Friday, October 24, 2003


I was almost in an accident this morning and the fucker in the grey utility van better watch out if I ever see his ugly ass on the road again. He starts merging into my lane WHILE I am still occupying the spot he wants. I started to freak out a little bit, and honk my non-existent horn (that worked real well), then I start yelling like the asshole can hear me. So I start to speed up a bit, turning around to make sure I'm clearing the grey van, and when I look in front of me, I notice that traffic has come to a stop and slam on my brakes. I came within an inch or two of the guy in front of me. Traffic picked up shortly thereafter and the fucker who couldn't wait to be in my lane passed me, I tried to catch up because I had to deliver an obscene gesture or two, but I didn't make it. ARG!!!!!! I wanted to punch that guy right in the face. People wonder why there's road rage.

I am famous for getting the lyrics to songs wrong. Of course I only usually find this out whilst confidently belting them out; usually someone will start laughing and correct me. I used to find this highly embarassing, but now, I generally find it pretty funny. I was thinking about that this morning as I was listening to the Coldplay cd. I love that song 'Clocks', and man... I have no frickin idea what the hell he saying! Usually I can fake it, but these lyrics sound like complete gibberish. For example:

"Lights go out and I can be saved,
tides that I try to swim against
brought me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg him please
singin' come out of things I said
shouldn't I pull off my head (that doesn't sound right...)
and uh, trouble that can be named
and tiger's waiting to be tamed (perhaps a premonition about our friend Roy?
singing 'yooooooooouuuuuu ahhhhhhhhh yooooouyuuuu ahhhhh'
confusion, never stops
closing walls and tickin clocks
come on, come back a t. k. home (wtf?)
I could not stop a chew naw moans (this is where I really doubt my understanding of the lyrics)
singing come out upon my seas
curse me stop a chew not ease (perhaps he's singing in portuguese? heh, I rhymed!)
am I a part of the cure, or am I part of the disease
singing yououuuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhhhhh
yoooooouuuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhhhh
yoooouuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhhh
yoooooouuuuuu aahhh
nothing else compares!
Nothing else compares
no, nothing else compaaaarrrreeeesssss

You get the idea. I love this song, and while I think I have a firm grasp on some of the lyrics... the whole picture really is not there for me. This has happened so many times before... the other night in fact, I did a rousing rendition of the theme from 'Lion King' ... my version, for Aaron. I got a good laugh out of it, especially when I held Ben up like Rafiki holds up Simba for the kingdom to see. "Awww sin-hyet yuh! Bobba deetz a bobba, set a hoen, when ya ah may, when ya ah may..."

I won't bore you with the rest, because really... typing it out does it no justice. Give me a drink or two, and I'll be happy to perform it... with exhuberance and agility. Well, exhuberance anyway.

Apparently there is no friday five today, so I will answer some from friday five's past...

October 18, 2002

1. How many TVs do you have in your home?

heh, we live in a one bedroom and have 3 tv's... one in the bedroom, one in the living room and one in the dining room/office.

2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week?

I used to be terrible; watching 4-6 hours per day, but now I average about an hour a night. Weekends are a little more sometimes. Hell, at the height of the Eminem obsession I was scanning Mtv CONSTANTLY.

3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children?

I'm kind of on the fence about that. I think tv as a means for babysitting your children is bad. My mom used to boot us out of the house in the summertime to go get some sunshine and play. If we would have had our way we would have sat in front of the tube all day long. I'm glad she did that, as we have tons of fun memories playing with our friends outside. I think kids should be able to watch tv, but I DON'T think it's a good thing to have them do it all the time. But I don't have kids either, so my opinion really amounts to shit in this department.

4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you're heartbroken?

I used to watch Friends religiously... I still sort of do, but it's not a tragedy if I miss it. I am more hooked on Road Rules/Real world challenges, the Real World, Newly Weds and ER... but I have missed those shows and lived ... so I guess nothing makes me heartbroken anymore on tv.

5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like?

I would love to sit and veg in front of a bunch of old Real world marathons and old Road rules marathons. I love those. Remember that shoe 'Biorhythm' on Mtv? It was a show about one celebrity, told through music and captions... no real voice overs. I LOVED that show. I still have one on tape of David spade.

Since I may be taking Kylie for the day tomorrow, and I have no new pictures to display, I'll post a few old ones of Kylie here...

This was taken the first weekend in August of 2001, I remember because it was Hydro Sunday and we were also celebrating my mom's birthday that day. What a cutie!

This was Kylie in June of 2002, about a year and almost a half old. Lori and I took her for the day and had a blast. How could you resist that face!

Here is Kylie in July at her mommy and daddy's wedding. I can't believe she's going to be 3 this February!


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