Monday, October 06, 2003


Man... where to start. After friday's work fiasco... yes, the asshole I work with is truly an asshole. I don't particularly feel like reliving Friday morning, but let's just say on a scale of ten it was a rating of negative 5.

I came home from work on Friday; got my nails done and spent a few hours reading my anthropology book. It's kind of a struggle because I am not completely interested in the topic, and staying on task while hating it is hard. But I plugged away and managed to read a good 30 pages. Mom and Karen came by; so Karen could see my ring and also talk wedding stuff. It was a nice visit; they left and Aaron came home early again shortly thereafter. We spent the rest of the night trying to download an article... I had to read and do a report on... but it was 12 pages, and reading 12 pages in adobe acrobat is not my idea of fun. Unfortunately our printer is also out of black ink, so after I tried to change the ink color for about 30 minutes, I got pissy and said "fuck it!" Aaron, my knight in shining armor was able to figure it out... though it was timely. He spent the next two hours printing out an array of colored pages for me to pour over. We finally made it to bed around 2 and I slept soundly until, oh about 8. Because you know, I just don't sleep apparently.

I spent the next few hours working on my paper for Sociology, and Aaron went to help his dad and uncle move. Then I read somemore of that damn book for anthropology and kicked around the idea of taking a job down to Long's for a bridal magazine I had seen there that I didn't have. I decided against it though, as I reminded myself that it 'seemed' close, but I would have to run over a freeway overpass in addition to the rest of the jog, and it was probably a bit much for a saturday morning. So I tidied up the house instead and got myself presentable. I ran to Albertson's and picked up supplies for dinner, I was in the mood for spaghetti.

When I got home I watched the episodes of 'A Wedding Story' I had taped on Friday, and fuck it all to hell man, I bawled during the second one. This emotional stuff is hard, and man let me tell you I hope to God I get it out of my system before the big day. I don't want to have wedding pictures of me red as a tomato and splotchy as hell with runny mascara to boot because of the tears. :-)

My mom and I made a run down to David's Bridal which you can read about here , as well as Michael's and Joann's. Then she took me home and I made dinner for Aaron and I and my sister. After dinner we went to Oktoberfest here in Burien. It was much bigger this year and we met Holly and Maria in the beer garden for a bit before going off to play some games. I ended up winning an elmo and a cookie monster for Aaron and he won me a stuffed dog. Lori beat us both by getting a much bigger stuffed dog, and hers was pink too. I think the carnie at that booth liked Lori too; it was kinda funny.

Incidentally I'll post some of the dumb pictures we took on saturday night. Word of warning, we are geeks... we find silly shit highly amusing. (of course that could've been the beer and wine... but who knows) and there are many many pictures of the cats and our new stuffed animals. The best one is of elmo telling ben a secret... I'll post some of those this week. Lori says we're losers, but hey... it was funny.

Sunday morning we cleaned the shit out of the apartment. It now sparkles! Then Aaron watched his football game while I dicked around on line for a while. We spent the afternoon at Walmart, Costco and Freddy's. After that Aaron's brother Dan and his wife Julie came over for dinner. Sadly both times I have cooked for them it has been spaghetti. It's my specialty though, what can I say? :-) I do have a recipe for chicken and rice pot pie that I want to try. We had a great time chatting and visiting, and oh yeah I baked a shit load of zucchini bread too; and will bake more tonight I imagine. I am trying to use up the rest of the pureed zucchini, and nothing makes the house smell as good as zucchini bread.

other than that it was just a nice relaxing weekend. Many more of these please!

Here are some pictures of us in our snazzy new jackets... I love fall! Also notice on the front page the pic of Lori's snazzy new hairdo. I love it!

My sweetie

I love this coat


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