Thursday, October 09, 2003


So I have a big ass anthropology test coming up in the next day and I am a little bit nervous about it. I find the book that we were to read to be so freakin boring. The good thing is that we have like two days to complete it; I believe the questions are in essay format...not a good sign. You see how rambly and run-onny I get here... imagine if I'm nervous and there's points involved. And there is always extra information I am paranoid to leave out. I also need to devote mucho time to my math studies this weekend as I am struggling jes a wee bit. Spending twenty minutes trying to figure out how to isolate a variable suggests to me I need to practice my new found skills a bit more.

And incidentally I actually used the word 'co-efficient' when speaking to my teacher this morning. All this book learnin' seems to be sinking in... it's a wonder.

Ok, so I have been taping 'A Wedding Story' lately. I used to tape both that and A Baby Story back in the day; I would have a nice four hour block of pre taped tv waiting for me every night... that was back in my "I'm going to be a lonely spinster with 18 cats who I will refer to as my babies" frame of mind. (Never mind that I have two cats are ARE my babies :-P) Anywhoo, back to the story, I have been taping both hours of A Wedding Story for the past week. After I get my homework done, I usually settle in and watch them. I don't really watch the whole show. I only watch it all if I get attached to the couple that is on the show; sometimes I just fast forward completely until the wedding.

Well, I saw one on Tuesday that left me sitting on the couch bawling. This girl Amanda met her husband to be... I think his name was Mike but I don't recall,anyway they met fell in love, bladdy bladdy bladdy. They get engaged and start planning the ceremony and her dad who is a deacon at their church was going to officiate. The day the invitations went out; 5 weeks to the day of the wedding he passes away from some sort of freak illness. They don't elaborate, but he wasn't sick or anything. So then she gets emotional while she's speaking about her dad, which made me cry. (Raw emotion just gets me.) Then while she's getting ready the morning of the wedding she weeps here and there, but when her mom walks her down the aisle, and they get to the altar, you can see that both she and her mom are crying pretty hard. The camera pans to one of the groomsmen; her brother and he is openly crying as well. You could just feel what they were feeling, and it was so sad. During the ceremony she lays a rose in memory of her father at the foot of a statue in the church and kneels down to pray and they show her brother crying again as well as several people in the audience, and man. It was hard to watch. oy.

We are getting a new love seat today; well, new to us. I am so excited; we've been wanting to get one for a while, so now we have plenty of places for people to sit! Some of the bridesmaids and my friend Troy (who is also a groomsman) are coming over friday night. I am going to make peach cobbler and serve it over ice cream, and have mini pizzas and chips and popcorn as well. I love entertaining!

Heh, ben got lei'd. Maybe now he'll leave my shorts, aaron's teeshirts and every fucking afghan we have alone! (does anyone else have cats that mate with these kind of things?)


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