Thursday, October 02, 2003


I hate my car. I mentioned yesterday that the blinker is busted on my car; well this morning the fucker's headlights were a bitch to turn on. I am really stressed out with school and this car... ARG! Apparently the part to fix it is 181 bucks retail, but some guy on ebay has a wrecking yard and is charging 1.99 for the same part. Well, according to him the same part. Part of me wants to just buy the damn part; after all it is only 1.99, but why buy it, then wait for a week or more for it to get here, when I need that car fixed NOW? In my frustration I snapped at Aaron and now I just feel like a big asshole. Arg.

In other news Aaron came home early last night and we laid around watching an episode of Made on Mtv. They were making this kid Tony into a ladies man. Well, as his trainer put it, he's a goofy kid who doesn't want to be a ladies man, he wants a relationship. So let's find him an equally goofy girl. Right on, that's exactly the approach they should have taken. This episode made me laugh out loud in places, because Tony really is an awkward, gangly, geeky guy. They did a great job with his hair and clothes though. "You're skinny, embrace it." heh, but parts of it were really sad too. He just wants someone to care about that will care about him, and though he was really outgoing and happy you could see somtimes that underneath it all he was really sad. I just wanted to give him a hug.

I didn't go to the gym last night, I have so much freakin reading to do for school there was just no way. I have a test in Math class on Monday (and yes, I am a tad scared about it.) and a test in Anthropology on Thursday, not to mention the final draft of my paper due in Sociology tomorrow, and the rough draft on a new topic due Tuesday. God... now with the car problem I don't want to drive at night anyway if the headlights are going to be iffy bastards. Man. I just want to go eat a chocolate chip cookie...and you know what? I think I will. And I'm not going to feel bad about it either... ok, well I might feel bad a little bit. But I promise to go to the gym tonight and work it off. Come hell or come highwater, I'll get my ass to the gym.

My sister has graciously offered me the use of her car during the day until mine is fixed. Isn't thay nice?

I have no new pictures, though I am going to try to remember to post pics of our bathroom, as I never did and it's finished now. (the decorating)

Asa opens a can of woop ass


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