Thursday, October 30, 2003


Yay, Thursday is almost over. Though all day yesterday I kept thinking it was Thursday and had to curse myself each time for getting my hopes up that the week would be ending that soon.

I had a great workout last night; focused mainly on cardio, and did some weight lifting with the arms. Will work on the legs tonight... hardcore, since I won't be working out tomorrow. At least I'll be sore! I also decided to be a big fat hypocrite and weigh myself, even after I decided I wouldn't do it much anymore. I was prepared though, and turns out I haven't gained any weight really. Maybe a half pound which basically I consider water retention. So I am a happy girl.

How did I celebrate you ask? I went to Target and bought a shit load, no ... I mean a SHIT LOAD of halloween candy to pass out on Friday. Since this is the first time in my own place and all, I want to have plenty on hand. Target was selling most of their bags of the good candy no less, at a buck and a half a pop, so I bought like 5 bags. I didn't open any of the bags either till I got home... then I had two mini snickers. But you know what, I don't give a shit because I haven't had honest to goodness candy in FOREVER. And like last year, when it comes time for Thanksgiving, and Christmas ... baking all of the goodies, I am not going to prohibit myself. I won't go buck wild either, but I'll be damned if I am going to make my famous sugar cookies and fudge for other people without sampling some myself.

Onto other things... I was going to write about halloween here... but I guess I'll wait until tomorrow. I have a feeling the friday five will be Halloween oriented so we'll wait and see.

I got my progress report in math and it looks like I'm pulling an A- right now. Not too shabby. Of course that's with all the points included, she makes a few drops before final grades (lower scores etc) so who knows what the final product will be.

well, I've bored you enough. I promise I'll try to be interesting tomorrow.

She's so damn cute

A pic of the group of us who went to brunch for Troy's birthday. My 6 year old godson took the picture and he did a good job. :-) That's me in the front in the pink sweater, behind me is Aaron, then Michael, then Troy-the birthday boy, then Lori who is next to me, and in the back is Jessica.


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