!" Kylie giggled and said "yeah"


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